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West end neighbours town hall meeting
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West end neighbours town hall meeting


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  • Westerbank/Peterson has purchased the property and made a request to rezone the site to a new CD1 zone with an FSR of 7.5 – to allow for 130,000 square feet of space – 7.5 times the lot area. The Planning Department is currently processing the application, and we expect that in the next several weeks it will be presented to Council for consideration.
  • Transcript

    • 1. WEST END NEIGHBOURS "TOWN HALL MEETING" A forum to discuss impending rezoning proposals and how they affect us and our neighbourhood -- an opportunity to shape our future. Town Hall Meeting, Coast Plaza Hotel, Comox Street, April 22, 2010
    • 2. Zoning and Community Planning in the West End
      • General overview about planning, policy, zoning
      • Review the current community plan framework in the West End
      • Review the merit of a consultative planning process
      • Review the purpose of zoning
      • Explore the details of zoning at 1401 Comox Street.
      • Suggest the need to “Refresh the Plan”
    • 3. Land Use Regulation
      • Typical Land Use Regulation includes a community plan and a zoning schedule.
      • Community Plans outline the longer term future of the community
      • Zoning provides the “rules” for the use of a specific property
    • 4.
      • Community Plan:
      • Broader vision
      • Longer Term
    • 5.
      • Last comprehensive planning process in the West End took place between 1985 & 1987
      • Zoning changes followed in 1989
      • Plan allowed the community to determine what is distinctive about the West End
    • 6.
      • “ West End Policy Plan.”
      • Sample Conclusions:
      • Preserve the centre of the West End for lower Densities
      • “ Link” diverse building types by a system of landscaped “yards”
    • 7.
      • Who knew that the middle of the West End is called “Nelson Slopes”?
      • Implementation of this plan is in evidence in the West End of today – it helped preserve the centre of the West End as a lower-density area.
    • 8. Zoning and Community Planning in the West End Old Plan… Throw it out?
    • 9.
      • Our Challenge:
      • There is no current “Framework” to consider zoning changes in the West End
      • Response?
      • The City can “update” or “refresh” the planning policy for the West End to provide an “interim solution”
      • Would need to include consultation with the community to establish what is still valued, and what needs have changed.
    • 10. What is the Purpose of Zoning?
      • Zoning is used by local governments to define permitted uses of land based on the idea of separating different types of land uses from each other
      • Zoning may regulate density, building height, lot coverage, and similar characteristics, or some combination of these
    • 11.
      • What is this strange phrase: “Floor Space Ratio” or FSR?
      • FSR is a measure of density.
      • Generally defined as: “ the ratio of the total floor area of buildings relative to the size of the lot on which these buildings sit”
    • 12. Zoning and Community Planning in the West End
      • A Floor Space Ratio of 1.0
    • 13.
      • The 1987 Plan included the adoption of a new zoning schedule for the West End
    • 14. Zoning in the West End
    • 15. What about Height?
      • Isn’t it really just the height of new buildings that should be of concern?
      • The West End’s RM5 Zones generally set a height limit of 60 feet, or 6 storeys.
      • The zones include an opportunity for a “conditional” increase in height, to 190 feet or 19 storeys, where the relationship to neighbouring buildings might be improved.
    • 16.
      • BUT!
      • Remember the Plasticene?
      • Just because a conditional height increase is granted to 190 feet or 19 storeys, doesn’t mean there is an increase in the total permitted floor area.
      • The total floor area – the FSR – remains the same, and the building get’s taller and skinnier
    • 17.
      • Case Study: STIR Rezoning Proposal at
      • 1401 Comox Street
      Changing this: Existing permitted FSR of 1.5
    • 18. Zoning and Community Planning in the West End To this: Proposed FSR of 7.5
    • 19.
      • The existing development rights are for 1.5 FSR with 26,000 square feet of floor area
    • 20.
      • The rezoning proposal is for a new CD Zone with approximately 130,000 square feet of floor area at an FSR of 7.5
    • 21.
      • Is this the future view from the Broughton Street sidewalk?
      • Or is it something else?
    • 22.
      • Think about your community and what makes it special.
      • Will those unique aspects be damaged by change that is not carefully managed?
      • Is the Broughton Street mini-park a better place in sun, or in shadow…
    • 23. Zoning and Community Planning in the West End
      • “ Slow down" and set some reasonable parameters for new development in the West End
      • Work to find solutions that will address needs in the community while still protecting livability & character.