A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 4


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The final part of my asylum challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins.

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A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 4

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to a Very Victorian Asylum Challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins. If you are new to my Victorians and don’t know who Marielle is, or why she deserves to be punished, I suggest you read chapters 15-20 of my Victorian Legacy. Marielle is not the only inhabitant of Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women, she is joined by seven other people: Brittany Upsnott, Sim State playable as characterised by Marina (Smoothiequeen87) in gen 1 of the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy, Katherine Schehl from Lea (Thls0)’s Barsoom Legacy, Lisa Bauchman from Gin (GintasticNecat)’s the Science of a Legacy, Meadow Munster-Enriquez from Katy (Hurrikaty)’s Munster Legacy, Melody Tinker, Bluewater teen as characterised by Gin in the second generation of the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy, and Meredith Kimbrell from Jamie (DocGirlP)’s Bohemian Legacy. Finally the controllable sim is Aristide Xenobia, founder of LauriEmpress’s Legacy of Jubilee. She is a fortune sim with the LTW to become the law. It’s time we found out how they are doing this week.
  2. 2. Day 22. So begins another week in this ‘ell ‘ole. Although I awoke feeling much better than I ‘ad the night before, I am still far from being my normal self. Being locked up within these four walls is taking its toll on me.
  3. 3. I was glad I woke when I did, because Brittany decided that six in the morning woz a good time to have a turn on the gyroscopic device. Even though Dr Rauscher made a slight adjustment to it yesterday, it still makes a heck of a lot ov noise and I do not know ‘ow anyone can sleep through it.
  4. 4. I woz yet again unable to attend to my ablutions in the manner I am used to, due to the bathroom being occupied. Thank goodness for the hand mirror I carry with me at all times. At the very least I can check to make sure I am not a complete state.
  5. 5. As I was leaving the lavatory I thought I heard Meredith start to sob. I turned round and went to try to comfort ‘er, but she shook me off. I think she wanted to be alone in ‘er misery and so I left her to it.
  6. 6. I was heading to the kitchen to see if anyone ‘ad fixed breakfast yet, when I heard the sound of arguing coming from the upstairs landing. I did not need to investigate to realise that it was Brittany and Melody again.
  7. 7. It also came as no surprise that the argument soon degenerated into a physical altercation. I am starting to fink that if they are forced to live together for too much longer, one will do the other serious ‘arm. At the moment my money is on Melody, after all she did apparently poison her village due to the fact she was spurned by a married man.
  8. 8. She also won the fight this morning and ‘as taken to spending a lot of time on the gyroscope. I was talking to Katherine the other day, and she said to me that learning how to control the gyroscope is doing wonders for her fitness, due to ‘ow she is ‘aving to shift ‘er weight to make it move. I think that both Brittany and Melody have discovered this too, and that is why they are both keen to spend as much time as possible on it.
  9. 9. As I was waiting for Meadow to start making lunch, Meredith came in. I asked her ‘ow she was feeling now, but she just looked at me chewing her lip. I expected her to reply to me, but instead she turned round and walked off into the drawing room.
  10. 10. Curious, I peeked through the connecting door and saw her sit down next to Brittany and just stare at her, unmoving. It Is nearly impossible to reconcile this woman with the talkative, vapid, one who entered this place with the rest of us twenty-two days ago.
  11. 11. The rest of us seem to be adjusting somewhat to living in such close quarters, although there is the odd inappropriate behaviour to be found. Katherine still spends her time cleaning when she can, and on occasion has been known to overstep personal boundaries.
  12. 12. Speaking of Katherine, she ‘as not had the best of luck today. This evening, while she was using the gyroscopic device, it started sticking again, and she was left suspended, almost upside down until Meadow, Lisa and I rushed to her aid. She was rather shaken by the incident, but insisted that she take a look at the device and loosened something on it. “That should fix it.” She claimed, walking away. I ‘ope she knows what she is doing. If not, she may have just made the device even more dangerous.
  13. 13. If her experience with the gyroscope was not bad enough, Lisa has just come upstairs to tell me that Katherine has just fallen asleep in her dinner. I asked Lisa if she had tried to wake her up, but she replied “no, she seemed so tired.” I would hope that if I ever did that, someone would try to wake me.
  14. 14. Day 23. I was almost in a good mood when I got up this morning. I certainly feel better than I have for days, and thus made my way downstairs to make breakfast for the rest of the house.
  15. 15. While I am happier today, my fellow inhabitants are about the same. I heard Meadow muttering to herself in the lavatory as I passed.
  16. 16. As for Brittany and Meadow, well there was another fight between them this morning. I do not think that I am the only one here who is starting to pay them little heed now.
  17. 17. Brittany won that fight, and headed straight to the device room. She was most put out to see that Lisa was using it I am told. My worries about what will happen if Brittany and Melody are forced to live in the same facility for too much longer still stand. Especially since, at this moment in time, I can see no way out for any of us. ***
  18. 18. Dr Bruce Rauscher walked purposefully down the corridor, nodding at the colleagues he passed. He had not been at the hospital long, but he had already started to build up an impressive reputation. It was a reputation that has caught the eye of one of the most respected doctors in the city, and thus he had been trusted with an important assignment by Mr Archibald Wilson.
  19. 19. His findings were in the briefcase he gripped firmly as he strode along. He had stayed up until the early hours typing up his notes, and thinking carefully about his recommendations, and now he was confident that his findings were objective and accurate.
  20. 20. He knocked on Mr Wilson’s door at exactly 10 o’clock, straightening his tie as he waited for an answer. “Come.” Barked a voice from the other side of the door.
  21. 21. “Ah, Dr Rauscher, good to see you.” Said Archibald shaking his hand. “And you Mr Wilson.” Replied Bruce. “Please, take a seat.” Archie gestured at the seats in front of his desk. “Thank you.”
  22. 22. “I take it you have completed the research I asked you to do?” Said Archie once Bruce was seated and tea had been offered. “I have indeed sir.” Replied Bruce replacing his teacup in the saucer and putting the cup on the desk. “And what of your findings?” Bruce reached for his briefcase and removed a file of papers. He handed them to Archie, who flipped through it before saying. “Perhaps you would be so kind as to summarise them for me?”
  23. 23. Bruce nodded, “but of course.” He got out a second copy of his report from his briefcase and flipped through it, refreshing his memory before he began. “As per your instructions following the complaint against Dr Gavigan by Brittany Parker’s family, I have been carrying out a thorough investigation into Dr Gavigan, his medical practises and his facility, the Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women. I started by reading his published articles and the literature he supplies on Simdon-Leys. They appear to be written by a talented doctor, someone well versed in treating diseases of the mind, and Simdon-Leys looks, to all intents and purposes, to be a well appointed facility, designed to help treat females suffering from mental imbalances. Taken in this context, the fees he charges appear to be well balanced. It is not surprising that the Parker family believed that he was the best physician to treat their daughter.” Bruce paused, waiting to hear Archie’s reaction.
  24. 24. “Very good,” replied Archibald, “but that is not the conclusion of your investigation, is it?” “No sir, it is not. It is only the preliminary part of the investigation, designed to find evidence to back up the claims that Dr Gavigan put forward to the Parker family when they approached him.” Agreed Bruce. “Then pray continue Dr Rauscher. What else have you found?”
  25. 25. “My investigation led me pay a visit to Simdon-Leys two days ago. As is not unusual, paying guests are very welcome at the facility, and thus I was able to make arrangements to visit without Dr Gavigan’s knowledge. What I found there was...disturbing to say the least and adds credibility to the Parker family’s complaint.” “Go on.” Said Archibald gravely. “To begin with, Dr Gavigan’s literature boasts of a full staff, experienced with helping those with mental imbalances. The truth is that there are no staff. Instead one of the patients, a...” Bruce consulted his report, “Miss Aristide Xenobia, has been appointed caretaker to the other patients. She has been given the task of looking after them, and the facility. She even has to go out to work in order to earn money for groceries. Gavigan has not sent a penny to the facility to pay for food, or paraffin, or gas, or coal since the day they arrived, and the money he had left for them was a pittance, not enough for more than a day’s worth of food. Miss Xenobia is having to leave the facility for hours at a time in order to pay for everything they need.” “And the welfare of the patients? How does she manage to restrain them if they need it?” Asked Archibald.
  26. 26. “I am sure she does her best, but the patients are given free reign.” Bruce rubbed his cheek thoughtfully. “One even struck me while I was visiting.” “Disgraceful.” Muttered Wilson. “What did Miss Xenobia do?” “I do not know. She ushered me out of the house, thus ending my visit, but I believe that patients being allowed to roam freely is not unusual. Yesterday morning I decided to take a stroll past Simdon-Leys, and was surprised to see a patient outside the gate to the facility, I believe it was Mrs Legacy...” “Legacy?” Interrupted the older doctor. “Yes.” Replied Bruce giving no indication of the fact that he had made the connection between the patient’s name and that of the eminent surgeon. “She made no move to leave the spot however, and as far as I know, she is still at the facility. The point is that during the day, the patients are given the opportunity to come and go as they please. I believe some of the patients are dangerous and should not be left in a position where they can come into contact with ordinary members of society when not restrained.”
  27. 27. “As for their treatment...Dr Gavigan has left instructions with Miss Xenobia that all patients should take some form of physical exercise each day, as well as using a gyroscopic device.” Archie nodded, those treatments seemed sound to him. “However, they are not enforced.” Continued Bruce. “They cannot be enforced because Miss Xenobia is not trained in nursing the mentally ill, and she is hardly ever there. Not only that, I examined the gyroscopic device and found it to be in a poor state of repair. I made an adjustment to ease a stuck joint, but it is my belief that it will soon seize again, and may cause injury to the person using it.” “I see. Is there anything else you feel is pertinent?” Bruce thought for a moment. “The entire facility is in a poor state of repair, and I find it amazing that the masonry is not falling down around the ears of the patients. The plumbing certainly needs attention, for the only water closet in the building was blocked and the pipes to the solitary bath were leaking at the time of my visit. It is also not equipped for the number of patients it currently holds. There are eight women living there, but only five beds, and six seats. That is completely inadequate.”
  28. 28. “I see.” Said Archie. “Well Bruce, you have certainly carried out a full and thorough investigation and I will read your final report carefully before deciding what to do next. I do however have some questions for you. Do you believe that the fees Dr Gavigan charges are fair given the treatment the patients receive at Simdon-Leys?” “No sir, I do not.” “In your medical opinion, are the patients receiving the best possible treatment at Simdon-Leys?” “No sir, they are not.” “Is it your medical opinion that the facility should be closed and the patients moved elsewhere, to other facilities more suited to treating their conditions?” “Yes sir, it is.” Archie nodded. “Thank you Dr Rauscher, I am sure I will be in touch with you if I have any questions about this.” He gestured at the report on his desk before standing and offering Bruce his hand. “Good day to you Bruce.” Bruce shook his hand, gathered his briefcase and headed to the door.
  29. 29. After Bruce had left the office, Archie had sat pondering the fact that one of the patients was a Mrs Legacy. He would read Bruce’s report of course, but he was already certain he would have to move to close Simdon-Leys and have Gavigan struck off the medical register, after all he had been looking for an excuse to investigate Gavigan for years. The scandal that now had the potential to cause to a doctor other than Gavigan made him pause. There was only one thing for it. He walked over to the telephone table and picked up the receiver. “Queen Anne Memorial Hospital please.” He asked the operator. “Queen Anne Memorial Hospital, how can I direct your call?” Came a tinny voice at the other end. “I wish to speak to Mr Robert Legacy.” ***
  30. 30. I entered the drawing room to find Meadow inexpertly banging away at the keys of the piano. I asked her if she wanted me to give her some instruction and she agreed.
  31. 31. We spent a pleasant few hours, with me encouraging and teaching her. We were even joined by Brittany who essayed a strange variety of dance.
  32. 32. Melody was in the room for this and, perhaps unsurprisingly, took exception to Brittany’s style of dancing. She started shoving her and told her to “stop acting like a total spanner.” Meadow and I looked at each other and we made a swift exit before the argument got worse.
  33. 33. Even though she apparently won the latest altercation, I was not at all surprised that Melody spent a large portion of the afternoon and early evening on the gyroscopic device.
  34. 34. When she saw me enter the room, she got off the device and we had a quick game of punch you, punch me before she gestured at the device. “You’ve not used this much have you?” “I have been using it.” I replied. “Yes, but not much.” She insisted. “Erm, no.” I reluctantly agreed. “May be you should.” She responded before walking out.
  35. 35. Very reluctantly I got into the device. I really do hate it, but if Melody has realised I have not been using it, then Ari might have too, and I still have not been able to ascertain whether or not she is reporting to Dr Gavigan on our behaviour. At the moment I am leaning towards not, but I would rather not take the chance.
  36. 36. I have spent the rest of the evening upstairs, writing in my diary and claiming a bed for the night. We once again have a guest with us, and this time it is someone I know: Mr Barrett, the milliner. Thankfully, he did not see me and I was able to make it upstairs unnoticed, but it has left me shaken. What if another person of my acquaintance visits? If anyone of importance finds out that I am in here, I will never be able to show my face in society again. Providing I get out of here of course. It is a sobering thought, and one I do not want to ponder any more tonight. I feel it is time for me to retire for the night.
  37. 37. Day 24. I was woken today by the sound of the gyroscopic device, and then cries for help. On investigating I found that Katherine had been using the device when it had seized again. She was stuck and could not get the device to move.
  38. 38. Lisa was also in the room, but she had gone completely to pieces, so it was left to me to try to extricate Katherine. I was successful, and Katherine was soon out of the device. Again she walked up to it and made a few adjustments, one of which caused the rings to free up and snap back to the resting position. As she went to walk away, I asked her if she was going to put a notice on it to tell the others about how it was sticking at times, but she just smiled at me and continued walking.
  39. 39. Lisa was not the only unhappy person I saw before breakfast, Meadow was ranting and raving incoherently in the bathroom as I passed it. Her changeable moods scare me, and I try to be civil to her in case she finds cause to turn on me.
  40. 40. I think that some of my fellow inmates are starting to get bored of eating the same food day in, day out. I overheard Lisa saying to Brittany that she would really like a fry up for breakfast for a change. I agree that the meals are not the most exciting I have ever tasted, but I think that they are the best that Ari can provide. Speaking of Ari, I have not had chance to talk to her the last few days. She leaves the house early and is back late. The last two days she has returned very happy, but she then spends the evening, her head buried in a book, or talking to herself in the mirror. I wonder where she goes and what she is doing. ***
  41. 41. 10 o’clock and another red headed doctor was knocking at the door to Archibald Wilson’s office. Robert tried to contain his nerves as he waited for Archie to answer his knock. Since he had spoken to him yesterday morning, he had been working on an explanation for why he had entrusted Dr Gavigan with Marielle’s welfare. He hoped he would be believed. “Come.” Barked Archie and Robert entered the office.
  42. 42. “Robert, it is good to see you again. Won’t you please sit down.” Said Archie as he shook Robert’s hand firmly. “Thank you Archie. I am sorry I could not come and see you yesterday, but I had a full schedule for the day.” Explained Robert. “Not to worry old man, I know exactly how it is.” Archie replied.
  43. 43. Once seated Archie offered Robert some tea which Robert accepted. For a few minutes they made idle chit chat as they sipped their drinks, until Archibald put his cup down and cleared his throat. “Robert, thank you for seeing me today. As I explained to you on the telephone yesterday, I have received a complaint from the family of an ex-patient of Dr Nathaniel Gavigan. I cannot go into the details with you, but in the course of investigating said complaint, it has come to my attention that Dr Gavigan is currently treating one Marielle Legacy at his facility. Naturally I wondered if there was a familial connection with yourself.” Robert nodded. “Yes, she is my nephew’s ex-wife.” “I see. Were you aware that Dr Gavigan was treating her?” “Yes. I referred her.” Replied Robert. Archibald looked at him, awaiting an explanation.
  44. 44. “I have been the family physician for more years than I care to count now, and I have treated every member of the family, including Marielle. During the last years of her marriage she started displaying behaviour that led me to believe that she was suffering from a mental imbalance.” Explained Robert. “Such as?” “Moral depravity and inability to form a bond with either of her children. Following her divorce, she also developed the habit of talking to her long dead mother. I was worried, and so started to make discreet enquiries in order to find a doctor who could help her. Dr Gavigan seemed to fit the bill nicely, so I set up a consultation with him. When he suggested residential care at Simdon-Leys, it seemed perfect and so I agreed to refer Marielle to his care.” Robert finished and waited for Archie’s reaction.
  45. 45. Archie regarded Robert intently. “I have several problems with that explanation Robert.” He said eventually. “You do?” “Yes. How long have we been friends?” Asked Archie pointedly. “At least four decades Archie.” “Exactly, so my first problem is that if you were so worried about the mental health of a patient, especially a member of your family, why did you not come to me? If I was unable to help myself, I would have been able to refer you to someone who could. Secondly, in my professional life I hold you in the highest esteem and as such I know that the colleague I respect would not refer a patient without first making thorough enquiries into a doctor’s reputation and inspecting his place of practise and any facilities he may run. You are also astute and move in the highest medical circles and I would be very surprised if certain rumours regarding Gavigan had not made it to your ears. Tell me the truth Robert. Why did you entrust Mrs Legacy to Dr Gavigan’s care?”
  46. 46. Robert nodded. He hadn’t really expected Archie to believe him, and if he couldn’t trust his firend, he couldn’t trust anyone. “Very well. Not long before my nephew’s divorce was finalised, Miss Di paid me a visit...” “Miss Di Meeeee-Vetinari, the clicky-person?” Interrupted Archie. “I had no idea you were acquainted with her.” “Oh yes. Miss Di has been a family friend since my grandfather was alive. She came to see me and said that she wanted Marielle committed to an asylum, but not just any asylum. She wanted it to be a run down asylum where the inmates were left to their own devices. I have been hearing rumours about how Gavigan charges exorbitant fees to the families of his patients, but doesn’t pass that money onto his facility for some time now, so naturally he sprung immediately to mind. I am surprised you have not done anything about the rumours sooner if you had heard them.” He raised his eyebrows at his friend, curiosity, but not censure, in his voice. “Been waiting for an excuse old man.” Explained Archie. Robert nodded. “Anyway, the next morning I made a small detour on my way to work and went to look at Simdon-Leys. It was exactly what Miss Di wanted and so I set up a consultation with Gavigan. He readily agreed to treat Marielle, Miss Di agreed to pay the fee he wanted and the deal was done.”
  47. 47. Archie was quiet for a bit, digesting what Robert had just told him. Eventually he said. “So to be quite clear. As her physician, you had become concerned about Mrs Legacy’s mental health. Knowing that it was not your speciality, you started to make enquiries to find the doctor best able to help. On hearing about Dr Gavigan, you started reading some of his published works and were impressed. Unfortunately your busy schedule meant that you could not visit Simdon-Leys, but you were so impressed with Gavigan’s rhetoric, you decided to refer Mrs Legacy anyway. You are shocked to hear about the conditions my investigation has brought to light and in fact I have had to persuade you to allow me to finish my investigation and remove Mrs Legacy from the facility properly, since you want her removed immediately.” There was no disapproval in his tone, and Robert knew that he was bending over backwards to help him avoid a scandal. Robert threw him a grateful look. “That is precisely correct.” ***
  48. 48. I spent a lot of the day playing the piano in the drawing room. When I first arrived here, it was as if I was starting to learn the instrument all over again, but now my former talent seems to have returned. It was rather pleasant to spend so long sitting there, and I wish there was a greater variety of sheet music here.
  49. 49. Of course the fact that I was playing so loud meant that I drowned out the sound of yet another fight between Brittany and Melody. I think that maybe the other inhabitants of the house were grateful for that.
  50. 50. The gyroscope is still sticking, and Melody was the unlucky one to find that out today. Lisa told me that she walked by to find Melody stuck upside down with Katherine standing there laughing at her.
  51. 51. We had a bit of extra drama in the house this evening. Brittany had offered to cook dinner, but somehow she managed to catch the entire range on fire. It was very scary to see: range fires can soon get out of control, and given the fact that this place is not in the best condition, I do not think that it would take too much before the entire kitchen went up in flames.
  52. 52. Thankfully the local fire brigade are based nearby and a fireman was soon with us. He soon had the fire under control, and made a swift exit from the asylum.
  53. 53. Despite the fact that the fireman had arrived in a timely matter, Katherine was not happy about it. I overheard her saying to Ari that she should have made provisions to deal with an emergency such as that quicker. Ari was not happy to hear this, not that I blame her. The fire was put out quickly and no lasting damage was done to the kitchen or the range. I do not know what else Katherine expected her to do.
  54. 54. Of course Katherine was not the only one who was unhappy about the fire. Lisa spent hours crying about it She would have been better served running a bath.
  55. 55. At least I came though it unscathed. I stayed well away from flames and did not even get any soot on me.
  56. 56. Day 25. I was looking out the window this morning, when I saw Ari go out. The vehicle that came to collect was a very handsome barouche I really do wonder where she goes and what she does all day.
  57. 57. The remains of last night’s incinerated dinner were still on the table when I entered the kitchen. Meredith was looking less than impressed by that fact, and was trying to get someone’s attention to take it away from her. Meredith has gotten worse over the course of this week. I have not heard her speak in days, instead she communicates in sobs and squeaks.
  58. 58. As I was taking the rubbish out to the dustbin this afternoon, I suddenly realised that I could be stuck here for the rest of my life, or at least until I am old and grey. I want to go ‘ome. ***
  59. 59. In Simdon, Mary Gavigan knocked gently at the door to her husband’s office and consulting room, and waited patiently for him to answer. “Come in...Ah what is it dear?” “Nathaniel darling, there is a Mr Wilson and a Dr Rauscher to see you.”
  60. 60. A large smile spread across Nathaniel’s face. “Mr Wilson? Mr Archibald Wilson?” Mary looked down at the card in her hand. “Yes.” “Oh my goodness, this is such an honour. Mr Wilson is the leader in his field, our field. I wonder why he is visiting me?” He gasped. “I heard he had a vacancy on his staff, perhaps he is going to offer it to me. Mary I hope that you were polite to him?” “Of course I was darling.” Replied Mary, a fixed smile on her face. “Well, send him in.” Continued Nathaniel, as if she hadn’t spoken. “And make sure you use the very best china when you make him tea.” Mary exited the room, and Nathaniel started rearranging the papers on his desk. Mary knocked at the door again, and Nathaniel stood up, smoothing his hair and adjusting his cravat. “Enter.”
  61. 61. “Mr Wilson, it is an absolute honour to meet you sir.” Gushed Nathaniel as he shook Archie’s hand. “Dr Gavigan, this is Dr Bruce Rauscher.” Said Archie, gesturing at his companion. “Pleased to meet you.” Replied Nathaniel, not even offering Bruce his hand. “Please, sit down. Can my wife get you some tea?” “Ah, no.” Said Archie pulling out his chair. “I think we are quite alright, thank you.”
  62. 62. Once the gentlemen had sat down, Nathaniel looked at Archie and addressed him. “To what do I owe the unexpected pleasure of your visit today sir? I was not aware that you had even heard of me and my modest practise.” He gave a little laugh.
  63. 63. “I am afraid I am here on unpleasant business. There has been a complaint made against you by the family of an ex-patient.” “What?!” Exclaimed Nathaniel. Archie carried on as if Nathaniel had not spoken. “The complaint necessitated an investigation into the running of the Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and insane Women.”
  64. 64. “Well, I am certain you will have found nothing amiss.” Replied Nathaniel, seemingly not aware that Archie had not finished speaking. The truth was he was starting to get nervous as he thought about what the investigation could have turned up. He had not checked in on his facility since he had sent the latest lot of inhabitants there, and had no idea how they were faring.
  65. 65. “But it did Dr Gavigan. The investigation discovered that the fees you charge are not making their way to the facility, and the patients are not receiving the treatments they require. I have no choice but to move to close the facility and refer your patients to other doctors.” He looked at Bruce, who reached into his briefcase and brought out two letters encased in thick, creamy envelopes. He handed them to Archie, who looked at them before continuing. “I will need their medical records.” He handed over the first envelope to Nathaniel.
  66. 66. “WHAT?!” Cried Nathaniel, snatching the letter from Archie’s hand and throwing it on his desk. “No I refuse to hand them over. There is no good reason for me to do so. There have been no other complaints against me in all the years I have been practising.”
  67. 67. “But you have no choice Dr Gavigan, as the letter on your desk makes very clear. It matters not if there is one complaint against you, or one dozen. I have cause to believe that you have been extorting money from the families of people you are claiming to treat, as well as neglecting the well being of your patients. You WILL hand over your patients’ files to me, and,” he placed the second letter on the desk, “you WILL attend a meeting of the General Medical Council tomorrow.” “But...” Nathaniel cast around desperately for something he could use in his defence, “I have the respect of other well known doctors in the city. I am treating a family member of Mr Legacy, for example.” “I have spoken to Mr Legacy and he was shocked to learn that the fees Mrs Meeeee-Vetinari has been paying you for Mrs Legacy’s treatment, have not found their way to where they were supposed to. The medical records Dr Gavigan.” Nathaniel sat for a moment before unlocking his desk drawer and removing the medical files of his current patients. Reluctantly he handed them to Archie, who gave them to Bruce. Bruce looked at them and stashed them in his briefcase. “Thank you Dr Gavigan. I will see you tomorrow. We will see ourselves out.”
  68. 68. Nathaniel watched as Archibald and Bruce walked down the street. His greed, and pride had led to this. He was about to lose everything and there was nothing he could do about it. ***
  69. 69. Meadow came up with a novel way to try to snap Meredith out of her depression. As I was standing there, Meadow chased Meredith outside and started hitting her over the head with a pillow. I personally cannot see what good this will do, but perhaps Meadow was trying to get her to make a sound other than a sob or squeak.
  70. 70. To Meredith’s credit, she gave as good as she got since she also had a pillow and started hitting Meadow back. I must admit it was entertaining watching, but I could not see that it was doing either of them any good.
  71. 71. As I was watching, Melody came out to join us, I thought at first that she was looking for Brittany, but it turns out that she wanted to complain about being hungry. To tell the truth, I too was feeling hungry, and so we went inside. It’s odd thinking about it now, but the gate is always left unlocked, yet I have never thought about walking out of it and away from this place, no matter how much I want to go home. None of us have. It is very strange, almost as if...we cannot.
  72. 72. Melody and I went inside to find that Lisa had prepared dinner for us. She had burnt it, but it was hot and it was just about edible, so I ate it. As I was eating, Katherine joined me. Poor thing was so tired, she fell asleep at the table and ended up face down in her dinner. This is the second time this has happened this week. I tried to rouse her, but was unsuccessful, so I left her to sleep.
  73. 73. Perhaps if I had been able to rouse her, she would have made it to the lavatory sooner and not had an accident. As it was, the lavatory was occupied when she dashed into it, and she could not wait until Melody was finished.
  74. 74. She has just now entered the bedroom I am sleeping in tonight in tears. I remember how traumatised and mortified I was following my accidents, so I am going to talk to her for a while before retiring I think.
  75. 75. Day 26. I think that Katherine felt a bit better after our chat. She is a very proud woman and it was the embarrassment of what she had done that caused her to break down. I can understand, after all it is for exactly that reason I cried following my accidents. This place is taking away our dignity, little by little.
  76. 76. Take Brittany and Melody for example. They are still fighting like cat and dog. That sort of behaviour is not becoming of well-mannered ladies, and I wonder if they would have acted in this way before they were locked up in here.
  77. 77. The gyroscope has not been sticking today if the amount of use it has been getting is any indication. I know that Meadow spent rather a lot of time in it today, although I did hear from Katherine that she fell a few times too.
  78. 78. As for me, I spent my time in a more ladylike pursuit. I feel most at peace in this place when I am playing the piano, and I can almost forget where I am.
  79. 79. I was also able to have a nice relaxing bath this afternoon and style my hair properly, which, as always, made me feel more human. I am not the only one who appreciates pleasures such as that. All of us find the lack or proper bathing facilities trying and there are often arguments as two or more of us arrive in the room at the same time, or even if one of us does not exit the room as quickly as the other occupant believes they should... Hmm, Ari is walking up the front path accompanied by Dr Rauscher and some other men I have not seen before. I wonder what is going on... ***
  80. 80. As Marielle was jotting down her thoughts on the day so far, Aristide had returned from work. She was very surprised to see Dr Rauscher and three other gentlemen she did not recognise when she alighted from the barouche. “Dr Rauscher, this is a surprise. How can I help you gentlemen?”
  81. 81. “You must be Miss Xenobia. I understand that you have been acting as caretaker of this facility for Dr Gavigan?” Said Archie stepping forward. Ari nodded at him. “Yes sir I have. And you are?” “Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr Archibald Wilson. I am the senior consultant at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital. You have met Dr Rauscher, one of my registrars.” Ari nodded. “This is Dr Liliard and Dr Sims, two more of my registrars.” He motioned towards the two other strangers standing behind him. “Pleased to meet you.” Ari murmured. “I have something very important to tell you Miss Xenobia, perhaps we can go inside?” “Oh, but of course. Please follow me.” Wondering what was going on, and what Mr Wilson had to discuss with her, Ari led the way into Simdon-Leys.
  82. 82. Archie had been looking at the building with interest as they approached it and walked through the hall. It seemed to him that Bruce’s assessment of the building’s condition was spot on, and his confidence in his decision increased. Marielle had just put her diary away when Ari, Mr Wilson and Dr Rauscher entered the drawing room, Drs Liliard and Sims having elected to stay in the entrance hall. “Marielle, I wonder if you would mind giving us some privacy?” Asked Ari as they entered. “But of course. Would you care for some tea?” Said Marielle getting up and smoothing her skirts. On seeing the strangers she had slipped flawlessly into hostess mode. “That would be lovely Miss...” Replied Archie. “Mrs Legacy.” Said Marielle as she left the room.
  83. 83. Once Marielle had left the room, Ari turned to Archie. “What was it you wished to tell me sir?” “Miss Xenobia, this morning, in front of a meeting of the General Medical Council, Nathaniel Gavigan was suspended from practising medicine. His patients, and control of this facility passed to the Bethlehem Royal, and consequently to me. I plan on making a thorough assessment of the patients here before deciding on their new treatments, but I can tell you now that this facility will be closing in the next couple of days. Until then, cots will be brought here from my hospital since I have been told that there is a lack of beds.” Ari blinked a couple of times before responding. “I understand.” “I will require the use of this room to carry out consultations, but I would also ask that you carry on with your usual routine while I carry them out.” Ari smiled at him. “I will certainly do my best.” “Good, good. Bruce, if you could please find a table for me, and where is that tea?”
  84. 84. Archie and Bruce had carried out assessments of the inhabitants of Simdon-Leys until late into the night, and then Archie had spent most of the next day going over them, re-reading Gavigan’s files, reading the diaries the patients had been asked to complete and talking to family members and one very important family friend. Eventually he had made decisions as to the treatment the eight ladies would be receiving. At five o’clock he found himself once again entering Gavigan’s facility.
  85. 85. “How were things last night?” He asked Bruce when he entered the drawing room, which had been turned into a temporary office. “Interesting.” Replied Bruce. “We had to physically restrain Miss Upsnott and Miss Tinker in order to stop them from attacking each other. Miss Xenobia informed me that physical altercations between the two of them have become common place.” “Then I think that our intervention could not have come too soon.” Said Archie gravely. “I take it you have formalised your recommendations for treatment sir?” Asked Bruce. “Yes I have. Shall we sit?”
  86. 86. They sat down and Archie removed a stack of files from his briefcase. “There are six patients I want to admit to the Bethlehem.” He said sorting through the files. “Miss Tinker, Miss Upsnott, the tragic Miss Kimbrell, I really do feel that Gavigan has ruined the poor girl’s health beyond repair, Mrs Bauchman, Miss Schehl...” “Really sir, Miss Schehl? She seemed to have made good progress I thought.” Interrupted Bruce.
  87. 87. “You did?” Asked Archie amused. “I got the impression Dr Rauscher, that she was assessing me as much as I was assessing her, and telling me exactly what she thought I wanted to hear. I want to observe her some more and I feel the hospital is the best place to do that in.” Bruce bowed to his superior’s experience. “Who is the last patient sir?” “Miss Munster-Enriquez. I am either greatly disturbed by these patients, or want to observe them some more before making any further decisions as to their treatment.”
  88. 88. Bruce nodded. “What are your recommendations for Miss Xenobia and Mrs Legacy?” Archie consulted Ari’s file. “I am recommending that Miss Xenobia is discharged. She has proven that she can move in society by going out to work to earn money to buy food for her fellow patients. She has also made no mention as to her supposed origins since being admitted as far as I can ascertain. No I feel confident that she is no longer suffering from a mental imbalance and can be released.” “I agree sir. And Mrs Legacy?”
  89. 89. Archie thought back to the conversation he had had with Miss Di earlier that day, and how she was satisfied that Marielle had been locked up long enough. “I am recommending that she too is released. Since she has been in here, her moral behaviour appears to have improved. Her diary certainly makes no mention of the moral deprivation that was one of the reasons she was admitted. Her attitude towards her sons is puzzling, but there is no real enmity there and in fact she has started to make progress in her feelings towards all her fellow humans. Her diary shows evidence of empathy towards the other patients. I do not think that the hospital will benefit her in any way, and so I am recommending that she is also discharged.” Bruce nodded. “I agree with you sir. Shall I start making arrangements for their discharges?” “If you would please. The six women I am admitting to the Bethlehem will be moved there tomorrow, so if they can also leave then, we can close this facility and be done with this whole sorry situation.”
  90. 90. The next day at noon, Marielle and Ari walked down the front path of the Simdon–Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women for the last time. Marielle turned and took one last look at the building that had been her home for so long now. At long last she was going home, and she couldn’t be happier. ***
  91. 91. So yes, the challenge is now over, and here’s Ari coming home with her final promotion. It’s been a real blast to play, and very challenging to write, but I hope that you have all enjoyed it and laughed a lot at the inmates’ expenses. Marielle will be making appearances in the legacy in the future, so that is why I had to have her released, and Ari is a townie back in Regalton. As for the others, well the cannon is they’re going to be rotting in Bedlam for the foreseeable future, the reality is they won’t be added to the real neighbourhood. Now, this is a scored challenge, so let’s see how I did. Right, so I started with 100 points. Plus 20 for never using influence for a subtotal of 120.
  92. 92. I get 1 point for each skill point the inmates have and 1 point for every 1000 aspiration points they have. Brittany had: 1 cooking, 3 body, 3 logic, 5 creativity, 4 cleaning = 16 36,250 aspiration points. Her LTW was to become Hall of Famer.
  93. 93. Katherine had: 3 cooking, 10 body, 5 creativity, 4 cleaning = 22 16,500 aspiration points Her LTW was to have 6 grandkids.
  94. 94. Lisa: 2 cooking, 9 body, 5 logic, 5 creativity, 4 cleaning = 25 10,250 aspiration points. She wanted to graduate 3 kids from college, all girls I bet.
  95. 95. Marielle had 1 cooking (yeah that’s not a surprise), 3 body, 1 logic, 9 creativity, 4 cleaning = 18 18,150 aspiration points. She wanted to become a celebrity chef, which made me giggle since it’s her LTW in Regalton too.
  96. 96. Meadow ended up with: 1 cooking, 6 body, 4 logic, 5 creativity, 4 cleaning = 20 14,750 aspiration points. Her LTW was to raise 20 kittens or puppies. (Miss Crazy-Cat-Lady).
  97. 97. Meadow had: 2 cooking, 10 body, 5 logic, 4 cleaning = 21 26,250 aspiration points. She wanted to become the Hand of Poseidon.
  98. 98. Poor Meredith ended up with 2 cooking, 2 body, 8 creativity, 5 cleaning = 17. 4,250 (no that is not a typo) aspiration points. She wanted 20 simultaneous lovers.
  99. 99. So that’s plus 139 for the skill points The total aspiration points were 126,400 which = 126 That gives me a subtotal of 385. I also get 1 point for each family friend which = 13 Subtotal = 398 Finally I lose 1 point for each day they were locked up, which was 26 days. So my grand total = 372 points. Not bad all told.
  100. 100. Have a few more fun stats: Number of aspiration failures = 0. Number of fires = 1 (thanks Brittany). Number of fights between Brittany and Melody = 15. Number of those won by Brittany = 8. Number of bladder failures = 9. Number of plate naps = 2. Number of sims who passed out = 0.
  101. 101. So that’s it. Thank you all for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Huge thanks to all you awesome people who let me borrow and torture your sims Lauri, Ari was brilliant. I had her skill through the night to get her last charisma point, before sending her to work of day 26, and she still came home with the promotion. Everyone else, for the most part your sims acted in such ways that I can see why you wrote the characters as you did, and it’s been fun putting them in this situation. I have to thank the creators of my CC, which I get from loads of places now. Now this is over I can get started on side project number two, “V & R Legacy and the Case of Something or Other.” What? You didn’t think I’d tell you what they are going to be investigating did you? :P See you soon, but until then, happy simming.