A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 1


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Part 1 of my asylum challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins.

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A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 1

  1. 1. Hello and welcome one and all to a Very Victorian Asylum Challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins. This is tied to my Victorian Legacy, so I suggest that if you are not familiar with it, you may like to acquaint yourself with chapters 15-21 of that and read the prologue for this challenge too. The prologue ended with a list of the lucky inhabitants of the Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women, but as a reminder, they are Marielle, ex-wife of my fourth generation heir Eddie, Brittany Upsnott, Sim State playable as characterised by Marina (Smoothiequeen87) in gen 1 of the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy, Katherine Schehl from Lea (Thls0)’s Barsoom Legacy, Lisa Bauchman from Gin (GintasticNecat)’s the Science of a Legacy, Meadow Munster-Enriquez from Katy (Hurrikaty)’s Munster Legacy, Melody Tinker, Bluewater teen as characterised by Gin in the second generation of the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy, and Meredith Kimbrell from Jamie (DocGirlP)’s Bohemian Legacy. Finally the controllable sim is Aristide Xenobia, founder of LauriEmpress’s Legacy of Jubilee. She is a fortune sim with the LTW to become the law. I hope you have your popcorn ready (you’ll need it), so let’s crack on.
  2. 2. Diary of Marielle Legacy, day 1. I have been told to keep a diary of my experiences by Dr Gavigan as part of my treatment, but I really do not see what good it will do, after all it is not as if I deserve to be here. Here is an insane asylum, but I am not insane, far from it. My lifestyle may have crumbled around me, but I was starting to build it up again, when I was taken from my...cottage and thrown in here. Damn, now I’ve blotted the page through pressing too hard. I suppose rather than ranting and raving I should write about my first day and my first impressions of those I will be staying with. The first person I spoke to introduced herself as Aristide Xenobia. She said that she would be acting as caretaker and I immediately decided it would be prudent to befriend her, as such I did not ask her why she was here, even though I was itching to. She seemed to be very nice, but had the most unusual eyes I have ever seen: they looked almost purple. Those coupled with her very pale skin, made her seem almost other worldly.
  3. 3. While I was speaking to Aristide, several of the lunatics were getting to know each other. Brittany and Meadow were standing nearest to us, and seemed to find something very funny. I shot them a look, but could not help but wonder if they were talking about me. I have found that society is not very forgiving of my actions and stares and accusations follow me where ever I go. I try not to let it bother me, after all other people do not understand, and there is nothing wrong with the way in which I acted, so I have nothing to be ashamed of. And yet... No, I will not think on it, back to my thoughts on the day.
  4. 4. Not everyone seemed to be wanting to get to know each other though, a red-head whom I later learned was called Lisa, stood there looking at everyone.
  5. 5. She just seemed to be about to say something to Katherine, when Meredith engaged her in conversation instead. “Like, eww, can you believe that they took away our clothes and are making us wear these drab things? I mean they’ve not even allowed us to bring accessories with us. What sort of a holiday home is this anyway?” Katherine had looked at her before answering. “You do realise where we are?” “Course I do silly, we are here on a little vacation.” Katherine’s reply was too faint for me to hear, but I think I can divine the gist of it. I do not think that Meredith realises why she is here, or what she is in for.
  6. 6. Not long after we arrived, it started to rain, and Aristide headed inside, mumbling something about studying cookery. There was no one outside with us and we could have escaped, but we did not, and I do not know why. Instead we decided to try to fulfil our daily exercise requirement. Ah yes, perhaps I should explain about that. Dr Gavigan has told us that we should all be taking some form of outdoors exercise everyday. This will apparently help ease the “mental imbalances” we are all suffering from. Since I am not suffering from any imbalances, mental or otherwise, I do not see what this is meant to achieve.
  7. 7. Brittany and Meadow partnered up for the exercise, but I cannot help but feel that Meadow may have had cause to regret this.
  8. 8. Of course, given the looks Meadow started to give Brittany, I feel that Brittany may have picked the wrong person to play whap with.
  9. 9. Not that I was doing any better myself. I was partnered with Melody and I must say she has a very strong throwing arm.
  10. 10. With Aristide inside, we were one short for the exercise, and apparently Lisa stood watching Katherine and Meredith for quite a while.
  11. 11. I am not sure what Lisa decided to do with herself after that...
  12. 12. ...but the rest of us stayed outside exercising until it started to thunder and lightning. The post-box being struck was the prompt I needed to go back inside, but I have the feeling that some of the others would have stayed outside longer. What did I expect though? They are crazy.
  13. 13. I must say I am appalled by the conditions inside the building. I was not expecting the Ritz, but the walls are running with damp, the wall coverings are cracked and broken, and as for the bathing facilities... Lisa had been the first to brave the WC, and I found her in the room, scrubbing the toilet bowl with as much vigour as she could manage. “Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. Look at the mould on the walls, and this toilet bowl was unspeakable. Only a man would think that this was a suitable state to leave this room in.” She was muttering as she scrubbed.
  14. 14. I backed out of the room slowly as Lisa ranted, not wanting to be drawn into conversation with her. Unfortunately that meant that by the time I had realised she had left, and re-entered, Melody was in there. I was fairly desperate to use the facilities, but left the room at her request.
  15. 15. Apparently I was not the only one.
  16. 16. I was on my way to one of the bedrooms when I heard a very strange noise coming from behind a closed door. I pushed it open to find Lisa strapped into some sort of rotating device. This must be the gyroscopic device Dr Gavigan had mentioned, and as I looked at it, I shuddered at the thought of having to be in the centre of it.
  17. 17. My shudders intensified and a look of horror must have crossed my face as it became obvious that Lisa was unable to control the spinning of the device. Completely out of control, she bashed into the spinning rings of the device, cursing the inventor and lamenting the fact that this was not a very ladylike thing to have to do.
  18. 18. The fact that she then lost her stomach contents when she managed to finally extricate herself from the machine was not very ladylike either.
  19. 19. I left the room before she had finished vomiting, and headed to one of the bedrooms. There I took off the horrible skirt and bodice I had been provided with, and looked at the nightgown that had been laid out on the bed. Like all the clothes Dr Gavigan has provided it was plain, and worn, and although the holes had been mended with care, I had no desire to touch it, let alone wear it to bed. I am far more used to finely embroidered gowns and French lace, I do not see why I should be wearing these rags. Sighing heavily I climbed into bed. It was still light, and my bladder was still full, but I did not care. I wanted to crawl beneath the blanket, shut my eyes tight and pretend I was somewhere, anywhere else. Heck even my run down, damp cottage is far, far better than this place, and, although I never thought I would ever say this, I would give anything to be back there now. This place is a hell hole, and I do not think that I can stand being here for long. I may not be insane now, but after a few weeks of this, who knows.
  20. 20. I lay there for a little while until I decided my bladder could take no more. I ran downstairs to the WC, but...
  21. 21. ...oh this is mortifying. I did not make it to the WC in time, and right in front of the pan, I had an accident.
  22. 22. As if I could not be any more ashamed of what had happened, Meadow barged in then, before I could clean up, and saw the puddle on the floor. “You pissed yourself?” She said to me, her face twisting into a disgusted snarl. Embarrassed beyond belief, I turned on my heel and ran from the room.
  23. 23. I stood, my back against the door, trying to compose myself all the while still hearing Meadow in the WC laughing to herself. “Haha, I cannot believe that she pissed herself, and so close to the toilet too. Whoever heard of ANYone pissing themselves when they only have to...”
  24. 24. “...aw crap.”
  25. 25. “Marielle, you still out there?” She called through the door. Knowing full well that agreeing I was, and that I was aware of what she had just done, would not be a smart move, I fled down the hall.
  26. 26. I had wanted to take a nice long bath, but I found the only bath in the building was occupied by Meredith. “Ew, you might want to do something about the smell of, you know, hanging around you.” She said to me as I entered the room. “Yes, I know, but someone is in the bath.” I replied through gritted teeth. I was torn between the urge to cry and the urge to start shouting and screaming at all and sundry. I did not need to hear that I needed to bathe, when I was only too aware of the fact. “I know right?” She giggled as she continued to soap her arm. I nearly growled with frustration as I turned and left the room.
  27. 27. I did not have any particular destination in mind, but I ended up in one of the empty bedrooms, where I bawled dissolved into tears. Why is this happening to me? Everything I worked so ‘ard to get is gone, and I am ‘ere in this hell hole. I ‘ave lost control of my bladder, and to top it all...
  28. 28. I don’t ‘alf stink.
  29. 29. After writing in this diary for a bit, pouring out my thoughts, I managed to compose myself and headed downstairs to the kitchen where Aristide had prepared an evening meal for us all. “I see you have not taken a bath.” Said Meadow as I entered. “No, it has been occupied every time I have tried to.” I am sure she smirked at me, but she was perfectly civil when she replied, “I think it is free now. Why don’t you go see?”
  30. 30. Meadow was correct though, and I was able to run myself a bath and start to wash away some of the stench of the day.
  31. 31. I had not been in the water more than two minutes before I was overcome with a sense of sadness so profound I had to get out of the bath and get dressed. I have been through a lot in my life, but I have rarely felt as sorry for myself as I did then. I have always been able to see opportunities to better myself and improve my situation, in site of what other people may say, but right there and then I could not see a way out of this dump.
  32. 32. I tried to pull myself together, and added some flaked soap to the water to try to simulate the bath oils and soaps I am so used to. It did not work. No sooner had I sat down in the water, when I was seized with the desire to get out of the bath and get dressed.
  33. 33. This time it was due to my fatigue, and I was about ready to crawl into a bed.
  34. 34. However I still stank, and by this time the water in the bath was cold, so I ran myself a new one.
  35. 35. This time I managed to complete my ablutions, despite the fact that I was still dwelling on my little accident early in the evening. *** Yes it really did take Marielle three goes to have a bath. The first two times she sat down and got straight back out again, to sigh or complain about motive distress.
  36. 36. By the time I got out of the bath, it was filthy. Disgusted by the idea that this dirt could have come off of me, I gave it a good wipe down, leaving it, not sparkling because the enamel is too pitted and crazed, but clean none the less. I have not had to clean for a long while, and it is not something I plan on doing regularly, but I could not leave the bath in that state.
  37. 37. After I finished cleaning the bath I tried to retire to bed, but, even though there are eight people in this house, there are only five beds and they were occupied. I entered the drawing room, to find that Melody was asleep on the settee. The only thing I could do to stop myself from falling asleep where I stood and passing out on the floor was make myself a cup of tea, and hope that would be enough to keep me awake until a bed was free.
  38. 38. It worked, which is a very good thing. It is now daylight, and I think I hear people moving upstairs. Time to finish this entry and crawl into one of the beds to try to get at least a couple of hours sleep.
  39. 39. Day 2. I was still abed when Katherine and Meredith decided to take their daily exercise. I am told that they were so eager to do so that they did not even dress. Heaven knows what anyone walking by would have thought of the two of them standing there in a state of dishabille.
  40. 40. Despite the fact that they had taken their exercise together two days running, Melody, who was also outside, taking some rubbish to the dustbin, told me that their conversation took a sour turn after they had finished the exercise. I will attempt to reproduce the conversation as Melody related it to me, if only for my own amusement. “You really should think about doing something with your hair Katherine. Just letting it fall so flat round your face, or scraping it back into such a harsh chignon does nothing for you. You’ll never get a man if you don’t make yourself look pretty, or if you do it’ll be some ugly fish lipped monstrosity, I mean ewww.”
  41. 41. “Really? You think I care what you think of my appearance? You think that I cannot seduce any man I choose, for whatever reason I want?” Melody told me that Katherine did not raise her voice, instead saying every word clearly and calmly. “I am very different to you Meredith. Vapid blondes such as you may always be in demand, but ...” “Thank you.” “It was not a complement, and I had not finished talking.”
  42. 42. “Now hang on a minute, were you insulting me?” “I was trying to, but it seemed to get lost in the empty cavern of your cranium.”
  43. 43. “And now you are boring me. I am going inside.” Apparently Meredith just stood there watching Katherine retreat inside. Maybe her brain was trying and failing to come up with a suitable response.
  44. 44. It seems that the tempers of the crazies are starting to wear thin, and it is only the second day we have been locked up together. I was woken by shouting you see, and followed the sound downstairs to the lavatory. There I found Lisa trying to engage a very grumpy looking Meadow in conversation while Brittany screamed at them to leave the room so that she could use the facilities.
  45. 45. As I was standing at the threshold to the room, Melody pushed past me and Lisa, and tried to start an argument with Meadow. Having seen the look on Meadow’s face as Lisa attempted to converse with her, I did not think that this was the wisest course of action for Melody to take, and so backed away from the room. Imagine my surprise then when I heard Meadow laugh and agree with Melody over what she was saying. I do not understand these people: it is as if I am in a foreign land with no guide.
  46. 46. I was just drifting off to sleep again, when I heard the gyroscopic device start up. Trying to sleep here during the day is not easy, and I really must try to retire to bed at a more sensible time tonight. After a short moment I heard cursing and soon after the sound of the device stop spinning. I have yet to take my turn in it, and I am not looking forward to it. I wondered who was the latest victim as I stretched and vacated the bed I had been sleeping in.
  47. 47. I did not have to wait long to find out who it was that had fallen from the device. Brittany came into the bedroom, nursing bruises and still looking slightly nauseous. I do not know what possessed me to hug her, after all I am not naturally a tactile person with those the same gender as me, but she seemed so nice and in need of comfort as I saw her there.
  48. 48. I made it downstairs in time for luncheon. Meredith had volunteered to make lunch today and so we had some sort of meat in sandwiches.
  49. 49. After luncheon it was Meadow’s turn to brave the gyroscopic device. She did not look happy at the prospect of it, and I have to doubt the wisdom of eating before being strapped into it.
  50. 50. From the cursing that came from the room a little while later it seemed that Meadow also doubted the wisdom of her choice.
  51. 51. I spent the evening in the drawing room, where Brittany thoughtfully decided to provide the entertainment. I say thoughtfully, but the truth is that she is not very proficient at the piano. I would rather have listened to two cats fighting than her. After a while I decided to write in this diary and retire to bed All of the beds were once again taken, but that has given me more time to jot down my thoughts here. I am still convinced that I do not belong here. I am clearly sane and yet I feel in my heart that it is impossible for me to protest and try to argue for my release. Dr Gavigan has clearly made up his mind that I require treatment for several very mundane complaints. Complaints, I hasten to add, that are not indicative of any mental failure or imbalance on my part. I am being judged very unfairly and harshly. The best I can hope to do is see this through and try to convince him of my sanity at my next consultation with him. The flaw in that plan is that I have no idea when that consultation will be.
  52. 52. Dawn is once again breaking and I can only now hear people moving upstairs. I suppose one good thing about having missed out on a night’s sleep the night before last, missing last night's too does not feel quite as bad. I must try not to make this a habit though.
  53. 53. Day 3. Not getting to bed until it was light meant that I missed breakfast, but since this was cooked by Melody, a woman who poisoned her entire village, I must admit that this fact did not concern me.
  54. 54. I do not think that the other inhabitants were so picky though.
  55. 55. I was once again woken by the sound of the gyroscopic device. I really must try to get to bed at a decent time tonight, because that device is in use all day and is incredibly loud. I did not bother to get out of bed to find out who was the person being thrown out of it.
  56. 56. I was just starting to drift back off to sleep, when the blasted contraption started again. This time I was left in no doubt as to who was in the device as Meredith’s screams pierced the air. I decided that it was impossible for me to try to get back to sleep, so I got out of bed and went to see what everyone else is up to.
  57. 57. As I walked past the room containing the solitary sink, I saw that Katherine was there cleaning the breakfast things. I have noticed that she is always cleaning up after the rest of us, and since I do not like to clean, I am more than happy for her to do this.
  58. 58. In fact she spends so much time cleaning I wonder if it is one of the reasons she is here. I cam certain I heard her start to mutter “clean, must make sure everything is clean...a clean environment is the sign of a tidy mind...”
  59. 59. Looking out through the hall window I saw Lisa and Brittany taking their daily exercise. I say exercise, but it looked more like Brittany was engaging in a spot of target practise to me.
  60. 60. It was just as well that I decided to get up then, since I would not have had much sleep before being woken by the device again. This time it was Katherine, and as I understand it, it was her first experience of it. Her protests and cries indicate that she did not enjoy it, and I must admit I am getting very apprehensive about taking my turn in it. I am trying to put it off as long as possible.
  61. 61. Luncheon once again consisted of meat sandwiches. I still have no idea what meat it is, but they are at least sustenance of some sort. I have eaten far worse in my life. I was joined by Brittany who seemed very eager to tell me about her life outside of these walls. “I was the most popular girl in school. Everyone wanted to be my friend and join the society I was head of.”
  62. 62. I listened politely, but to tell the truth I did not feel like engaging her in conversation at that time. As I chewed slowly I realised that Brittany was looking at me expectantly, and knew that I would have to say something. “You must have known people from all sorts of backgrounds.” “Yes.” Brittany leant across the table. “There was one girl,” her eyes narrowed, “she was called Carli and she was a half elf. She was also an interfering busy body who had the audacity to tell me that I should have treated a whiny slobby loser better when he asked me out. I mean, can you believe that?” Brittany didn’t seem to really want an answer and carried on talking at me for quite some time.
  63. 63. The lack of bathing facilities is really starting to wear on me. I am used to being able to complete my ablutions and have my hair styled in the latest fashion. It is many years since I had to go a long time without completing an adequate toilette, and I have taken to carrying round a small hand mirror. It is hardly adequate, but it does mean I can at least make sure that my hair is not completely tangled and wild.
  64. 64. I was going to wash my hands when I was approached by Meadow. “Your name is Legacy?” She asked me. “Yes it is.” She looked at me as if weighing up what she was going to say. “I know a legacy family such as yours. I was meant to marry into it.”
  65. 65. I was intrigued. “You were?” “Yes. I wanted to have the importance of being in an influential family, the importance of being the spouse.” I looked at her amazed. I too had wanted the prestige that came with being the wife of the head of an important family, and I had never thought I would come across another who felt the same. Especially not in these circumstances. “What happened?” I asked, unable to contain my curiosity as to why she had not married in.
  66. 66. A shadow passed over her face as she started to explain. “The idiot heir showed up at Sim State with his silly little teen girlfriend, and I was never even given a chance. What kind of heir does that? Puts his eggs all in one frumpy, shovel faced basket before he even has the chance to browse the market. So I sought my revenge. First by having some fun with two of the younger brothers, and then by trapping the next heir, his sister and cousin...” As I listened to her calmly explaining what she had tried to do, my blood ran cold. I had hoped to find a sympathetic ear, someone who understood what it was like to be treated unfairly by an important family, and instead I had found a delusional nutter. Mind you I am (unfairly) locked in an asylum, what did I really expect?
  67. 67. The nicest, (and sanest) person here (next to me of course) is Aristide, or Ari as she has requested I call her. She disappears for most of the day, and then in the evening is normally found with her head in a book, but she is always polite when she speaks. I get the impression that what she does when she leaves the house is important, but she will not be drawn on it. Instead she insists that her main purpose here to make sure that the pantry is well stocked and any major incidents are dealt with efficiently. I do not entirely grasp her meaning, but as long as there is plenty of food for us all to eat, I do not see that it matters.
  68. 68. She was called outside to deal with a small vermin problem this evening. It appears that our dustbin had been knocked over by a passing stranger, and the spilt rubbish had attracted cockroaches.
  69. 69. I have an intense dislike of vermin and rodents, something which stems from my childhood and the conditions I witnessed in the part of Simdon I grew up in, but it apparently pales in comparison with Lisa’s reaction. She has expressed her disgust loudly and firmly, letting all of us know that she feels that this is not a suitable environment for ladies such as ourselves. It Is much more suitable for horrible little boys, and useless men.
  70. 70. Having decided that I must try to retire to bed at a reasonable time tonight, I am completing this diary entry and will try to find a bed, even though it is not even ten o’clock. I must have a full night’s sleep before I start to suffer from sleep deprivation.
  71. 71. Day 4. I slept well last night, despite a lumpy mattress, and it was pleasant to wake of my own volition, not be startled awake by the sound of the device. I have neglected my daily exercise the past few days, but the day had dawned as a bright, warm autumn morning and I was more than happy to agree to exercise with Melody, despite my memory of her throwing arm. It turned out that we were not the only two abroad that morning as Brittany and Lisa were also taking their exercise. I think they both raised their eyebrows at the fact that neither Melody nor myself had bothered to dress first, but I did not care.
  72. 72. I actually enjoyed the exercise today, so much so that I stayed out longer than I had anticipated and my bladder was full to bursting by the time I got back inside. Unfortunately I had to wait to use the WC, but I did manage to hold on and not have another accident this time.
  73. 73. I overheard Meredith talking to Meadow later, saying that she thinks being locked up is starting to really get to Katherine. Apparently she walked in on her beating her fists against the wall in the room the gyroscopic device is situated.
  74. 74. Of course Meredith also doesn’t appear to be faring very well. It seems she has gotten over her delusion as to what this place is and is sliding into a deep depression. I do not think that she has bathed in days. At least she does not smell as if she has.
  75. 75. I am currently writing up this entry in my bed. After all it does not matter if I get ink stains on these sheets, and, as I have discovered, it is prudent to try to snag a bed as early as possible. Brittany has just entered the room to say that she has just left Meadow in the drawing room playing chess. Apparently she was muttering about someone called Barty and Liam as she moved her pieces. Brittany has just pronounced her a “fruit-loop,” but I wonder if these are members of the family she was telling me about, the family she wanted to marry into.
  76. 76. It is getting late now, and Brittany is complaining about the lamp still being lit, so I will have to finish this entry now. I do wonder if Meadow will find a bed to sleep in tonight, or if she will be forced to sleep on the settee. If she does have to sleep on the settee, I doubt that she will be in a good mood in the morning.
  77. 77. Day 5. I rose early this morning and found the bathroom empty when I got downstairs, meaning that I am able to start the day having finally completed an adequate toilette. In the hall I was stopped and engaged in conversation with Lisa. I have not really spoken to her before, so I started with some simple small talk, including asking about her family. “I am a widow, and I have one wonderful little girl called Samantha. She is a joy, delight and huge comfort to me.” “You have only the one child then?” I asked. “Yes, just a daughter, I certainly do not have a disgusting, horrible son who takes after his useless, idiotic father far too much.”
  78. 78. I thought this last sentence very strange, but Lisa carried on as if nothing was amiss. “And what of your family Marielle? Do you have children? Perhaps a lovely little girl you are teaching to be a lady?” “Ah no, I have two sons, aged, ten and seven I think. Or is it nine and six? I am never very good at remembering ages.”
  79. 79. Her reaction was not what I was expecting. “Two sons? Oh dear, you have my sympathies. You must be so disappointed.”
  80. 80. I looked at her stunned. No one has ever said that to me before, it is always, “you must be so proud to have two strapping lads.” Proud is not exactly how I feel, but neither is disappointed. In fact I have no feelings for my sons, one way or another. They are beings that distorted my body beyond recognition, before causing me pain. They then became something I handed to my ex-husband for him and his family to look after. It may sound callous and cruel, but I cannot alter my feelings about the two of them. Besides they get all the love they need from my ex-husband and in-laws, and love is not everything. One needs to learn to stand alone in this world, and do what one needs to in order to survive. I learned that from my mother.
  81. 81. Following my interesting conversation with Lisa, I went to make some breakfast, but found that the dishes from the night before were still on the sides and table. It really is disgusting that so few people in here clean up after themselves, and so I was forced to wash the plates up before preparing my repast.
  82. 82. I was in the device room, trying to find some excuse not to use it when Katherine came in. “Are you going to use it or not?” She asked me.
  83. 83. “Not if I can help it.” I replied truthfully. If I can go the entire time I am here without being in the centre of the device, I will be very happy.
  84. 84. All of a sudden a smile lit up her face. “I can’t say I blame you. It’s not pleasant. Perhaps if you get used to it, it is different, but no, it is not pleasant at all.” We stayed chatting for a little while, and I must confess in many ways she reminds me of my friend Audrey. *** Anyone who has watched the video I made of Mean Bone has met Audrey, and yes Audrey is my game’s version of Katherine.
  85. 85. Things are starting to become very tense in the facility. Every time I pass the lavatory I hear two or more of my fellow inmates arguing over who needs to use the facilities more. In addition, both the toilet and bath are now broken, and I have a feeling that it will be a long while before they are fixed. *** I’d like to point out that this picture was taken with the aid of plumbbobtoggle so there was no clicking on, pressing space, or otherwise selecting a non-controllable sim.
  86. 86. Meredith’s depression is becoming more and more apparent and she has taken to picking at food from the pantry, instead of joining us at meals.
  87. 87. I have been trying to avoid it, but this evening I finally had a go in the gyroscopic device. At first I wondered what everyone's problem had been with it. It was quite exhilarating being in the centre of it, the rings twisting and turning me in all directions.
  88. 88. The feeling did not last, and with Meredith (very helpfully) booing me, I soon lost control.
  89. 89. I was flung round the device like a puppet.
  90. 90. It was more than slightly painful...
  91. 91. ...and I am sorry to say that I was left feeling so dizzy and disorientated once I had been ejected from it that I lost my stomach contents all over the floor. I think that it is time for me to retire to bed. I am still feeling ill and weak, and do not want to spend any time in the company of the lunatics I am forced to share this house with.
  92. 92. Day 6. Today has been an eventful day, for a start we have had several visitors stay with us all day. I am, of course, aware of the fact that some of the asylums charge visitors a small fee, and then show them around. This is so that the visitors can gawp at the inmates, and they treat it as a form of entertainment. I had never expected it to happen here. I think that it is terrible. Not only am I here unjustly, but now I am to be paraded like a freak. What if someone who recognises me visits? The shame will be too much to bear. I have worked too long, and too hard to lift myself up from where I was born, to lose it because of someone’s curiosity, or willingness to make a few bob! And yet, there is nothing I can do. I am powerless here, just another irrational and insane woman locked in this facility.
  93. 93. It soon became obvious that Melody at least did not share my concerns, since she managed to persuade one of the visitors to join her as she took her daily exercise.
  94. 94. I think that Brittany might agree with me though. She took a dislike to a tall, very good looking gentleman in a hat, who was taking a look around. She followed him into the lavatory and proceeded to poke and prod him, all the while shouting abuse at him. *** The gentleman is Indy Vetinari, originally from DrSupremeNerd’s fantastic Vetinari Dualegacy, he is married to my simself, both there and in Regalton. He is mean and out going, and It is really not a good idea to piss him off. Oh and this and the following slides aren’t of the same poke from different angles.
  95. 95. She poked, and poked him, with no sign of stopping.
  96. 96. The gentleman did not take too kindly to this, and retaliated in kind.
  97. 97. This lead to Brittany slapping him squarely around the face, several times. I heard the gentleman mutter something that sounded like, “I must not hit the nutters, I must not hit he nutters, I must not...aw duck it.” Before slapping her back. *** Final tally for this round, Brittany poked Indy 15 (yes 15) times, and slapped him twice. I was fully expecting Indy to throw down at this point, his temper having held for far longer than I thought it would, but Marielle actually came in and started talking to him, and Brittany went upstairs to bed. Oh, and yes Meadow was desperate to use the loo throughout all of this and alternated between smiling at what was going on and trying to shoo them away.
  98. 98. The altercation did eventually break up, but the gentleman appeared to be very put out about it all. He even started to take it out on the other visitors. I overheard him say to Sergeant Kauker “the position of sexy, good-looking, blue eyed, cleft-chinned, husband has been taken. There’s no point you trying to ‘woo’ her by wearing a hat.” I have no idea what he meant by that, but Sergeant Kauker stuttered something unintelligible in reply, and concentrated on eating his sandwich.
  99. 99. As darkness fell, our guests were still with us, and I had had enough of being treated as if I were a zoological exhibit. I was mopping the floor in the lavatory when Meadow came in and tried to shoo me out. “Out, I need to use the toilet, you can carry on mopping up the...is that pee Did you pee yourself again?”
  100. 100. Her words broke through my fragile facade, and I dissolved into tears. I had once again had a mortifying accident, just in front of the WC. *** I missed the actual bladder failure, despite having the PIP camera turned on, but given the fact that Marielle stopped crying about her first bladder failure days ago, and is now sporting a green stink cloud, I’m pretty sure she had just had another one here.
  101. 101. I cannot believe that this is happening to me. I am Marielle Legacy, I should not be living like this. What happened to my nice house, and my nice clothes and everything I wanted in life?
  102. 102. I cannot believe that once again I reeked of urine, because I had wet myself. I find it satisfyingly ironic though, that as I was wallowing in self pity over what I had just done, Meadow, the one who had seen and taken me to task on it twice, wet herself right there and then, and in front of an audience.
  103. 103. Sergeant Kauker was far from impressed.
  104. 104. I decided I had to pull myself together and was able to get into the bathroom before Meadow so that I could clean myself up. Feeling cleaner, and more refreshed I vowed to put my (two) accidents behind me and concentrate on proving that I do not belong here. As I was passing the sink room, I saw the older lady who was visiting us. I decided to engage her in conversation, but it did not go well at all. “I am sorry, but you have taken it upon yourself to talk to me? The insane are not allowed to talk to visitors unless we speak to them first, where is the caretaker?”
  105. 105. I listened to her talk feeling very bemused. I am apparently not allowed to even try to talk to a stranger here.
  106. 106. I was feeling well and truly fed up by the time the visitors left. I hope that this does not become a regular occurrence because I do not think that I can stand it. Unshed tears are burning my eyes as I write this entry. I hope that tomorrow is a better day.
  107. 107. Day 7. I woke feeling a bit better and ready to face a new day. I made my way to the drawing room, where I sat down at the piano. It is an instrument I have long been proficient in, but today, no matter what I played, it sounded far more plinky plonky than normal. It is as if all my creativity has been wiped clean and I am having to start afresh.
  108. 108. I was so absorbed in trying to play a proper tune on the piano that I missed all the drama, and have had to rely on the testimonies of both Katherine and Meredith for details. Apparently the gentleman who had the altercation with Brittany yesterday, stormed into the house and up to the device room where she was waiting for Katherine to finish her turn on the device. He then shoved Brittany and started shouting at her.
  109. 109. Brittany is no shrinking violet, and so she shoved him back, and asked him what the devil he thought he was doing, walking in announced and shoving her for no reason.
  110. 110. Katherine said that this really did not please the man in the hat, who informed her through gritted teeth that she had started it all by poking and slapping him yesterday, and that she had better be prepared to “have her ass handed to her on a plate,” but what donkeys have to do with this, I do not know.
  111. 111. Brittany really did not like this (perhaps she is an animal lover) and lunged at the man. Rather than doing the gentlemanly thing and trying to walk away, the man fought back, and there was an all out brawl.
  112. 112. Perhaps unsurprisingly the man won the fight.
  113. 113. Meredith told me that Brittany was far from happy at this turn of events and so ran to confront the man as he was leaving. She slapped him hard round the face.
  114. 114. Meredith said that the man actually growled before physically attacking Brittany.
  115. 115. I know that he had defended himself against Brittany before, but the fact that he instigated this fight, I find appalling. A man should not resort to physical violence against a woman.
  116. 116. Once again he beat her resoundingly. *** This really isn’t surprising since the first thing I did when I put Indy in the neighbourhood was cheat him a load of skill points and make him fit. Brittany hasn’t been on the gyroscope that much, so hasn’t gained many body points.
  117. 117. I think that Katherine must feel the same, since Meredith said she stood there muttering darkly to herself for a moment.
  118. 118. She then went to speak to the man. “Can I have a word?”
  119. 119. “Hmm, yeah sure, I guess.” Replied the man. He really does have an odd way of speaking.
  120. 120. Meredith told me that Katherine’s whole demeanour changed, and she squared up to him. “Do not come in here and start hitting people for no reason. I doubt you’d like to be hit just for the fun of it!” “Huh? I had a reason.”
  121. 121. “So have I then.”
  122. 122. “Now listen you nutso, you have no idea who you’re dealing with, and I don’t give a shit what you think. Didn’t the fact that I’ve whooped Brittany’s ass twice today tell you that I’ll slap, or poke whoever I want, especially if they hit me first?”
  123. 123. “So by that logic, if I do this...”
  124. 124. “I’ll do this.” By this time we could hear the two of them shouting at each other from downstairs and Ari hurried upstairs to calm the situation. It ended with the man in the hat leaving, but I somehow do not think that we have seen the last of him, and I still do not know his name. *** Katherine slapped Indy twice here. I really don’t know why they don’t like my SimHubby.
  125. 125. Drama over, Lisa set about cooking the evening meal. It has been suggested that we take it in turns to cook, but I loathe cooking and am trying to leave it to the others.
  126. 126. It turns out that Lisa is a good cook, and over the evening meal I spoke to Brittany for a bit, being careful not to mention her altercations with the man in the hat. I actually quite like her and find her easy to talk to. This surprises me, because I did not think I would find friendship here amongst the insane. It also worries me, since what does it say about my character and state of mind if I can befriend a lunatic?
  127. 127. My thoughts have been troubled since then, and I once again was not able to get to one of the limited beds before everyone else. I am also in dire need of a bath, but I am feeling far too fatigued. I will finish this entry and see if there is now a bed free. ***
  128. 128. Mwhahahaha, *cough* Sorry about that. As you can see I have a few pictures I want to share that I couldn’t work into the narrative.
  129. 129. So Marielle isn’t really doing that great at the moment, despite the impression she might give in her diary. She’s always been a primper, but now that is almost all that she does. Melody tried to shoo her out of the loo for about two sim hours. Marielle just kept pulling out her hand mirror and looking at herself. Oh I did laugh. I also laughed a lot when she wet herself, especially since the first time it happened was the very first day of playing.
  130. 130. The inmates are getting on well so far, but I did laugh at how this animation lined up. They all use the gyroscope quite a bit, and Brittany and Marielle are also fit now. I thought I’d add a quick note about the gyroscope too. The actual game object may not be very Victorian, but the idea behind it is authentic. During my research I came across several websites that mentioned a rotating chair that lunatics in asylums (male and female) were strapped into and spun at 100 revolutions per minute. Doesn’t sound all that different to this device does it?
  131. 131. Ah Indy, I love your grr face, don’t ever change. As you’ve probably all worked out, my simself is also in the neighbourhood, but I’m not planning on bringing her into the challenge itself, The only reason you’re aware Indy is about is because, for reasons I’ve missed, Brittany and Katherine have picked fights with him. That’s not the best idea they’ve ever had. It also means that I’ll now have Indy barging into the house at all hours, fighting with them, but it’s Indy so I don’t mind. Yet. I might in a few weeks time.
  132. 132. Marielle has done more cleaning than I’ve shown, ‘cos frankly sims cleaning are boring. Both the toilet and bath are now broken, but I’m not repairing them so that the inmates clean up the puddles and gain cleaning points.
  133. 133. I should really reiterate that despite the grouchy faces that some of the sims have been pulling, they do have the personalities I posted in the prologue. It’s just that personality points don’t necessarily mean much in my game.
  134. 134. So we’ve not really seen much of either Melody or Ari. Melody has been very quiet, apart from when she tried to argue with Meadow, but there’s plenty of time for that to change. As for Ari, well she’s been very busy. It took a couple of days for Law to show up in the paper, so I had her working towards getting a few promotions in her first career (intelligence) so they could pay bills, and buy food, and then working on getting skill points and friends for law. By the end of the first week she was only at level 2 of the career, but she had the skills and friends to take her to level 5.
  135. 135. I’ll leave you with this picture of Marielle in hygiene distress. Thank you all for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Big thanks to those of you who are letting me torture your characters. There may be many, many versions of these sims, but it’s your characters that I wanted to torture here, so thank you for letting me. Also Doc, thanks for the perma-loan of Indy. I love having him around, and things certainly aren’t dull with him about. The CC is from various places, and by people far more talented than me, so another thanks goes out to them. Until next time, happy simming.