Green Meeting At Grand Hyatt New York


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Green Meeting At Grand Hyatt New York

  1. 1. Host a Green Meeting at Grand Hyatt New York What Is a Green Meeting? A Green Meeting incorporates environmental considerations throughout all of the stages of the meeting process in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. What are the benefits? - Reducing environmental impact - Case studies show cost savings - Competitive advantage as “green is the new black” - Satisfaction of delegates and employees who are environmentally conscious A 3-Day Conference Metric The average conference delegate: - Produces 61 lbs of solid waste - Uses 846 gallons of water - Produces 1419 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions When doing a Green Meeting Consider the following: Food and Beverage - Use reusable cutlery, dishware, linens and decorations. - Have condiments, beverages, and other food items provided in bulk. - Use locally produced seasonal and/or organic food and beverages. - Serve only environmentally friendly seafood and offer vegetarian meal selections. - Donate left-over food. Exhibition Production - Minimizing the use of collateral materials. - Minimizing packaging and participating in recycling packaging. - Using recycled or consumable products as giveaways. - Attempting to use locally grown/made products. - Providing materials via PDA downloads. - Bringing only what is needed for the event and taking it away. - Provide area for recycling. - Choosing environmental friendly decorations and display materials. 12/2/2008 Grand Hyatt New York Green Meeting 1
  2. 2. Communications and Marketing - Communicate the event’s “green” initiatives to attendees, stakeholders and the media. - Reduce paper usage as much as possible. - Use environmentally friendly printing. - Reuse nametags and provide ‘reuse’ collection bins. General Office Procedures - Encourage the use of low-impact transportation. - Focus on cost-saving, energy-efficient efforts. - Shift written communications to e-mail whenever possible. - Use environmentally friendly printing. Neutralize your carbon footprint -Purchase Voluntary Carbon Offset credits to help reduce future greenhouse gasses. - Purchase renewable energy certifications. Here at Grand Hyatt New York, we can help you plan and meet the Green Meeting standards. Our property can provide the following: - Paper and cardboard recycling. - Donation to City Harvest of leftover / un-served food. - Will provide your attendees information of local, public transit or arrange for shuttles if necessary (at an additional cost). - Provide condiments, beverages and other food items in bulk. - Upon request, will provide names of venues and suppliers that have environmental practices in place. - Personal event consultation service during your Green Meeting by the property’s Environmental Manager. We look forward in hosting your green event. For more information about Green Meetings, please contact your Sales or Catering Manager, or you may contact the Environmental Manager at Helpful Green Meeting Internet Resources Blue Green Meetings by Ocean’s Blue Foundation: EPA Green Meetings: Green Meeting Industry Council: 12/2/2008 Grand Hyatt New York Green Meeting 2