Stress management 3


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  • The more changes you have, the more likely you are to get sick. Of those people with over 300 Life Change Units, almost 90% get sick in the near future; with 150 to 299 Life Change Units, about 50% get sick in the near future; and with less than 150 Life Change Units, only about 30% get sick in the near future.
  • There are many different ways to manage stress. Basically, it's best to eliminate as many stressors as you can, and find practical and emotional ways to better handle the stressors that are left
  • When we're stressed, we don't always take care of our bodies, which can lead to even more stress
  • Your physical and emotional surroundings can impact your stress levels in subtle but significant ways
  • Stress management 3

    1. 1. STRESS MANAGEMENTFor the WOMAN on the GO
    2. 2. Overview"stress is not necessarily something bad –it all depends on how you take it. Thestress of exhilarating, creative successfulwork is beneficial, while that of failure,humiliation or infection is detrimental."
    3. 3. Objective Understand that stress is a positive,unavoidable part of everybody’s life Recognize the symptoms that tell youwhen you have chronic stress overload Identify those situations in your life thatcause you the greatest stress Identify those actions which add to yourstress
    4. 4. Objective Change the situations and actions thatcan be changed Deal better with situations and actions thatcan’t be changed Create an action plan for work, home, andplay to help reduce and manage stress
    5. 5. What is STRESSA host of related experiences, pathways,responses and outcomes caused by arange of different events or circumstancesproducing anxiety causing moments.
    6. 6. What is STRESSstress is a condition or feeling experiencedwhen a person perceives that demandsexceed the personal and social resourcesthe individual is able to mobilize.(Richard SLazarus)
    7. 7. STRESS IdentifiersThe amount of stressthat we experiencedepends on how muchstress we have, howlong we have it, andhow we are able tomanage it.
    8. 8. STRESS Identifiers300 and Above – 90% get sick150 -299 – 50% get sick<150 – 30% get sick
    9. 9. Short Term Symptoms of Stress Increased breathing Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Decreased digestion Irritability
    10. 10. Short Term Symptoms of Stress Fuzzy thinking Decreased memory Sleep disturbances Muscle tension/ soreness/ headache Poor eating habits
    11. 11. Women/Relationship/StressRelationshipStressYOU
    12. 12. Relationship KILLERS Criticism Undefined boundaries. Being unappreciative. Challenging Controlling. Manipulating
    13. 13. What DO you SEE Do you see with your eyes OR with your mind? Remember the extent of your vision is theboundary to what you can get. Until you change your “state” you cannotchange your estate. If you change the way you see, you changeyour state and invariable change your estate
    14. 14. What DO you KNOW Knowing your worth is determine by the value youplace on yourself Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as a nobodyis not humility but Stupidity Nobody is going to ever value you more than youvalue yourself. Put a “price tag” on you and KNOW the price. Make a quality decision to never negotiate lower foryou than what you are priced.
    15. 15. Stress Management Techniques-Feel Better NowMusicGuided ImageryExerciseMeditationLaughListen to the inspirational word
    16. 16. Stress Management Techniques-Take Care of You Healthy Eating Healthy Relationships Better Sleep Exercise Hobbies Good Nutrition Healthy Sex Life Choose the thoughts to allow
    17. 17. Stress Management Techniques-Maintaining The Right AttitudeOptimismBe in ControlOvercome perfectionismLet GO of AngerHave FunDon’t complain about what you allowDetermine the thoughts to allow
    18. 18. Stress Management Techniques-Creating The Right AtmosphereLive from the inside outDe-clutterTime ManagementTake time to “Design” your lifeTake charge and take controlLive your life and not someone else’s
    19. 19. QUESTIONSDrop your questions andcomments below and I willdefinitely respond to your queriesand concerns.