SEO and Social Media


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How SEO works and the impact that social media has on your search engine rankings. This was originally presented at the Remodeling Leadership Conference in May 2013 in Washington DC, a Hanley Wood conference.

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SEO and Social Media

  1. 1. SEO + SOCIAL MEDIADebunking the Lies
  2. 2. What we’re going to talk about• Why SEO is important• How it works (traditional website SEO)• Social Media and SEO#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson2
  3. 3. SEO = Getting LeadsIS NOT ISMore accurately describingyour businessUsing terms that people aresearchingQualified leads Getting more leads intoyour pipelineHow you would talk aboutyour products or services inprintShorter, simpler, lessdescriptive contentThe way humans talk toeach otherBeing a little redundant#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson3
  4. 4. #RMLC2013 @aprilewilson4
  5. 5. Before AfterGoogle Searches 22,000 100,000Land on Website 497 6,719Complete Form 100 672New Customers 50 134#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson5
  6. 6. Organic Search = SEO• Search EngineOptimization(SEO)determineswhere you rankon searchengines “natural”results.• It’s importantbecause youngerconsumers oftenignore paidsearch.6#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson
  7. 7. Strength in organic = attention• In a Q3 study byUser Centric, auser’s attention isbetween 10x to 14xstronger on theorganic searchresults.• Top 2 searchengines only (Googleand Bing)7#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson
  8. 8. What makes you rank well?• How much traffic you get• How many people link to you• What your text actually says• How often you update your websiteAnd then maybe… (?)- Your author rank (if you write / blog)- If you have an active social media presence- How engaged your social media followers are#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson8
  9. 9. I thought I had to know how to code?• There are many meta tags you may see out there, but justremember this:• Meta Description: This tag enjoys much support, and it is well worth using.• Meta Keywords: This tag is only supported by some major crawlers andprobably isnt worth the time to implement.• Meta Everything Else: Any other meta tag you see is ignored by the majorcrawlers, though they may be used by specialized search engines.• Title: Pretty darn important.9#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson
  10. 10. So what’s important?• “Natural” use of keywords and phrases in your text• Hierarchy of information• Some repetition, but don’t go crazyNice to have:• Phrase in your URL#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson10
  11. 11. Never ever…!Pay people to link to youUse keywords that have nothing todo with your business#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson11
  12. 12. #RMLC2013 @aprilewilson12
  13. 13. So how do I know what words to use?• Many free tools available, recommend Google AdwordsKeyword Tool to start• What it tells you:• How Google reads your site• How much traffic there is for those terms• How much competition there is for those terms• Ideas for related terms#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson13
  14. 14. EXAMPLE @aprilewilson14
  15. 15. #RMLC2013 @aprilewilson15
  16. 16. Google AdWords Keyword Tool16#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson
  17. 17. Google Keyword Results (Top 20)Keyword CompetitionGlobal MonthlySearchesLocal Monthly Searches(United States)re-modeling 0.64 1,830,000 1,220,000construction of home 0.72 673,000 368,000construction of a home 0.72 673,000 368,000general contractor 0.6 368,000 301,000home remodeling 0.55 368,000 301,000remodeling a home 0.55 368,000 301,000remodeling home 0.55 368,000 301,000general contractors 0.61 368,000 301,000bathroom remodeling in 0.92 301,000 201,000kitchen and remodeling 0.87 246,000 201,000kitchen remodeling in 0.87 246,000 201,000home remodel 0.68 135,000 110,000house remodeling 0.68 135,000 110,000remodeling a house 0.68 135,000 110,000remodeling house 0.68 135,000 110,000remodeling contractor 0.72 110,000 110,000home renovation 0.6 201,000 110,000renovations home 0.68 165,000 90,500home renovations 0.68 165,000 90,500remodeling ideas 0.84 90,500 74,000#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson17
  18. 18. Pick about 3-4 terms you want to do• Home remodeling / remodeling home (301,000)• General contractor (301,000)• Home renovation (110,000)#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson18
  19. 19. ExampleCurrent TextRHD Construction Inc. is a quality, full-service remodeling and design firmoffering unsurpassed customerservice, integrity, and superiorcraftsmanship since 1982.Having worked extensively withleading Dallas architects anddesigners, our blend of "old school"craftsmanship and the latesttechnology has earned us highacclaim within the industry as well aswith our clients.90% of RHDs business is made up ofpreviously satisfied homeowners andreferrals.SEO-Optimized TextWe are remodeling homeprofessionals and generalcontractors specializing in homerenovation.If you live in Dallas, Mesquite,Garland, Rowlett, or Rockwall and youare looking for a partner in your homeremodeling project, we would love toearn your business.Over 90% of our current clients arerepeat customers, having leftfavorable reviews for our work on theirhome renovation projects.#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson19
  20. 20. Use free tools to measure your rank• Nothing but opportunity here! They aren’t recognized forany of those terms.#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson20Domain KeywordGoogle.compositionYahoo (UnitedStates) home remodeling - - remodeling home - - general contractor - - home renovation - - -
  21. 21. ResultsCase Study#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson21
  22. 22. SOCIAL MEDIAImpact on SEO#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson22
  23. 23. Social isimpactingSEO#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson23
  24. 24. Focus for Remodelers• Must-do:• Google+• Houzz• Pinterest (can be hard but probably worth it)• Maybe:• LinkedIn• Facebook#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson24
  25. 25. Just be yourselfCreateObserveParticipate#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson25
  26. 26. Google+#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson26
  27. 27. Google+ and SEO• COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE• Join communities andparticipate• Use Google Hangouts• Share content in your updates#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson27
  28. 28. Houzz#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson28
  29. 29. SEO and Houzz• COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE• Next:• Having a photo that is placed in otherpeople’s Ideabooks• Reviews- quantity and quality• Having lots of followers (and possiblyalso following others, but not as many asare following you)• Number of project photos• Responding to questions from others(discussion participation)• Having a Houzz link from your website’shomepage to Houzz (can be in the formof their “badge” or not)- homepage only.#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson29
  30. 30. Pinterest#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson30
  31. 31. Pinterest and SEO• Create a Pinterest Pagefor Business• Add the Pinterest buttonsto your website• Make sure to use yourSEO keywords in your pin• Use alt text / image for allyour website images#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson31
  32. 32. SEO is harder with Pinterest• Very visual content likeremodeling before / afterdoes well, but you need tomake sure you leveragethat pin’s description.• I googled “kitchenremodeling ideas” and aPinterest page is ranked #5on the first page.#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson32
  33. 33. About LinkedIn and Facebook• LinkedIn can help get you B2B leads, but won’t do muchfor driving traffic to your website.• It ranks well for SEO, but that traffic will go to LinkedIn• Facebook. Oh, Facebook.• Does it help your brand image to have a very engaging Facebookpresence? Yes.• Will it sell your product? Probably not.• Can it help you reach new audiences? Yes.#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson33
  34. 34. #RMLC2013 @aprilewilson34
  35. 35. QUESTIONS?If we run out of time, you can always email get me on social media)#RMLC2013 @aprilewilson35