Diamond Rings for Any Occasion


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There’s a diamond ring for any occasion. Diamond Envy ( http://www.diamondenvy.com/ ) is your leading source for certified loose color diamonds and jewelry. You can check out our collection of engagement rings, anniversary rings and fashion rings.

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Diamond Rings for Any Occasion

  1. 1. (888) 983-9588Diamond Rings for Any Occasion www.diamondenvy.com
  2. 2. We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to thedizzying array of rings styles those diamonds can be presented in, whoknew she had so many friends as these? There’s a diamond ring for anyoccasion, and a diamond to suit, whether it be a sparkling colorlessbeauty or a color diamond that mesmerizes you with its blue, pink,green or yellow hues. Here’s your primer on how to find a diamond ringfor almost any occasion: www.diamondenvy.com
  3. 3. Engagement Rings• This might be the most important piece of jewelry a man will ever buy for his beloved. It used to be that classic engagement rings featured a single colorless round diamond in a four-prong “Tiffany” setting.• These days, the diamond center stone might be one of many “fancy” shapes, including cushions, princess cuts, radiants or Asschers. www.diamondenvy.com
  4. 4. Engagement Rings• It might also feature accent stones, from sapphires to rubies. For those who want a total splash of color in their proposal, they may elect to go with an engagement ring that has a colored diamond center stone (nothing will make her friends green with envy more than that green diamond you gave her.)• Some might choose to inject a dose of nostalgia into the proposal by selecting a family heirloom ring and outfitting it with a new center stone.• No matter which style of ring you choose, or which diamond, the engagement ring itself will endure for a lifetime as a symbol of your bond of love. www.diamondenvy.com
  5. 5. Anniversary Rings• Every anniversary you celebrate as man and wife will be special, but it might be made even more so when your husband presents you with an anniversary ring to commemorate the ongoing bond you share. www.diamondenvy.com
  6. 6. Anniversary Rings• A classic anniversary band features a row of channel set diamond, or you can elect for the wrap-around look with an eternity band, where the diamond encircle the entire circumference of the band.• To symbolize past, present and future, a three-stone ring is the perfect piece.• Any of these styles can accommodate either colorless or natural color diamonds. www.diamondenvy.com
  7. 7. Fashion Rings• Sometimes you don’t need an occasion to celebrate the beauty of a diamond.• There are many captivating pieces of jewelry that incorporate diamonds and other precious stones to create an elegant look that will complement any occasion or outfit.• And guys, you can get in on the act too! Whether it’s a diamond- encrusted pinky ring or some designer creation featuring diamonds, men’s jewelry is perfectly accented by the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds. www.diamondenvy.com
  8. 8. 590 Fifth Avenue,15th Floor, New York, NY 10036 For Help or to Order (888) 983-9588 International Calls: +1 (646) 653-8988 Email : support@diamondenvy.comwww.diamondenvy.com