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The 10 Commandments of Instagram
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The 10 Commandments of Instagram


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • Tip 11, Print some of your Instagram photos, there's now a UK App on Android and Iphone called Metroprint
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  • nice tips. thanks for sharing
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  • @janeyb7807 I agree Jane! This was written about a week before IG opened to Android and about a month before the billion dollar FB purchase. The content shared on IG has shifted greatly for brands and especially news orgs over the past 5 months. Possibly a Commandments 2.0 is in order ;)
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  • I don't think it's cheating to post DSLR photos. IG has evolved into something new from where it started. People are selling their IG photos and DSLR helps.
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  • 1. The 10 Commandments of @DiannaMcD
  • 2. THOU SHALT NEVER POST DSLR1 PHOTOS TO INSTAGRAM Instagram Etiquette 101: Don’t post DSLR photos. Some see it as cheating, others see it as tacky. This goes against the app’s purpose of encouraging mobile photography and streamlining the process of live-sharing on multiple platforms. Not to mention, everyone can tell that your macro-lens photo of a water droplet wasn’t taken with your iPhone.
  • 3. THOU SHALT KEEP HOLY THY2 NEIGHBOR’S IMAGE Not since the early days of Facebook has it been so tempting to post embarrassing photos of your friends online. If you must share a friend’s embarrassing photo, try not to push it to Twitter or Facebook. Let it live on Instagram until your friend sees it the next day and makes you take it down.
  • 4. 3 THOU SHALT USE HASHTAGS Instagram’s search feature is burrowed deep inside the application, making hashtags the easiest way to get a photo seen outside of your network. They’re also useful for engaging with brands and finding new people to follow. Keep in mind, not all hashtags are created equal! Try to search #sexy in Instagram and see what happens...
  • 5. THOU SHALT ONLY POST ONE4 #CATSTAGRAM PER DAY Sub-Commandment A: Any pet photo must be adorable or hilarious. There is no room for anything in between. Sub-Commandment B: Photos of your pet must differ from each other. No one wants to see all the different ways your dog can sleep. Don’t let Fluffy take over your Instagram feed.
  • 6. THOU SHALT STOP POSTING5 PICTURES OF FOOD Food generally looks less appetizing on- screen than it does IRL. Unless you are a food critic or run a cooking blog, put those images of your feast back on the shelf.
  • 7. THINE INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER6 NAMES MUST MATCH In order to be tagged in both Instagram and Twitter, your usernames must match. It goes without saying, but it should be as easy as possible for your followers to mention you. I’m looking at you @KelseyLK (Twitter) / @kelseysaurus (Instagram).
  • 8. THOU SHALT KEEP EFFECTS7 DOWN TO A MILD ROAR Over-doing effects can turn a normal image into a high contrast, grainy mess (see left). If a scene looks like it could never happen in the real world, the effect has gone too far. Don’t rely on HDR or extreme filters to make a photo interesting.
  • 9. THOU SHALT REMEMBER8 THINE STATISTICS For the data obsessed, provides detailed Instagram account statistics in a well designed interface. Data reveals average likes per photo, percentage of photo filters applied and activity over time. also gives custom optimization feedback such as the best time to post and which filters yield the most activity.
  • 10. THOU SHALT INTRODUCE9 THYSELF When you follow someone new on Instagram, like or comment on one of their photos. This is common courtesy. It shows a level of respect, and will encourage that person to follow you back!
  • 11. THOU SHALT HONOR THY10 COMMUNITY Give back! Instagram is a two-way street - don’t just sit back and let the likes flow in. Engage with followers by liking and commenting on their photos. Use your extended network to discover new people to follow. Respond to commenters using their @ username.