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On the choice of the physician
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On the choice of the physician


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The presentation prepared based on the Paper of Sir Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy. …

The presentation prepared based on the Paper of Sir Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy.

It shares the insights about types of the physician and differentiating caring and genuine physician in today's busy world.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Choice of A Family Physician - Sir Samual Hahnemann By Dharmesh Bhadja The student of homoeopathy
  • 2. …Pray give me your advice……on what principles must I choose a physician in order to avoid the bait of the ordinary run of recommendations, in which we are not always sharp enough to perceive the point of the hook?
  • 3. A really good man of this profession…have recourse to some circuitousmethods, Which shall guide you to your objectwith not less certainty than the knowledgeattained by school learning can give.Certain trivial things in their outwardappearance,Certain mode of conduct5ino themselves whenprofessionally engagedAnd some other accessories characterize thedifferent classes of medical men.
  • 4. Look how… He walks into the crowd that respectfully expects him, With carefully measured steps, with expanded chest and elevated head;
  • 5. How he announces the dignity ofhis great person by a gracious, slowinclination of his body,And how he decides the mostimportant question with a few shortwords and a disdainful air.
  • 6. He only honors the great people in thecompany with his notice,He flatters them in high soundingphrases, in order to be entertained by themin return,And he talks about the highest personagesin the land and the greatest savants, as hewould about the most ordinary trifles whichmay be estimated with the fifth part ofglance.
  • 7. Merit rewarded or neglected,Heart-breaking domestic occurrencesDanger and delivery,Life and death All are the same to him. Nothing produces any change in his frigid manner,or at the most they elicit from him a wittyremark, which the crowd of his admirers donot omit to acknowledge with their applauses.
  • 8. Never be foolish to select… Such an peculiar part must engage the whole mind of the best actor; it has to be learned, rehearsed and played. Who can be surprised that the details of a case of disease are tiresome to him, He defers till tomorrow doing anything for the urgent symptoms of some poor man, the sole support of a wretched family, because he must go and leave his card on some lord who is passing through the town. His medical wisdom must be but a thin coating which he has enough to do to keep well polished so that all uninvited inquiring glance may be arrested by its mirror like gloss and be kept away without having entered its shallow depth.
  • 9. So artistic story…by ourmaster…really interestingSee the way of portraying thephysician with simple words andcorrect effectiveness.
  • 10. “…by half past four in the morning he is inhis carriage, for this morning he has thirtyvisits to pay to patients.His horses foam with the rapidity of thepace, and have to be changed for fresh onesin a few hours.Whilst he drives along he is seen to bend indeep meditation over a long clearly writtenlist, wherein the names and abodes of thepatients who are sighing for him, are carefullymarked.
  • 11. …he looks at his watch whichindicates the seconds, he calls tothe coachman who instantly drawsup.Out he jumps, says a few words tohis servant and runs up the stairs.Doors fly open at hisapproach, three steps bring him tohis patient’s side…
  • 12. …he feels the pulse, asks his a couple ofquestion, and without waiting a reply he callsfor pen, ink and paper.And after deep reflection for two seconds inhis chair he suddenly dashes off the compelsprescription, politely hand s it to the patientfor his uninterrupted use with a few solemnworks, rubs his hands together, makes hisbow and disappears, in order to be withanother patient six seconds afterwards onwho also he bestows his tow minutes ofadvice…
  • 13. …At his consultation hour his ante-room teems with the friends of patients, sick- nurses, midwives, surgeons, and patients. There he dispenses in profusion, prescriptions, recommen dations,advices-like tickets for the theatre…”
  • 14. An example…whose personality as the physicianImpressed ( ? ) our master…The Late surgeon in the armyInteresting example with finest description probably you ever had read…Go through the original pages of lesser writing…
  • 15. “In a calumnious mind no love for mankind can stay, and he whose head is occupied in trying toingratiate himself by the elegancies of the toilette, by indirect self-praise, and all sorts of dishonorable practices, can not possess any real merit.”
  • 16. Search for some plain man… of sound common sense, who takes great pains to ascertain the truth of all he hears and says, and does not merely look to its passing muster, who know how to give clear and condensed information respecting everything that belongs to his art, and never obtrudes his opinion unasked or at an improper time, and who is no stranger to everything else important for man as citizen of the world to know.
  • 17. More especially…He/she does not show temper nor get angry, exceptwhen he beholds injustice,Who never turns away unmoved from any exceptflatterers, who has attentively to the complaints of thosewho seek his aid,And does not pronounce an opinion without maturereflection,Who prescribed but few generally single, medicines intheir natural state,Who keeps out of the way until he is sough for, who isnot silent respecting the merits of his colleagues, butdoes not praise himself.A friend to order, quiet and beneficence.
  • 18. Before you fix him finally…(foot-note) See how he behaves to poor, and if he occupies himself at home unseen with some useful work! yours, S. H.
  • 19. calumnious - the making of false statements about somebody with malicious intentingratiate - to try to win somebodys favor by pleasing him or her, especially in order to gain an advantagetoilette - the process of attending to your personal appearance and making it presentableelegancies - a combination of graceful stylishness, distinction, and good taste in appearance, behavior, or movement
  • 20. Thank you