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We Engineer & Export:

Agro poultry chemical
Essential oil plant
Poultry Dressing Plant
Poultry Rendering Plant

Exported to 11 countries as of Jan, 2012

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Our product range

  1. 1. Manufacturer & Exporter of - Process Plants & equipment for Agri., Poultry & Chemical Sector.www.dhopeshwar.in Hyderabad, India
  2. 2. About us: Established in 1963 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state. Initially supplied Process Plants & equipment to chemical & Pharmaceutical plants. Started supplying Agri ,Processing Plants in late ’80s and Poultry Processing Plants in late’90s.. Presently supply Completely Integrated Process Plants for 3 sectors :- Agri, Poultry & Chemical Processing. Specialized in supply of Essential Oil Distillation plants, Poultry processing & Poultry waste Rendering plants. Turn-key Plants Exported to 11 - (Eleven) countries as of 31st Dec, 2011. www.dhopeshwar.in
  3. 3. Why us ? Completely Integrated plants, supplied on Turn-key. Custom-built plant capacities. Reliable quality & Competitive price. Offer site installation & commissioning Proven technology & Successful completion of projects in India & Overseas. www.dhopeshwar.in
  4. 4. Plants for 3 sector:- Agri, Poultry & Chemical including Distilleries & Other Process Industries. Essential Oil Distillation Plants for widest range of Aromatic raw-materials. Aloe Vera Gel & Juice Plants. Agri Processing Machinery as a Potato washer etc. Poultry Processing Plants with Conveyor Based working. Poultry Processing Machineries. Rendering Plats for Poultry, Hatchery, Fish & Goat waste. Chemical Process Plants for Cardanol, Stable grade Bleaching Powder. Process Equipment including Distillery Blenders & Tanks. Specialized Storage Tanks in Aluminum & Stainless Steel. www.dhopeshwar.in
  5. 5. AGRI.Essential Oil Distillation Plants for: Grasses: Lemongrass, Citronella, Rosemary, etc. Leaves: Geranium, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Cinnamon leaf etc. Spices: Ginger, Nutmeg etc. Flowers: Rose, Frangipani, Kewda etc. Woods: Sandalwood, Agarwood, Oud / Agarwood, Massoi wood etc. Gum Resins: Frankincense, Myrrh etc.Aloe-Vera Gel & Juice Plant :- Natural, Aloe Vera Juice with fibers. Natural, Aloe Vera Juice with out fibers Natural, Aloe Vera Juice Blended with Apple juice, Amla Juice, etc. www.dhopeshwar.in
  6. 6. Poultry Processing Plants & Machineries :Conveyorised Plant – 250 BPH to 2000 BPH ( Birds per hour) Conveyor with Trolleys & Stainless steel shackles for conveying birds. Birds passing thro Stunning, Halal and different processing stages with out any manual handling. All Equipment in Stainless steel Scientific dressing, Advanced Processing machineries Excellent Hygiene, Excellent quality of meat & Consistent quality.Non-Conveyorised set up – 200 Birds to 2000 Birds per day Individual equipments designed for Scientific & Hygiene processing. All Equipment in Stainless steel Suitable for smaller processing needs upto 2000 birds/day. www.dhopeshwar.in
  7. 7. Rendering Plant for Poultry, Hatchery, Fish & Goat waste : Converts Poultry and other waste into Protein. Also called as Protein recovery plant. Final product is made available as Sterilized Meat Meal. Consists of Digestor-Cooker-Homonizer & Other Equipment. Environ - Friendly Operation with Advanced Odour Control system. www.dhopeshwar.in
  8. 8. Process Equipment in Stainless steel: Double Cone Blenders Double Cone Vacuum Drier Distillery Blenders & Tanks Stainless Steel Reactors Ribbon mixers/Ribbon blenders Screw ConveyorsWide range, Wide Application for different Process Industries. - Used in Chemicals, Pharma, Distillery, Explosive manuf. & other indus. www.dhopeshwar.in
  9. 9. Exported to 11 countries as on 1.1.2012 Dubai INDIA Oman Nigeria Sri Lanka Kenya Singapore Tanzania Indonesia Zambia Malawi Zimbabwe Exported To: Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi,www.dhopeshwar.in Tanzania, Kenya, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, Singapore &
  10. 10. Exported to Different Countries: Indonesia Singapore Sri Lanka INDIA Oman Dubai Malawi Tanzania Kenya Zimbabwe Zambia Nigeriawww.dhopeshwar.in
  11. 11. Contact Us Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Limited Mr.Shirish Dhopeshwar A-16, Co-Operative Industrial Estate, Balanagar Hyderabad, 500037, India Tel : +91 40 2377 1579 Fax : +91 40 2377 2450 Email : dhopeshwar@gmail.com Mobile : +91 939 1058 963 Website : www.dhopeshwar.inwww.dhopeshwar.in