Taking Advantage of 3G Networks to Deploy Mobile Video Services


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This presentation was made on July 9, 2010 by Jim Machi, Senior Vice President, Marketing at VAS Asia 2010.

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  • Here is another way to look at it. This is more of a stnadard way to look at it – in the old way - ….Consumer decides. Buys handsets (access devices) and buys plan from operator. Access devices/handsets are an important part of the equation here – affordability of them is key, and inclusion of features (such as 3G capabile, Java, HD codecs, etc.) are also important. Content also critical. Content Owner / Content aggregator. Content owner – probably created for other media (TV for instance, or laptops) and then goes mobile device. Own the copyright of the content! Content owners/aggregators need to make deals with Operators – for instance, in the US for Football or for Basketball, exclusive deals with certain operators to see on the mobile phone. Content Aggregators specialize in aggregating various types of content from content owners, especially smaller content owners but don’t own the copyright of the content. Shortcode providers work with content aggregators for things like Voting on TV shows and other reality type shows. Technology enabler – multimedia server – for IVR, IVVR, for speech recognition, mass calling platforms, etc. The technology enabler would play a key role in trancoding/transrating/transsizing the 3 different screen sizes – mobile, computer, TV). In case of revenue distribution: End user pays for the content/service/voting. Mobile operators keeps 60% to 80%, Technology Enabler get 10%-20%, Content Aggregator get 10%-15% and Content owner gets 5% to 10% of the revenue. Why the difference – if more of a technology platform used, say IVR compared to SMS, then technology enabler gets more. If content is more key, people more willing to pay for it, then they get more. Now, let’s add APP Store. “Over the Top” Applications. The apps here have relationships with most everyone on the screen – don’t want to add the lines since it would be very complicated. I will figure out a way to show this better. But the App Store concept is a huge DISRUPTER. This is what is meant by the prior slide with the App going to the top of the value chain.
  • Taking Advantage of 3G Networks to Deploy Mobile Video Services

    1. Jim Machi Senior Vice President, Marketing Taking Advantage of 3G Networks to Deploy Mobile Video Services July 9, 2010 www.dialogic.com
    2. Video Will Change Your World
    3. Accelerating Demand for Mobile Video Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI); Forecasting and Methodology, 2009-2014, February 2010 Terabytes / Month Video is growing at nearly 3x the pace of global 3G+ subscribers 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 2008 2009 (E) 2010 (E) 2011 (E) 2012 (E) 2013 (E) 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 3G+ Subscribers (Millions) 3G+ Penetration (%) Mobile Data - 108% CAGR 429 774 1,366 2,189 3,024 3,876 11% 17% 27% 37% 52% 64% 55% CAGR Global Mobile Data Traffic Global 3G+ Subscriber Forecast Video - 131% CAGR Video Traffic is Outpacing 3G+ Network Growth Source: WorldWide Mobile Industry Handbook, Portio Research, October 2009 3G Tipping Point in 2010
    4. Mobile Video Drivers Social Networking Bandwidth Smart phones Screen Sizes Over the Top Apps Competition India 3G License Auction
    5. Applications Transitioning from Audio to Video Location Based Services Video Enabled LBS Voice Mail Video Voice Mail IVR IVVR (Video IVR) SMS Video SMS Conferencing Video Conferencing Color Ring Tone Video Ring Tone 2G 3G+ Text Based Gaming Video Gaming Dialogic and its Application Partners are rapidly transitioning core mobile carrier services from audio to video
    6. Dialogic Enables Mobile Interactive Services But There is One Important Piece Missing Web 2.0 Interaction Mobile Commerce Dialogic Entertainment Information HD Voice September 9, 2009 Orange Moldova Launches HD Voice Network Services Mobile Advertising Mobile Banking Video Ring Tone Televoting of Video Video Chat Social Networking Games Video Surveillance Location Based Services Video Mail VCCV Video SMS Video Conferencing IVVR Video Announcements Video Portal
    7. Mobile Interactive Services Ecosystem Consumer Using an Interactive Mobile VAS application Mobile Operator Content Owner (Involved in some cases, depending on VAS) Sell Solution to Operator Consumer buys application from Operator VRT Video SMS Video Mail Surveillance Gaming LBS IVVR Commerce Value Added Service Providers Build a Video VAS Application Music TV Show Games Sports Content Aggregator Movies Video The Dialogic customer base is poised to deliver the applications Source: Concepts from AMAI & eTechnology Group, August 2008 Dialogic Session Transport Platforms Dialogic Multimedia Session Enabling Platforms
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