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Dialogue partners Contact Center Consultancy

  1. 1. Outsourcing & Contact Center Consultancy By : Dialogue Partners
  2. 2. Dialogue Partner’s Service OfferingsThe service offerings can be broadly categorized into thefollowing  Strategic Advisory Services  Consulting Services 2 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  3. 3. Strategic Advisory Services – Third Party Contact CenterBackground: Contact centers have evolved over the years to become a strategic corporate resource. Asignificant percentage of all customer interactions, including sales, customer service and technical supportoccur in this dynamic environment. For many organizations, the contact center is actually leveraged tobecome a competitive “differentiator.” As an Independent consultant the objective is to help clients define and execute strategy, develop the best solutions and processes possible, and to educate about potential pitfalls. It is, however, essential to carry out a detailed feasibility study in order to ensure business value, to mitigate business risks and eliminate business failures. The key parameters for a feasibility study are as under:  Identify the Business objectives for Outsourcing  Assessment of countries / locations for BPO operations  Assess the pilot customer  Assess the Business Potential beyond the target customer  Financial Assessment – Cost Benefit Analysis 3 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  4. 4. Strategic Advisory Services – Captive / Shared Service Center We understand that outsourcing is not for everyone.; therefore a consulting program has been developed that examines existing in-house call center environments to determine if outsourcing is applicable in any form. Alignment of call center processes with corporate goals, resulting in improved customer retention, staff optimization, and cost efficiencies. This includes the design, development, and implementation of organization structure, selection, compensation/reward systems, QA, staff utilization and training. Our outsourcing analysis considers many potential options including:  Full outsourcing  Selective transactions  Peak/seasonal traffic  Outbound campaigns  Web-based support  Night/Evening Shifts  Blended solutions The next slide represents Lifecycle of Strategic Advisory Services; both – Captive / Shared Services and Third Party Outsourcing Services. 4 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  5. 5. Phase – I Evaluate Phase – II Implement Phase – III Evolve Service AgreementResearch Design Transition • Processes & Service Levels Management• Identify need & interest • Technology• Investigate Options• Stakeholder Assessment • Organization Captive Continuous Build • Knowledge Improvement / Shared • Facilities Services Transfers • Technology • ServiceFeasibility • Policies & Procedures Management Governance • Technology• Assess options Service Agreement Model Acceptance• Analyse the “Current Status” • Service Management • People Transfer• Define Operating Models • Changing Structure• Define Commercial Models Service Design AgreementStrategy • Processes & Service Transition Management Levels• Confirm Scope & Operating • Systems Outsourcing • Knowledge Model • Organization Continuous Transfers• Define “Current Status” Improvement• Confirm Commercial Model Supplier Selection • Service • RFP Development Management• Outline Business Case • Evaluation & Selection • Technology Negotiate Contract Acceptance Governance • Due Diligence • People Transfer Model • Contract AwardProgram Governance Project Management Change Management Quality AssuranceManagement Strategic Advisory Services – LIFE CYCLE
  6. 6. Consulting Services – ContactCenter Contact center consolidation for multi-site and branch operation optimization Transforming from “as is” to ”to be” business requirements Creating a Business Case - ROI’s, potential scenarios, migration strategy, planning, implementation, testing, and roll-out for both physical and virtual customer contact consolidation. Business Process Re-engineering (or BPR) - Key call center end-to-end processes, including backend fulfillment BPR includes documenting the “as is” as well as the “to be” customer contact requirements and redesigning processes to improve first call resolution and increase efficiency. 6 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  7. 7. Consulting Services for ContactCenter Environment Technology Performance Workforce Operational Design, Health Check Management Excellence Selection & Up Review Setup Contact Build Operate Contact Center and Transfer Center Design Consolidation Model (BOT)7 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  8. 8. Consulting Services – HorizontalOfferings BPO Market Development HR Outsourcing Banking Services Insurance Services Key Vendor Assessment8 Service Offerings February 23, 2011
  9. 9. Key Geographies INDIA MENA – MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA (Emerging Markets) 9 Key Geographies & Markets / Segments to be Tapped February 23, 2011
  10. 10. Key Verticals Industry Verticals Proposed Services Retail • Contact Center Services – Sales, Customer Care, Helpdesk, Warranty, Collections, Surveys, • Loyalty Program Management • Human Resources Outsourcing Services • IT Services • Human Resources Outsourcing • Contact Center Services Travel & Leisure • Bookings and Reservations • Contact Center Services including Sales Support, • Loyalty Program Management Banking • Captive Center Consulting • Operational Excellence • Technology Consultation10 Key Geographies & Markets / Segments to be Tapped February 23, 2011
  11. 11. Key Verticals Industry Verticals Proposed Services Telecom • Captive Center Consulting • Health Check • Benchmarking Insurance • New Business Development • Claims Management • Collections • Recruitment Process Outsourcing Government • Captive Contact Center Solution (Public Sector) • BOT Model11 Key Geographies & Markets / Segments to be Tapped February 23, 2011