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Healthy Coping
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HEALTHY COPING How do I cope with Diabetes? …

HEALTHY COPING How do I cope with Diabetes?
An important part of the diabetes educator’s work is identifying the individual’s motivation to change behavior, then helping set achievable behavioral goals and guiding the patient through multiple obstacles. They can provide support by encouraging you to talk about your concerns and fears and can help you learn what you can control and offer ways for you to cope with what you cannot.

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  • 1. HEALTHY COPING Washington Association of Diabetes Educatorswww.DiabetesAnswers.org or www.WADEpage.org
  • 2. Managing Diabetes is a Lifelong Process • Set Realistic Goals •Enlist Support from Others •Reward yourself for progress •Know when to get help
  • 3. Learn How to Manage Stress • Make time for hobbies •Try a relaxation method •Learn from experience no one is perfect
  • 4. Diabetes and Sexuality•Sexual problems can occur in men and women•Blood glucose control helps prevent these problems•Many treatments are available – talk to diabetes care team
  • 5. Depression in Diabetes is Common Talk to a health care provides if any of these symptoms last more than 2 weeks: •Loss of energy, interest and enjoyment •Changes in sleep or appetite •Difficult concentrating •Feeling sad, hopeless, or anxious •Repeated thoughts of death and suicideDEPRESSION IS TREATABLE
  • 6. Support Group
  • 7. Being Independent
  • 8. Emotional side of diabetes
  • 9. Find out morewww.DiabetesAnswers.org or www.WADEpage.org