The belo...
23d Congress                 [Doc. Vol. 487]             Ho. of Reps.
1st Session

               MEMORIAL O...
restrictions as Congress in its wisdom shall deem necessary and
     RESOLVED, That in the opinion of this meet...
United States, and the hostile attitude assumed and maintained by the
Executive to that institution, have reached them, in...
of the Executive, of removing the public deposites from the Bank of the
United States; and we would commend to all public ...
Manson Wolcott          Joel Stacy             Absalom Misner
Judah Ford              Samuel Stacy           John Stone
Wm. Bellows                Francis Devol             John H. Twombley
Isaac Q. Barstow           John W. Durfee           ...
Thomas Scott            Dennis McKinley         Asahel Stanton
E. S. McIntosh          Presbery Devol          Philip Bidd...
Wm. Kidwell         D. C. Cutler          Gideon Kidder
Burres Crensen      Jacob Tibbler         John R. Tucker
John Krem...
Page 9 [Doc. No. 487]

John McMullen           Job S. Cooke            Philip Noland
Francis Palmer          Samuel Prenti...
Page 10 [Doc. No. 487]

William Chambers         John Thorniley         Samuel P. Durham
Hamilton Chambers        D. Woodb...
Page 11 [Doc. No. 487]

Benjamin C. Beach         Gordon Swift            B. F. Guthrie
Samuel Griggs             John Cla...
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  Debbie Noland Nitsche Diamonddeb@comcast.net
March 2007

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1834 Inhabitants of Wash. Co., Ohio


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1834 Inhabitants of Wash. Co., Ohio

  1. 1. 1834 INHABITANTS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO IN REFERENCE TO THE RECHARTERING OF THE BANK OF THE UNITED STATES. The below document contains 861 signatures of Washington County, Ohio citizens. NAMES ARE TRANSCRIBED AS THEY APPEAR ON THE DOCUMENT In order to understand the document below, read what I was able to find about the history of the BANK OF THE UNITED STATES during the years, Andrew Jackson was president: ....Although President Andrew Jackson did not make the Second BANK OF THE UNITED STATES an issue in the 1828 election, not too long after, he announced that he believed the bank, a private corporation established in 1816 and was operating under a federal bank, and had failed to provide a stable currency. He believed that it had favored the privileged few at the expense of the common person in it's operations, and was in violation of the United States Constitution. The charter was not due to expire until 1836 but in July of 1832, the president of the bank, Nicholas BIDDLE was persuaded by some of Andrew Jackson's enemies, mainly Henry CLAY and Daniel WEBSTER to push a bill through Congress granting a re-charter, but President Jackson, quickly vetoed it. This was a major issue in the 1832 presidential campaign, that helped Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren (running mate for Vice President) defeat Henry CLAY and win the election. This war against the bank lasted through out Andrew Jackson's 2nd term as president. In 1833, Jackson ordered federal deposits withdrawn from the bank because of BIDDLE's use of bank funds was to support anti-Jackson candidates. After two secretaries of the Department of the Treasury refused to comply with his orders, Jackson had them both removed from office. Because of that, it earned him the sensure of the Senate and with his use of the presidential veto, prompted his enemies to charge him with abuse of power. Although Jackson destroyed the Second Bank of the United States by withdrawing government money, his administration failed to develop a coherent national banking policy. In many states, especially in the South and West, state-chartered banks engaged in irresponsible and speculative issuance of paper currency--a policy that Jackson and other hard-money advocates opposed. (The federal government issued no paper legal tender prior to the Civil War.) Thus during the mid-1830s the United States was swept by a land boom. Sales of federal lands soared, helping to wipe out the national debt and creating a large federal surplus. By 1836, however, the boom was becoming increasingly speculative. Alarmed and determined to curb extensive use of paper currency issued by private state-chartered banks, Jackson, in the Specie Circular of 1836, forbade further purchases of federal land or payment of federal debts in any currency except federally issued coins. His actions, which created a demand for specie that led to many bank failures, were opposed by conservatives in the business community; they charged him with responsibility for disrupting the economy and blamed him for the ensuing Panic of 1837........ ========================================
  2. 2. 23d Congress [Doc. Vol. 487] Ho. of Reps. 1st Session ------------ MEMORIAL OF INHABITANTS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, On the state of the Currency. ~~~~~~~~ May 26, 1834 Read, and laid upon the table. At a meeting of the citizens of Washington county, in the State of Ohio, convened at the court-house in Marietta, March 29, 1834, to consider as to the course to be adopted in regard to the late measures of the Executive in assuming the control of the national finances, the meeting, was called to order by Colonel Ichabod NYE. Whereupon, William R. PUTNAM, Esq. was elected Chairman, and John DELAFIELD, jr. and Levi H. GODDARD, Esquires, Secretaries. A committee appointed to report a preamble and resolutions in relation to the subject before the meeting, returned, and made report of the following preamble, resolutions, and memorial to Congress; Whereas the recent measures of the Executive Department of the Government of the United States, in respect to the Bank of the United States, and the money affairs of the country, and their effects upon it’s businesses and concerns, render an expression of public sentiment proper at this time; therefore, as the since of the citizens here assembled, RESOLVED, That the removal by the Executive of the public deposits from the Bank of the United States, was a measure not warranted by law, unwise in policy, and ruinous in its tendency to the business and prosperity of the country. RESOLVED, That the character of our country and the condition of the people, especially in the West, render credit an essential instrument to the business and prosperity of the country; and that its employment in the form of a sound bank paper circulation, based upon coin, is best calculated to sustain the industry, and develop the resources of the country. RESOLVED, That the Bank of the United States, while it has essentially contributed to preserve and maintain a sound and healthy circulation of the State banks, has realized, in an eminent degree, the advantages of such a system, and has afforded the most safe, cheap, and desirable facilities for the exchanges of business of the country; and that as means and instrument to sustain and advance these great objects, and to save [Gales & Seaton, print.) [This is a footnote] Page 2 [Doc. No. 487] the country from impending distress and ruin, in its peculiarly affairs, the best interest of the country require that it should be continued, (at least for a limited time,) under such modifications and
  3. 3. restrictions as Congress in its wisdom shall deem necessary and expedient. RESOLVED, That in the opinion of this meeting, the late resolutions of the Legislature of this State did not express the real sentiments and opinions of a majority of the people of this county in all parts thereof; and that committees be appointed by the Chair, in the several townships, for that purpose; and also a central committee of five citizens for the superintendence of that object, and forwarding the memorial to Congress. The following memorial was then read, and unanimously adopted: TO THE HONORABLE THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES IN CONGRESS ASSEMBLED: The memorial of the undersigned, citizens of Washington county, in the State of Ohio RESPECTIFULLY REPRESENTS: That, as a part of the American people deeply interested with their fellow-citizens in the political and social condition of their common country, they beg leave thus respectfully to submit to the representatives of that people, the immediate guardians of their rights and their interests, a brief statement of present, and, as they believe, impending evils. Your memorialists have viewed with surprise and painful apprehension the recent measures of the Executive Department of the Government, by which the control of the national finances, and the regulation of the national currency, of the whole monetary system of the country, upon which all our prosperity depaned, have been unlawfully, as they think, assumed by the President, and attempted to b withdrawn from those hands --the hands of Congress-- in which the constitution and the laws had placed them. A change in the administration of that branch of national affairs, the influence and the ramification of which extend directly to all parts of the community, so momentous in its character and tendency, and so memorialist think, for a decided expression of public sentiment, and most urgently, upon the patriotism and the action of Congress for its correction. To Congress, your memorialists believe, belongs, of right, and according to the will of the people constitutionally expressed, the control and disposition of the national treasure. Its union, so sudden, so unexpected, and so alarming, with the Executive power, presents, in the apprehension of the undersigned, an aspect, a crisis of public affairs, pregnant with imminent peril to the rights and security of the people. To that body the undersigned citizens appeal, to guard these rights, and restore that security. Your memorialist further respectfully represent, that, although distant Page 3 [Doc. No. 487] from the principal seats of commerce and capital, the effect which have flown from the removal of the public deposites from the Bank of the
  4. 4. United States, and the hostile attitude assumed and maintained by the Executive to that institution, have reached them, in a sudden and rapid reduction of the circulation medium, and a consequent pressure and embarrassment in money transactions and trade; an almost total derangement of the facilities for sales, remittances, and exchanges which previously existed; in a depression of the prices of agricultural productions, the stapels of the county; in a depression of enterprise, and a general distrust and loss of confidence, which have given a serious blow to private credit. And if these evils have not yet overwhelmed them with the degree of distress with which the commercial cities and more populous districts have been assailed, the occasion of this short and partial respite is found in the difference of position and population; whilst the same primary causes, certain in their operation, must visit them with the like ruinous consequences. This change in their condition has followed the recent measures of the Executive already mentioned. Prior thereto the business of this district of country was prosperous, and its money circulation healthy and adequate to the demands of that business. The reasons assigned for the rash measure which has reversed the former prosperous condition of things, are at war with the experience of your memorialists, of the benefits derived by them from the Bank of the United States; in the soundness of remittance, whilst its operations in this region of the country contributed to sustain the credit, usefullness, and efficiency of the local banks. The change thus wright, instead of benefiting these institutions, has constrained them rapidly and greatly to reduce their circulation, and curtail their accommodations to the business of the country; a business consisting, mainly, in the export and marketing of the products of the soil. Your memorialists, therefore can see no adequate means of relief from the evils which have thus been brought upon them, and which threaten them in future, but in a restoration of the former reactions between the Government and the Bank of the United States, and the rechartering of that institution on such terms, and with such modifications as Congress in its wisdom shall deem expedient. Your memorialists, looking to the experience of the past, regard such an institution as essential to the maintenance of a sound circulation and monetary system, uniting the tried and eminent advantages of specic and bank paper, whilst they believe that a reduction of the business of the people of this country to a mere coin circulation is as impracticable, and would be as little desirable as an entire change in the social habits of the people. Your memorialists, therefore, respectfully and earnestly pray that Congress, moved by that paramount consideration, the well being and prosperity of the people, will devise such means of relief as the present alarming and oppression condition of the country most urgently demands. [The Chairman nominated the following gentlemen as the Central Committee, viz. EPHRAIM CUTLER, ARIUS NYE, CLAEB EMERSON, JOSEPH BARKER, JR., and JAMES M. BOOTH The township committees where then appointed by the Chair; when, On motion of Arius NYE, Esq., the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Page 4 [Doc. No. 487] RESOLVED, That this meeting highly approve the noble stand taken by the late Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. DUANE, against the measure
  5. 5. of the Executive, of removing the public deposites from the Bank of the United States; and we would commend to all public men the just sentiment expressed by him in his reasons against that act, viz. “that he does not think that the end justifies the means, or that there is any distinction between moral and political integrity.” On motion of J. DELAFIELD, jr. Esq., the following resolutions was unanimously adopted: RESOLVED, That, in the opinion of this meeting, our Representative, by his vote on the party questions in the last session of the Ohio Legislature, relative to the rechartering of the United States Bank, and the removal of the deposites, misrepresented the views of a majority of the citizens of Washington county.] On motion, the meeting adjourned. WM. R. PUTNAM, Chairman JOHN DELAFIELD, jr. L. H. GODDARD, Secretaries. Enoch Rector Asa Culver Simon Morgaridge James Hatch Justus Hall Levi Willey John Davis David Gilbert John S. Corp Henry Vantassle Daniel McGlauthlinn David Delong Rowland Parry Bryant Fall Isaac Lund J. C. Parry Henry Fairlee Wm. Morgaridge Abraham Enocks Elijah Short J. H. Seely Wm. Glidden George Fleck Hugh S. Flanagain Samuel Longfellow Samuel Parker Alfred Regnier Cornelius Driskell Joseph C. Wells John Perkins Edward Simons James Owen Jonathan Root James L. Baldwin Wm. E. Offner Rensselaer Johnson Randal Wells Justus Merwin Abel Dufur Israel Morison Wm. Brown Eli Gilbert, jr. Harris Wells James Murray Sidney Place Marvil Davis Jonathan Sprague, jr. Levi Root Amos Wilson Stephen Frost, jr. Stephen Gilbert Merril Ladd Morgan Wood Ebenezer Batchelder Wm. Davis David A. Wheeler Alexander Johnson Jesse Davis Daniel Owen Eli Gilbert Stephen Frost Charles Davis, jr. Hiram Fairchild Isaiah Price F. C. Davis John Giddings George W. Longfellow P. B. Buel Erastus Fairchild Alberus Judd, jr. Wm. Davis James Giddings Daniel Davis Reuben Simons David Dufur Alberus Judd Eli Fox Henry Johnson Thomas Broom Davis Chapman Freeman Batchelder J. M. Chamberlain George Munson Wm. Johnson Calvin Crawford Benjamin Corp, jr. John Root Alanson Crawford Benjamin Corp Wm. Root Wm. Brooker Frederick Chapman Ira Gilbert Levi Culver Wm. W. McIntosh Elias Wolcott Page 5 [Doc. No. 487]
  6. 6. Manson Wolcott Joel Stacy Absalom Misner Judah Ford Samuel Stacy John Stone Simeon Deming C. C. Smith Brooks Blizard Joseph Arnold Cogswell Olney Wm. Borroughs Julius Deming Horace Wright C. M. Loring Alpheus Baker Elisha Wilhum Andrew Ballard Rufus Hyates Nathan Rice Barker Rance Benj’n Hart Joseph Stacy, jr. Joseph O. Neale Asa Beach Joseph Stacy Jesse Loring Matthew Henry Andrew Lake Josiah Henderson Elisha Humphrey Walter Curtis Perley Howe Wm. R. Wolcott Jesse M. Ames W. M. Miles John McDonald Jeremiah Vangelder Joseph Newbury Wm. Cailahan Gregory Holand Charles D. Cook Daniel Deming E. Winan, jr. James A. Scott Henry Arnold Ben. Robbins Benjamin F. Stone Nathan Procter John Noland Charles R. Ames Harris Srringer Ira Bellows Harry McClure Jacob Procter Bial Stedman Elan E. Durfee Daniel Proctor Elias Bellows Nathan Sparhawk Isaac Munckton, jr. Edwin. Guthrie Stephen Rouse Ira Emerson Wm. Smithers Daniel Ellinwood Ansel B. Ford Job Coggeshall Moses Thorp Wm. Berwick Wm. Bellows Strawder Grade Jesse Beach George Dana Eben. Benedict John H. Gelmor Nicholas Schoonover Francis Stone Dennis Adams James Nelson Wm. B. Druce Robert Henry,3d Henry Schoonover John B. Dey Horace Waterman Rufus W. Howe Wm. Cornwell Bernard Beach Cyrus Ames Joseph Potter John Waterman, jr. Cummings Porter Homer L. Wedge Anson Waterman A. H. Durpee Abijah Wedge Sherman Waterman Z. B. Ballard Edwin Finch John D. Chamberling C. L. Guthrie C. Harris W. Bartlett Truman Guthrie, jr. Jacob Burrough Jacob Vaudine Perry Rathbun Amos Gardner James Hagerman,2d. Nahum Bent Frederick Lewis Pinney Adams Lewis Bent Jacob Cross John Johnson Erastus Guthrie Wm. R. Browing Simeon Deming B. G. Gorham Sherabiah Fletcher Benjamin Rutter Edward Bent Wm. Putnam Columbus Hart Wm. Leebody James Bellows Joseph S. Humphrey F. H. Johnson James Bellows, jr. Cromwell B. Culver Solomon Wire Daniel Goss David Beach Wm. Bartlett John Clark Seth Woodford Peter Appleman John Birkinsha Giles H. Ford John Wise Miller Clark Jacob Procter, jr. Anthony (X) Robinson H. Curtis Alfred Procter H. Rice Strawder Skeen Sherman Waterman A. A. Schooneover Silvanus N. Dennis Wm. Stacy Charles Noland Ira Bellows Simeon Simpson W. E. Maxon Henry Thompson Page 6 [Doc. No. 487]
  7. 7. Wm. Bellows Francis Devol John H. Twombley Isaac Q. Barstow John W. Durfee Thomas Steed, jr. J. H. Vangilder Wing Devol Thomas Steed, sen. Amos Knowles George Olston Silas L. Brown R. C. Knowles John D. Byard Helem Devol A. Vangilder James J. S. Ward Charles Russell Wm. Knowles John Millard Thomas Hill J. Tharp Stephen Otis Seth Bailey, jr. John Bartlett Freeman Prixley John Bickford James Brice Daniel McDaniel Sidney Haight Albert C. Wedge James S. Stow Benjamin Bickford D. B. Curtis Benjamin M. Brown, farmer Jacob Rarden, farmer Joseph Leonard, do Wm. Rarden David Gard, do Wm. Ferrall, farmer G. C.. Fusby, do Ulyssis Baker, do Joel Adams, do David Williams, do John Coler, do Wm. Groves, do Volney Adams, do Isaac Smith, house carpenter Thomas Rogers, do Promise Mosher, farmer S. M. Nott, do Hiram Gard, merchant Isaac Farnham, stonemason Samuel Brown, miller Robert Green, farmer Adam Sheets, wheelwright John Johnson Edward Camp, tanner James Rogers, farmer Thaddeus Nott, clockvender Henry Clark, do T. Mosher, farmer Warren Dow, do Wm. Woodward, do Hiram Pugh, laborer Benjamin Pugh, do John Danley, farmer John Burshatt, do Robert Danley, do Thomas J. Ellis do H. Dunsmoor David Sells do Elias Pewthers Timothy Hiett George Hildebran John Breakenridge, farmer Henry Corns, 2d, farmer L. Card do Isaac Perry, do Lewis Adams, do Evan Jenkins George C. Hurbut, do Jonathan Miller Samuel C. Baker, do Vandevier Nott, farmer Nathaniel Hinkley, Elisha Witham, cooper Ezra Pugh Nathaniel C. Gates, farmer M. Adams, do Joseph Johnson, cooper Owen Dewees, do George Corner, farmer Jacob Sheets, laborer Asa Cheedle, do Simeon Evens, do Wm. Martin, millwright Henry Conner do Wm. M. Dodge Henry Vincent E. T. Hayward John Dodge R. Hayward Joseph Hayward Josiah Hart Wm. Wilson Walter Athey Elmore Drury Silas Devol Frederick Preston Tillinghast Devol Benjamin Soule John Sharp Joseph Chambers Ambrose Drury Wm. Glines Thaddeus Goodnow James W. Brady James Rickey John Stephenson Reuben Cortright Timothy P. Alvord Page 7 [Doc. No. 487]
  8. 8. Thomas Scott Dennis McKinley Asahel Stanton E. S. McIntosh Presbery Devol Philip Biddison S. F. Seel Ebenezer Allen Dennis Hartshorn Wm. McIntosh Levi Allen Wm. Dustin Jonathan Lott Cook Devol James Rhodes Joseph Sherley John P. Madison James Biddison Reuben R. Waterman Daniel Gage Richard Cronkright Isaac Hedges,2d Wm. True Robert P. Bobcock Wm. Rodgers Harry Hill Isaac Miller Wm. Preston Benjamin Gould James Fraser Tartus Lindley Ephraim Gould Joseph Stanton Silas Brown Francis R. Stanley Owens Patton Abraham Drury Simeon Porter Whitington Hudson John W. Dana Lewis Armstong Jacob Bridges Samuel Brooks Ira Hill Washing Mayhew Henry Stull George Miller Thomas Biggins Asa Soule Guy Hill Cyrus Norton Joseph Devol Dan. Hill John Low Charles S. Cody David Baldwin David Ayles Samson K. White Michael Story Morris Morrison Jeremiah Wilson Allen Devol James Morris Jesse Tison Samuel Stevens Charles G. Culver Guy Benjamin James S. Palmer Samuel Brown Wm. Buris S. S. Brown Duty Green Wm. H. Powers Edward Dawes Joseph D. Clark Henry White Joseph B. Allison James Lawton, jr. B. Harwood Perry Burch Isaac Woodruff Rufus Powers Alphey Devol Henry E. Vincent Thomas Vaughn Philip Devol Wm. Payne Benjamin Dana Daniel Biship John Brown John Tyson Austin Devol Pobert Brown Benjamin McAtee Hiram Burch Daniel Tilton James Bowen George R. Palmer John Moore B. Bowen Benjamin Shaw Wm. Mare Thomas White David Wilson James Lawton T. H. Bowers Printis B. Read Thomas Johnson Hanford Gray M. Battel John Henry B. Shaw Joseph McCurdy John Hougland Richard Ward Randloph Fearmy Alpheus Baker Stephen Devol C. Mason David Moore Benjamin T. Hayward [Illegible] John A. Purler Isaac N. Bishop Abner Woodruff, jr. S. L. Gould Charles McClure Abner Woodruff, sen. Eli Greene Obadiah S. Breston S. B. Pond John Vincent Israel Ross S. G. Williams Smith Greene Asa Lang Wm. Vincent Robert Miller, jr. Archibald Newbanks Silas Hartshorn Don. Q. Jonhson Charles Story Benjamin Baker, jr. Caleb Green Clemens Lang Levi Fairchild Amon Ford John Burrows Bejamin Baker Salmon Parke F. Marsh Jesse Lawton Wm. Gard Samuel Clogston Wm. Stanton [Illegible] Page 8 [Doc. No. 487]
  9. 9. Wm. Kidwell D. C. Cutler Gideon Kidder Burres Crensen Jacob Tibbler John R. Tucker John Kremyon Rufus Payne Daniel G. Stanley George Hutchinson Isaac Chapman Harvey c. Hovey Frederick Pople George Oayne P. S. Scamon John Atkinson Samuel Flanders Richard Tailor Avery Hill Simeon Chapman John W. Pye [sic] J. Procter James H. Steed Lyman Doan David Heddleston William Miller, jr. John Leedham Thomas Cochran Samuel Witlock John D. Amlin James Flack Wm. Wharff Isaac Hill, 2d Wm. McIntire F. A. Truepis Samuel Patton Peter Fulmer Stephen [X] Samford Nathan [X] Brittain John Whitney John Mason Thomas Patton Nathan Whitney C. Quinly E. R. Robinson Jeremiah Marick Levi Chapman E. Hutchinson Samuel Hensel James Palmer William Otis Wm. Crouse Moses Flanders Palmer Cherry H. Judge David Chapman Lewis Gilpen Esau Dailey Christopher Warner Carl Peter Lewis Oliver Jacob Stackhouse Enos S. Chapman Elias Edmonds David H. Stevens Josiah Morgan Matthias Shutz John Whitlock Hezekiah Cozens Henry Ellis John Collins William Hervey Lamis Linn, jr. Selden Chapman John Richards O. Franks William Payne Jacob Scherber Charles Talbott ____ Payne Christian Scherber, sen. Eliza Ridgaway Selden N. Merrian Christian Scherber, jr. Leonard Coff John Mattheny John Schaender [sic] James Little Wm. Porter Henry Best Wm. Little Almer Porter Jacob Sanden George Sellers Amos Porter Ondon Sander Samuel Parr Hervy Sheperd [Illegible] Bernard Hubbard I. Waterman Jacob Flanders Silas Ellis [Illegible] [Illegible] Buttler Wells Thomas J. Close Thomas Flanders Francis Linn James Cary J. M. Amlin John Edmonds John Magee Thomas Ward M. Cole Thomas Porter Joel Tuttle Hezekiah Lewis Lot Hull Jewett Palmer Wm. Mankin John Brown Augustus C. Tuttle Martian Brumback Ephraim Tuell James Amlin Underhill Lynch William Miller,2d John Collins John Johnson Daniel Gould Jesse Hill Stephen Newton Wm. Hill John Kincaade J. Sheldon Matthew Gilpin Thomas Hall A. Cole E. Spears Jacob Kinzer W. Johnson Hiram E. True Isaac Kidd Joseph Hutchinson Asahel Doan Luke Dewitt Ephraim Cutler John True Jonathan M. Amlin Oren Newton Chester Tolman William Miller Wm. Cutler David F. Kid Nathaniel Kidd
  10. 10. Page 9 [Doc. No. 487] John McMullen Job S. Cooke Philip Noland Francis Palmer Samuel Prentis William Noland Robert Ward Gordon Battelle Charles Noland,2d John P. Palmer Ezekiel Slagle Alexander Noland Isaac Hill Wm. Hays John Sprotes Nathaniel Hill Thomas Hays Ephraim Wire D. H. Seevers John Giger Lewis Barnes John Nesbit John Giger, jr. Barnabas Noland John Rowland Alfred Dana Rueben Berkley Joseph Martin Charles Little Joseph Place George Reese John West George Wire Edward Thersher Benjamin Hartwell Rodum Wire Philip Mates Edwin West Henry Ball Robert B. Chambers John Greene Joseph Ellis Andrew Farley David Reece James N. Morris Martin Baker Carlton Parmer Stephen Allison Michael Cronin, jr. Henry James David Wells John Hinds Richard Greene Claudius C. Wells D. C. Hinds Ira Bosworth William Clark John Chambers William Bosworth David Reed James Chambers John Brown Joseph Wilson Joseph Barker, jr. Evander West Allen Devol, jr. Isaac Baker Lucius West R. H. Dodge Stephen Rees Ebenezer Bartwell Ephraim Davis Robert Rowland George Greenwood, jr. Adolphus Mason Sereno Hollister William Dana Elijah Mason George Salor Edward Beck Isaac Devol Ira Hill, jr. Jesse Prunty Richmond Devol Oliver Woodward,2d David Murdock Jonas Mason M. H. Luckey William Rea Abner Devol Joseph Maxwell Wm. A. Bosworth John Flaharty John Shepard James Nichols Wm. Kemple Colmore Hildren William Edgell John Bailey William Pepper John Reynolds Alfred Mayhew Stephen Smith Jacob Middleswort Martin Bailey Samuel R. Smith Stephen Dana Seth Bailey Isaac Delong Noah L Wilson Bennett Bailey John McKibben Daniel F. Fairchild William Fleming James Hoyt Sylvester Haynes James Harvie, sen. John Gibson John G. Haynes James Harvie, jr. David Ward Gideon Ellis Elisha Rose Clark Middleswort Asa Ellis Daniel Gardner John Campbell John Ellis Joseph Ruggles S. A. Richardson Nathaniel Place William C. Mason Horance Barstow Peter Brewer James Hopp Charles Wright Erastus Johnson Nicholas Cisler John Broughton Joseph Lobdell Peter Snyder, jr. Zachariah Richardson Moses Johnson Thomas Dye Oliver Woodward, jr. Paul Flors William Chambers, jr. William Rowland Lewis Lobdell Daniel H. Dye Ebenezer Battelle Oliver Root Samuel Dye, 2d Jacob Cook Isaac Place John G. W. Dye
  11. 11. Page 10 [Doc. No. 487] William Chambers John Thorniley Samuel P. Durham Hamilton Chambers D. Woodbridge Abraham Daniels James Noble Wm. R. Putnam C. Carpenter Henry Jennings Ichabod Nye Ephraim Arnold William Griggs E. P. Swearingen J. Valentine David McKibben James N. Booth Philip Abbot Thomas Moron Arius Nye Robert Johnson John Hoff John Delafield, jr. George W. Tyler Thomas Athey A. Pixley Francis A. Meklefresh Thomas Chambers Joseph Halden Otis Wheeler Elisha Allen A. T. Nye B. F. Wheeler Wm. Schofield Augustus Stone Hans Beudohl J. H. Hallet Caleb Emerson F. Buck Joseph Magee Eli Jians Josiah Miller O. Hallet Harry Cogswell Milton Foster William Coon John Mills Person Wheeler P. Beardsly Robert Crawford Nathaniel Holden {Illegible] J. W. Bosworth Samuel H. Fuller [Illegible} I. Colton D. T. Morgan Milton Paxley Truman Post Septimus Bartney W. Allen Edward W. Nye Elijah Mory Joseph E. Hall Rothcus Hayward, jr. Roland Perny D. B. Anderson Ichabod H. Nye L. G. Conouise Samuel Green S. P. Hildreth A. M. Shanklin Wm. A. Whittlesey Weston Thomas Rufus Mazon Levi H. Goddard Daniel Greene Henry Smith Jenks Dexter Samuel Shipman D. Soyer Benjamin S. Geren Wm. Alcock J. R. Curtis A. Bromer Maneblus J. Morse Silas Slocomb Samuel De Wheat Cornelius Tinkham John M. Slocomb John Test D. S. Young Israel Archbold Thomas Baker E. W. T. Clark Merit Judd Samuel Flagg Samuel Hall E. L. Johnson Wm. Hart David Dean J. T. Johnson Royal Prentiss B. W. Baker Billy Todd Frederic Shipman Wm. Warren George Bartinels Henry Jayne Argalus Pizley, jr. John Brazier James W. Cloyston David S. Dempsy Richard Greene Abram Sinclair, jr. Stephen Druse James Dunn John Marshall Elisha Pratt David C. Racer Stephen Montross Joseph Skinner Peter Burns Thomas Sinnamon Zebulon Jennings Silas Buck David Montross Joshua Taylor Norman Payne Wm. Greene Otis Rechard Wyllys Hall M. Gibson Samuel Fuller David Hendricks D. Protmen John Cunningham James Hannan Benjamin F. Pixley Shubel Fuller Bayies Millir Wm. Slocomb John Hill Heindrig Hartwig W. Holden S. L. Record Luther Temple Wm. H. Bay Geo. C. Babcock Madison Elliot John Van Camp Alexander Hill William Arnold Grear Chambers Andrew Livermore Robert Lowrey
  12. 12. Page 11 [Doc. No. 487] Benjamin C. Beach Gordon Swift B. F. Guthrie Samuel Griggs John Clark Benjamin F. Stone Martin Sinclair Thomas Vinton Lyman Stacy A. Warren L. D. Eichelberger R. D. Hollister A. A. Woodford Francis Vinton Samuel Tilden T. Scott Wm. H. Ainsworth Jarvis Edelston Abel Vinton Silas Fearing L. Chamberlin Amos Dye C. T. Judd Aaron Lyon Arthur Kelly John C. Baker Elias S. Morton William D. Colby Albert E. Drain James M. Smith J. B. Miller Timothy Cone A. Stanly William Cook John Peterson R. H. Gray John Athey L. C. Shaw R. Toothaker Arthur Martin Nathaniel Clark Heman Fuller Isaac Thistletwaite John Bedell Wm. Blount O. Nielson Henry Skinner Hamilton Chambers James D. Wilson James Riley Robert Williams George M. Woodbridge Ephraim Bangor Moses Fuller Daniel Nicall Elias Woodruff Charles Fuller Samuel Reigney James Campbell Stephen Daniels Abram Blakely William Lamb Z. Bosworth Heaton Hill John R. Gilmore Wm. West Peter McDonald Jacob Deterly Joseph C. Cole S. Waldron Wm. E. Andrews Thomas Alcock Thomas Hughes L. Boorner Alexander Posey J. M. Frazer William Frazer Wm. Thorniley Wm. S. Lewis Joseph T. Millard T. Thorniley Samuel Maxwell Silas Hobby Samuel Byard Richard Cadwell G. M. Martian William Pitchers John Cadwell Griffin Greene Jesse Posey Jno. J. Preston D. P. Bosworth Granville Harness John Davis Henry Fearing Solomon Fuller Salmon Pierce Douglass Putnam Henry P. Miner Clark Pratt Charles Bosworth J. C. Cole, jr. Jno. T. Clogston Joseph Thompson Flavel C. Cole Stephen Valentine Oliver Dodge Samuel C. Fields M. A. Chappell Geo. Smith James Cadwell Abram Sinclair John Crawford Austin D. Henie Robert Gibson Larkin Mackelfresh Aaron Howe George Moore Russel Fearing Cornelius Hoff John Platt Joseph B. Babcock George Corner Joseph Morris Richard Parker Stephen Alcock Thomas B. Longcone Miles Woodford Russel Harris Henry Armstrong David Barber R. Alcock Gilbert Bishop, jr. Joseph Andert Gershom T. Flagg Thomas Jones Amos Dunham Asa Harris John Green Isaiah Scott Thomas P. Flagg David Putnam, jr. L. J. Hollister Wm. C. Flagg John C. McCoy Philip Stanly Wm. Corner T. Armstrong Samuel M. Cost Ambrose Harris Cyrus Andrews Christain Beek H. Daniels Reuben Merriam Christian Burlinggame David Rood Elijah Rood John Perry ===============================================================
  13. 13. Document transcribed by Debbie Noland Nitsche Diamonddeb@comcast.net March 2007 Proof read and corrections made by: *Sunny Seitz (page 4) cairnmom@cox.net *Susie Dent (page 5) SusieDent@aol.com *Shelby Rush (page 6) samr4@verizon.net *Gayle Clemons Newkirk (page 7) Gaylenewk@aol.com *Jerilyn Koskan (page 8, 10 & 11) Jlktrees@aol.com *Emma Sheeler (page 9) emmy_loulou2001@yahoo.com NAMES & WORDS ARE SPELLED AS THEY APPEAR ON THE DOCUMENT