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Earthtime Ghny2011

  1. 1. EARTH TIME 2011
  2. 2. EARTH DAY HYATT VOLUNTEER TEAM 2011Edgecomb Park- Uptown 149th StreetSaturday April 16th –Uptown THE PLAN- Clean backyard of rocks and unwanted objects.- Clear unwanted plants and shrubs around the area.- Place fertilizer over area to plant.- Replant tulip bulbs
  3. 3. Sheila Geary, HR (Left to Right) Lauren Hartman and Emmy Charles, Front OfficeMarisa Galdi, HR r & EVENT TEAM LEADER! Anthony Arbeeny, Director of F&B
  4. 4. Eileen Smrtka, Sales Maria, NY Central Emmy, Front Desk ENTIRE TEAM with local volunteers! Departments; HR, Rooms, F&B, Sales
  5. 5. (left to right) Henning Nopper Senior Director of Rooms, Terry Holden HR Director, Tommasi Moccia Housekeeping ManagerEmmy Charles, Front Office Maria & Katie, NY Central Lauren Hartman, Rooms
  6. 6. Katie, NY Central Diana , HR Joe Hayes, Front Office
  7. 7. Thanks Anthony and F&B teamfor the sponsored lunch
  8. 8. In Picture: Diana Beltra, Marisa Galdo, Eileen Smrtka and husband ,Maria Chelko. Karie Sereika, Emmy Charles, Sheila Geary, Joe Hayes,Lauren Hartman, Tommasi Moccia, Anthony Arbeeny, Henning Nopper,Terry Holden
  9. 9. Taste the Earth withChef Ragano at NYCentral Restaurant
  10. 10. Taste NY local apples at the front desk. Pictureframes showed slides of all our sustainable initiatives
  11. 11. In our back of house we communicated our initiatives, had a special menu with cake and made ita movie day as we played ‘Planet Earth’ . We also had ‘I PROMISE’ and distributed bottles.
  12. 12. I PROMISEThe following are promises made by our own Grand Hyatt NY family to the Earth.Each associate received a reusable stainless steal bottle to remind them of their promise.
  13. 13. Everyone was proud toalso wear the Hyatt EarthApple pin.See how they are makingthis word a better place!
  14. 14. “I promise to continue to bring the reusable bag when I go shopping”.Connie, Wardrobe
  15. 15. “I promise to serve small portions when I am eating not to discard food “.Stephan, Security
  16. 16. I promise not to drive to minimize my emissionsTony, Finance
  17. 17. I promise to continue to communicate to people to turn off the lightsJuan, Engineering
  18. 18. I promise to turn the water off when I am washing the dishes, soap then rinseLiz, Housekeeping
  19. 19. I promise to continue recycling my batteries and properly discarding themIzzy, Front Office
  20. 20. I promise to recycle real bags for shopping and not take plastic bagsJigme, Housekeeping
  21. 21. I promise to continue recycling and composting at homeSheryll, Culinary
  22. 22. I promise to do banking online and everything paperlessAraj, Housekeeping
  23. 23. I promise to take shorter showers and soap then rinse when washing dishesCatherine, Housekeeping
  24. 24. I promise to continue communicating how and where to recycle batteries and fluorescent light bulbs.Dr. Jay, Engineering
  25. 25. I promise to unplug the applianceswhen I leave my homeOscar,Valet
  26. 26. I promise to tell at least 7 people to turn off the faucet when you brush your teethMarie, Wardrobe
  27. 27. I promise to continue conserving my energy at home by turning off the lights, water conservation by taking short showers and turning off water when I brush my teeth. I also place my used cooking oil in the garbage instead of placing it down in the sinkAlejandro, Engineering
  28. 28. I promiseto communicate with 5 different individuals on how to live a green sustainable life at home as I doJose, Beverage
  29. 29. I promise to reduce water by taking a shorter showerMarcaisee, Culinary
  30. 30. I promise to buy a hybrid car when I am ready to purchase oneMichael, Business Center
  31. 31. I promise to recycle my plastic bottles at home from now onNatalie, Catering
  32. 32. I promise not to drive my car for a whole week to reduce emissionsCourtney, Housekeeping
  33. 33. I promise to shut off the faucet while brushing my teethJohn, Engineering
  34. 34. I promise to turn the faucet off and use only when needed for washing my face, shaving and brushing my teethRafael, Housekeeping
  35. 35. I promise to volunteer my time more in events to help the environmentEmmy, Front Office
  36. 36. I promise to use less paper towels and napkins to reduce wasteAndrea, Engineering
  37. 37. I promise to stop running when I brush my teeth- Because I do it all the time!Ivica, Housekeeping
  38. 38. I promise to take shorter showersMichael, F&B
  39. 39. I promise to use my water gallon to reduce the amount of water bottles we useAda, Finance
  40. 40. Our CSR efforts arent just on Earth Day …Groundhog Day, February 2011Half Marathon Volunteer, March 2011 OUR PEOPLE THRIVE IN NYC through F.R.E.S.H events Fun through Volunteering Roots of DiversityBike Commuter 101 education, April 2011 Energy and Fitness Sustainability Health and WellnessHands on New York Clean the park volunteers. April 2011