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Diana Garber Awards & Credentials Portfolio
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Diana Garber Awards & Credentials Portfolio


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Diana Garber's awards & credentials

Diana Garber's awards & credentials

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Awards & Credentials Diana Garber
  • 2. Intuitive Concepts is a highly-respected, internationalconsulting firm founded in 1998 by Feng Shui Master, DianaGarber. As a globally renowned practitioner specializing incommercial and residential consults, her quantifiable resultsare why people contact and refer their friends andassociates to Master Garber.
  • 3. Diana Garber Feng Shui Master, CEO, President •Global practitioner specializing in commercial, residential, and new-build properties •Professional speaker and trainer requested by the public and private sector •Feng Shui expert interviewed by national TV and radio broadcast stations, newspapers, and magazines 2012 Highlights•1st U.S. Feng Shui-designed office building•1st U.S. Feng Shui-designed auto dealership•1st Feng Shui speaker at a U.S. Medical Convention•1st Feng Shui speaker for the Global Women’s Summit•Chosen as the Best of Columbus for Feng Shui Services•Featured guest on the Shawn Ireland WTVN Radio Show•Founder of ‘The Time for Women is Now’ Group•Nominated for an IPPY Award (Independent Publishers Award)
  • 4. Credentials, Awards & Memberships
  • 5. • Formerly a Vice President with a Fortune 100 company • Designation as a CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional), equivalent to a 4-year degree in disaster recovery & business continuity • Worked a command center for 2001 NY terrorist attack• 1st Director of Education for the International Feng Shui Guild• Credentialed by a major university (OSU) as a clinical instructor and Feng Shui practitioner• 1st US center for integrative medicine• 1st Feng Shui practitioner to receive physician referrals via prescription• Nominated for the International Peace Prize
  • 6. Credentialed by OSU
  • 7. Instructor Level
  • 8. Former Board Member
  • 9. Energy Management
  • 10. 2012 Best of Columbus Award2012 Best of Columbus Award 2012
  • 11. 1st Feng Shui Guest Speaker at a US Medical Convention2012
  • 12. Long Beach, CA Diana Garber Speaks at the AAPI Medical Convention
  • 13. Accolade
  • 14. 2010 Awards
  • 15. 2010 Award5 Consecutive Years
  • 16. 2009 Award Winner
  • 17. 2009 Award
  • 18. 2003 Award
  • 19. Wellness Affiliations & Awards
  • 20. Intuitive Concepts is a Green Company!
  • 21. Former Internationally Certified BusinessEnergy Management Continuity Professional
  • 22. Better Business Bureau Accredited Business 14 years in Central Ohio Intuitive Concepts A+ Rating
  • 23. Diana GarberFounder of “The Time for Women is Now”, a group of women business owners.
  • 24. Speaking Engagements and Published Books / Articles
  • 25. Speaking Engagements 2012: Feng Shui at the Shawn Ireland Slumber Party 2012: Featured on the Shawn Ireland’s Radio Show
  • 26. Speaking Engagements
  • 27. The 2012 Universal Light ExpoSpeaking Engagements
  • 28. Speaking Events
  • 29. Speaking Events
  • 30. Speaking Events
  • 31. Speaking Engagements
  • 32. Speaking Engagements
  • 33. Speaking Engagements
  • 34. Speaking Engagements
  • 35. Speaking Events
  • 36. Featured In …
  • 37. Featured In … National Geographic’s Green Guide
  • 38. Published Articles
  • 39. Published Articles
  • 40. Published Articles
  • 41. Published…New Build
  • 42. Published
  • 43. Published
  • 44. Published
  • 45. 2012 Independent Publishers Nominee
  • 46. Published - Christmas Message
  • 47. Published
  • 48. Residential & Commercial Projects New Builds © 1998-2012 Intuitive Concepts. All rights reserved. Property Assessments
  • 49. Master Planning: Cleveland, OH Diana Garber
  • 50. Master Planning
  • 51. Site EvaluationsImportant Facts to Know Before You Commit
  • 52. Best of Home Show
  • 53. for Design Bronze Award
  • 54. for Design Bronze Award
  • 55. for Design Bronze Award
  • 56. for Design Bronze Award
  • 57. for Design Bronze Award
  • 58. for Design Bronze Award
  • 59. for Design Bronze Award
  • 60. for Design Bronze Award
  • 61. 24 Mountains ~ My Dream HomeWe worked on my condo, and the risks you identified arerearing their heads. Thank you for helping me keep them atbay, and that they are manageable. However, I want to buildmy dream home and asked you what I should look for. You didan analysis for me called 24 mountains based on mypreferences and my circumstances. It was quite complicatedbut I like how you narrowed it down to an understandableformat. Now I feel confident in looking for property so thatwhen I make my selection, you’ll help me build the best housefor me that I’ll spend the rest of my life in…Shirley
  • 62. South America
  • 63. Astrocartology Report Found the city that makes them happyJust thought Id send you a note to let you know we moved tothe foothills north of Boise, Idaho (from central Ohio) afterresearching the cities you suggested — and we love it! Ourfamilies thought we were crazy, and the newly constructedhome and area have far exceeded our expectations.I encourage others to seek your help to determinelocations in which to maximize their potential as eternalspiritual beings. -Dave T. & Jane A.
  • 64. OSU Wellness Center
  • 65. Testimony of a Health Proffesional“Diana and I were part of a small group of professionals hand picked. The ‘best ofthe best in their field.’ Diana was asked to help with the remodeling of the building.The former business had a falling out, so it was believed that Feng Shui would helpthis new initiative have a fresh start and a better outcome.I met Diana after she transitioned from contractor to faculty. She asked to interviewall faculty and staff housed in this building. Her goal was to place each of us in thebest on-site area for our success and well being.I’ve worked in my field for 16 years, and working with Diana was the first and onlytime I had been cared for in such a way. She worked tirelessly with each of uslistening to our questions and concerns, and to help us and the center become asuccess in the most happy and healthy environment this location could offer.”What does your office or home have in store for you? Manage your environmentconsciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 66. My husband and I have both seen tremendous results in our health since DianaGarber did a Feng Shui analysis in our homes in Ohio and Arizona. Its important tosay we initially focused on my husbands seizure disorder.After research, we decided to call Intuitive Concepts. Diana Garber visited ourhome. We took her advice very seriously and it was my husband who became intenton following her guidance (to my surprise).My husband has not had a Grand Mal seizure since 2001. There have been veryminor ones, but they arent as serious or frequent. At this time, we believesurgery is no longer necessary. My husbands seizure disorder only improvedafter making changes in our home based on Feng Shui. He had not done anythingmedically different.Weve since had Diana evaluate our ranch in Scottsdale, and make suggestions formy breast cancer and liver problems. -CEOs Family
  • 67. We moved into our house in July of last year. You came to Arizonaearly this year to do an assessment for us. Your analysis identifiedseveral themes, some of which were auto accidents, dental andeye problems, arthritis, and the potential for tumors. Wouldnt youknow we had an automobile accident after moving in. Ive never haddental problems and now have a cavity. My fiancée and son alsonow have dental issues. Three of our dogs developed cysts, andone was just diagnosed with arthritis.Its amazing how our environment can give us strength or takeit away. Its such a relief to know theres something we can doabout it, its a holistic approach (which I love as a wellnessconsultant and Arbonne dealer), and more importantly to have aspecific action plan. Now changes we make have purpose, andwere doing it right the first time… which saves money and effort.Thanks, Diana! -Erica
  • 68. Testimonial
  • 69. Diana Makes Me Feel Special, Very Personalized Service --Diana Garber came to my home for a residential consult. I wasthoroughly impressed with her total involvement in making theexperience exceptional for me. Her professionalism andintegrity go beyond expectation, and I am so grateful that Ichose her to Feng Shui my home. I’ve already experiencedshifts of energy and look forward to progress on my goals.My sights are now on my work location at the BreathingAssociation. We are engaging Diana there as well.-Dr. Marie E. Collart
  • 70. Improve Relationships Client Marriage Proposal!
  • 71. Commercial Projects
  • 72. Testimony of a CEO"I’m a facts-and- figures businessman, and possess astrong Christian faith; therefore, I was a bit apprehensive inthe beginning about Feng Shui. Fortunately, my experiencehas proven that it is practical, factual, and quantifiable. Iconsider Diana to be a valuable strategic partner so she’snow helping me with other projects. I highly recommendthat you consider improving your life, and suggest that youdon’t hesitate hiring Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts ifyou want to enhance your living and workingenvironments." ~Steve
  • 73. Commercial Projects
  • 74. 20121st International Auto Dealership in US to Use Feng Shui
  • 75. Commercial Projects Also the Pre-Owned Auto Building
  • 76. TANSKY SAWMILL TOYOTA Tansky expansion goes green — and serene (Sunday May 6, 2012) Excerpts from article by business journalist: Steve WartenbergColumbus Dispatch When Diana Garber crunched the feng-shui numbers, it was clear to her that the energy   flow was off with the Rt.161 entrance to Tansky Sawmill Toyota in Dublin. The solution, she said, was to move the entrance several feet to the east. The new entrance is one of the many feng-shui and “green” design initiatives in Tansky’s   $10million construction project to build a showroom and expand its service department. Garber said she thinks Tansky will be the first auto dealership in the country to achieve LEED status and be designed applying the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese method of maximizing positive energy. Feng shui experts use compasses, diagrams and mathematical formulas and a recognition of five elements — water, fire, earth, wood and metal — to achieve harmony in homes, offices and buildings. “People should feel comfortable and have a sense of safety, security and relaxation, but not know why,” Gar(b)er said. “If someone walks in and says ‘You’ve done feng shui,’ we haven’t done our job.” The idea to combine feng shui and environmental sensitivity comes from dealership owner Judy Tansky. A few years ago, she hired Gar(b)er to redesign her home — and liked the results. In the end, Tansky is a business — and the goal is to sell more vehicles. Will all the feng shui help? “I don’t know why it wouldn’t,” Gar(b)er said. “When you feel safe and secure and that the people here care about you, customers will be more inclined to make that commitment.”
  • 77. Healthcare Association
  • 78. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Diana Garber for theEarth Acupuncture that was performed around my home in September 2006.Although my husband was skeptical at first, given the cost of the procedure and thefact that he is a Neurosurgeon. All skepticism soon faded after several events.Before the Acupuncture was done, my husband had come down with a terrible caseof the shingles, my son had a rash that would not go away for several months, and Ihad developed bronchitis. All these illnesses popped up around the same time due tosome things that had come up regarding the energy of our home we had just movedinto. Within just a week after the Acupuncture was done our symptoms beganto subside, and within 2 weeks they disappeared.About 1 month following the procedure something else happened. I was sitting in myliving room (which has quite a number of windows facing an open field) when all of asudden the sky turned green and the wind picked up. I spotted a tornado headedstraight toward me! I ran into the bathroom for safety and when I came out I wasastonished! The tornado skipped around my house and followed down the side ofmy yard leveling one of my trees and taking out my mail box. It did not touch myhouse! Furthermore, the tree it took out was outside the line of Acupuncture. Myhusband believes that some sort of magnetic interference from the steel rods usedfor the earth acupuncture embedded in the ground caused the tornado to change itscourse. Coincidence? I think not.Thank you again, Diana, for your expertise! …Dr. Dennis & Anna
  • 79. EMT Amazed by Diana Garber’s ObservationsDiana…You asked me to observe 2010 to see if there was anincrease in broken bones from people hurting themselves(since I work as a paramedic).We saw a high volume of people with broken or dislocatedbones in 2010 - not just the station where I work at, it was allover. You asked me to pay attention to that to see if whatyou thought for the year would be correct. It was -Deborah,EMT
  • 80. Health: Energy and HarmonyDiana performed a classic Feng Shui analysis on our newhouse. This was a fascinating experience. Dianas work hashelped us make decisions on the arrangement of our newhouse. She is highly insightful and terrific to work with onthis type of project - Jeff & Robin
  • 81. Yoga Studio
  • 82. Testimonial
  • 83. Kentucky’s Largest Library
  • 84. Tenant Offices
  • 85. Testimony of an Executive“After only three months of working with Intuitive Concepts,our sales increased 100% from the previous year’s quarterand our return clients grew 64%.I was astonished when results continued. Our sales are up109% from this time last year and the average ticket sale isnow 119%. I continue to hire Intuitive Concepts for yearlyupdates and insights to ensure our progress continues.If you’re a business owner who wants to lead yourcompetition, make Intuitive Concepts a part of your team.”What does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 86. Tenant Offices
  • 87. Tenant Offices
  • 88. Testimonial of a Corporate Executive“I am amazed with Diana’s compassion, level of knowledge,and enthusiasm. She demonstrates that change affects allareas of one’s life: wellness, relationships, business success,overall satisfaction, and abundance. We (my family andbusiness partners) followed her advice, and haveexperienced improvements in all those areas. Diana ismethodical, committed to client education, and loyallydevoted to each person she works with. She takes theirprogress, and more importantly – their results, seriously andis steadfast regarding them reaching their goals.”What does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 89. Commercial clients have reported up to a 500% improvement!One client realized a $250 million increase in six months.
  • 90. The earth acupuncture you did worked wonders. Weall feel much better; have more energy, and the housefeels more stable. This definitely, definitely improved theenergy. Even the cancer energy is gone. Now its arebuilding process. Thank you so much, Diana…Anna,Psychologist
  • 91. Testimony of a Physician“We hired you because our daughter was going to havemajor surgery. You did our home, provided good energydates for her surgery, and prepared a room for her recovery.The surgery went very well. She only took one pain pillduring the healing process, and was up and about in notime. Thank you!” Dr. PeterWhat does your home or office have in store for you?Manage your environment consciously or it unconsciouslymanages you.©
  • 92. Health: Energy DaysI have been intrigued by your articles in this series of newsletters,especially regarding the moons, eclipses, and retrogrades, So muchso, in fact, that I went to your archived newsletter on your website.My curiosity stemmed from problems we had with a sprinkler systemwe installed this past year. Being a water year, you mentionedproblems will exist with anything that has to do with water. Afterreading your retrograde article, I looked back at the calendar to learnwe installed the sprinkler system during mercury retrograde. We paidtoo much money, had too many problems, and we are still (nearly ayear later) dealing with a faulty system. Just as you had written, theproject attracted problems from Day One!We will be sure to note the energy days you provide and certainly notbegin any projects during mercury retrograde. EMW
  • 93. Testimonial of a Cancer Survivor“When we started working together, I had 20 inflamed lymphnodes in my abdomen and was told I had a little more than ayear to live. We followed your recommendations whichultimately included moving because the house and geopathicstress was contributing to my illness. The nodes shrunk, somereturned to normal, and there isn’t any new growth. It’s beenthree years. I am pain free and loving life.” JeffWhat does your home or office have in store for you? Manageyour environment consciously or it unconsciously managesyou.©
  • 94. Retail Stores
  • 95. Retail Stores
  • 96. TestimonialsDiana already worked on our business and is now working onour home, and its amazing how on target the analysis is theretoo. Family health issues, relationship dynamics, drains onmotivation – its all there. Things we were putting off or didntget finished, were now enthused about -- and knowing ourFeng Shui action plan gives us confidence in our choices. PhilIm not experiencing the constant pain that I previouslyhad and Im really sleeping at least 6 hours each night! I canhonestly say that at this time in my life I really feel great aboutmyself and my health is improving! I really feel Feng Shui is analternative that is working for me, just when I thought we wereout of traditional options!! Thank you so very much for enteringour lives!!! WK
  • 97. Testimonial of a Corporate Executive .“As part of our yearly update, you advised us to pay attention topotential symptoms during a specific time. Normally, I would haveignored it, but it was as though you whispered the reminder in myear. I went to the emergency room and it turned out to be a bloodclot in my lung which can be fatal.Thank you for your on-going commitment, and watching over us!I don’t know how people can afford NOT to do this.”What does your home or office have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 98. Testimony of a ArtistDiana Feng Shui’d my home. I had others practitioners attempt todo this, none of which did so with such accurate precision as Diana.She holds her profession with great aptitude in paying attention toevery detail.Diana is a first-rate professional who is able to communicate herknowledge of Feng Shui with ease and resourcefulness. Shedemonstrates commendable integrity. She has always been self-motivated, conscientious, considerate and dependable.”What does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 99. Client Testimonies“My Grand Mal seizures went away.”“We get along much better, and do more together.”“My depression and digestive issues are gone!”“My blood pressure returned to normal.”“I contacted you for a good surgery date. I needed the odds inmy favor since age, health concerns, and weight are issues.Even the doctors were amazed at how well it went, and howwell I’m doing. You made a believer of me!” MarthaWhat does your home or office have in store for you? Energy fields wherewe live and work affect us. Manage your environment consciously or itunconsciously manages you.©
  • 100. Testimony of an Executive“Your advise has been priceless. Just thinking of where wewould be today had we not listened to you. Just weeks agothe building was torn down for further growth and parkinglot space. This would have meant we would have beenforced to move twice in two years. Nothing is worse for acompany than to be uprooted and preoccupied in moving,changes in address, and our customers not knowing whereto find us. We had our lease in hand ready to sign and youhelped us make the right decision to avoid this mistake.”DarlaWhat does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 101. Testimony of a Developer“Her risk-management approach easily translated intotasteful and easy-to-implement remedies. As a formercorporate manager she is professional, a team player, andbrought structure to the event. The public and press alsorelated to her. She’s one of the premier consultants in herfield, and I can see why. I highly recommend her for anyconstruction, renovation, or design project.”What does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 102. Testimony of a Fitness Instructor“I proudly and humbly send my love and appreciation to youand Intuitive Concepts. Youve guided me into an even moreabundant and fulfilling life, career, and future as I make use ofthe powerful tools you (and Intuitive Concepts) have taughtme to carry with me. I will live in balance and I will win everyday and achieve the best of my utmost being, as I live in loveand in service to myself and others.” CharisWhat does your office or home have in store for you? Manage yourenvironment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.©
  • 103. Testimony of a Artist“I have known Diana for several years, and have found her to alwaysbe fair and willing to both listen intently and to speak openly herthoughts. She maintains an extraordinary belief that good can becaused in the world, and has made it her mission to forward thatmomentum in the world wherever and whenever she has anopportunity.When she speaks of her clients, it is always positive and with respectfor their privacy. It seems as though she genuinely cares that eachcustomer be served to the best of her ability.In short, I would recommend not only her obvious and acclaimedtalents, but also her person, for anyone looking for advice that stemsfrom her years of experience as a Feng Shui consultant anddedicated servant.”
  • 104. • “My sleep apnea disappeared!”Client Testimonials • “My son is sleeping through the night and no longer wetting the bed.” • “My doctors said I couldn’t get pregnant. After you Feng Shui’d the house, I did just that.”
  • 105. What does your home or office have in store for you?Energy fields where we live and work affect us.Manage your environment consciously or itunconsciously manages you.© How May We HelpYou? Call us today to minimize your effort and maximize your results! 866-689-6891
  • 106. We offer the following services• Residential Analysis• Commercial Analysis• Property Assessments• New