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Viti 4th Dimension cinema tickets
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Viti 4th Dimension cinema tickets


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Booking Virtual Tickets: ViTi Cinema Tickets
  • 2.  ViTi is a Web application that offers registered users (via Facebook) the possibility to book tickets for the theater/cinema, selecting the desired seats. Also, the application sends e-mail confirmation invoice in HTML and PDF formats for reserved seats.
  • 3.  What does this application use?  HTML  PHP  JavaScript  XML to store information  CSS  Facebook API 2 PHP libraries:  FPDF, to create a ticket in PDF format in a simple way  PHPmailer Lite, to attach the ticket to an email and add HTML formatting
  • 4.  The user is authenticated by signing in with his Facebook account.  The Facebook user’s e-mail address is easy to obtain via Facebook’s API once the connection is established.  The obtained address is used to automatically fill in an e-mail verification form before sending.  The purchasing of tickets is done by selecting the desired cinema, movie, seat location and date from a form.
  • 5.  Facebook authentication is done via e-mail and name.  The e-mail is taken on as a variables in JavaScript. Logging in and e-mail confirmation are written in JavaScript and are done client-side.  The server also retains the e-mail of the user and puts it to use into its PHP code. The client and server have to communicate to get these variables.
  • 6.  After submitting, the application checks to see if the information is valid. For instance, it will not create a ticket without the ID of its owner.  Afterwards, the user is asked to specify an e-mail address to which the ticket will be sent. This is, by default, the address used in the Facebook account, but it can be edited so as to send a ticket to someone else.  The sent e-mail is in simple HTML format and contains an attached PDF file with information on the person attending the show, the name of the cinema, date and movie.
  • 7.  The application executes another part of PHP code to write down the information inside an XML file.  This is done simply by recognizing the names of the fields, drop-down menus or radio buttons and writing down the information in the fields.
  • 8.  The PDF file is created just before the message is sent, using FPDF to extract information from the XML file.  It is attached to the message using PHPmailer Lite.  Out PDF file will contain a logo, the specification that this ticket was bought using ViTi and the following data: o the owner's name, o the cinema, o the movie, o the date, o seat, o and seat number.
  • 9.  The PDF ticket is created using FPDF, a library which can create PDF files from various sources. Here, we used the information from our XML file.  The web application then shows a confirmation message before returning to the virtual ticket booking page.
  • 10.  Thank you for your time, and for using ViTi 4th Dimension Cinema Tickets! Authors:  Cotofrei Iuliana, 3rd year class 3B  Serban Diana, 3rd year class 2B