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Governance in singapore
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Governance in singapore


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Governance in Singapore Key Principles of Governance o Leadership is Key  Honest and capable leaders are needed to maintain stability in the government – make right decision for country Moral courage and integrity o To do what is right and not what is popular o E.g. Ministerial pay  High pay to attract talents from private sector  To prevent corruption o E.g. ERP system  Unpopular with motorists  However, successfully reduced congestion in roads  Increased productivity and reduced air polluton  The law deals with leaders guilty of dishonest behaviour E.g. A senior official at the Singapore Embassy in Beijing accepted bribes and all-expenses paid holidays in return for quick approval of business and tourist visas for several China nationals and was jailed in 2003  Potential leaders are specially selected based in talent, ability and character E.g. SM Lee KY persuaded OngTeng Cheong (1972) to give up his well-paying career to join politics, GohChok Tong (1976) and Tony Tan (1979)  Good leaders needed in every segment of Singapore’s society E.g. Mr Liu Thai Ker, former chairman of the National Arts Council o Local talent had more opportunities to take part in international co-productions and collaborations o SG Art festival for better appreciation of arts o Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant  Government needs to be forward looking in their decisions E.g. NEWater o Implemented due to water trade agreement in SG signed with MY will expire soon61  2011 and 20 o Convinced the public it was safe to drink  Through schools, newspapers and the Internet o Ensured SG’s continued growth and survival E.g. Integrated Resorts (IR) o Tourism always an important component of economy o More countries in Asia are developing major tourist attractions o To maintain competitiveness and capture growing market o Need to improve tourist industry and increase revenue o Marina Bay and Sentosa
  • 2. Taking Risks o SG has to be open to new ideas and willing to take risks o Students can stretch their potential by coming up with creative and innovative ideas o Every Singaporean needs to upgrade their knowledge and skills to stay employable and contribute to the nationo Reward for Work and Work for Reward  Meritocracy plays a key role  A system that rewards hard work and talent Students who perform exceptionally well academically and in CCA are rewarded o E.g. Scholarship and Merit Bursary schemes reward the top 10% and 25% of students in schools and ITEs  Gives everybody in society an equal opportunity to achieve their best and rewarded for their performance  Surplus from SG’s growth has also been shared among all Singaporeans as a form of reward for their hard work, especially for the lower-income group E.g. Progress Package 2006 o Share the earnings of the country with all Singaporeans o Help the elderly meet retirement healthcare needs o Recognise the contributions of NSmen o Invest in the next generation o Help lower income households with living expenses o Reward low-wage workers for work  Encourages people to work harder and be rewarded for their efforts  Build confidence and respect in the people  Gain the support of the peopleo A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All  People having a say in decision-making process Greater sense of belonging to country Opportunities created to involve people on the issue of having a casino o E.g. Government consulted people on the issue of having a casino as part of an IR  During the feedback session, many people voiced their support and concerns about the government’s proposal.  Growth in tourism, job creation and in tax revenues  Social impact of casino, moral values and negative impact on international repuatation