Illness is beautiful.
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Illness is beautiful.






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Illness is beautiful. Illness is beautiful. Presentation Transcript

  • “Illness isbeautiful” -By Dharmesh A Bhadja Student of homeopathy
  • “Illness is beautiful”All paths of healing are but a single path that leads from polarity to unity.
  • And everything that is within you also exists within creation. There is no boundary between you and any objects, weather nearby or distant.A single atom contains all the earth‟s elements. A singlemanifestation of KHALIL GIBRAN - you contains
  • There is very significantsentence in psychology…..THANK GOD THERE IS PAIN…!!
  • THANK GOD THERE IS PAIN…!! What should we mean by this idiom? Let we begin the path rarely touched till but now become one of the
  • For example,A car has a whole range of warning-lights, which come on only when one of the car‟s vital functions is no longer operating properly.Journey begins…after some moments one of the light
  • We feel obliged by this signal. In fact thelight is for to make us mistake less andsuggests true path. Totaking out the bulb will make the light no
  • attention from the light itself and turn to what lies behind it, so as to find out what is actually out of order. The light‟s real function, in other words, is and was simply to act asindicator and make us aware „something wrong about going on‟.
  • As is the warning light to our example, so is thesymptom to our subject.Any kind of illness suggests stopping us in our tracks, revealing that something isno longer in order and make us to think over it about what lies behind it.
  • The very simple example is here to understand about polarity and paradoxical reality of our life. In this case polarity lies between foreground and background. If I interpret the dark area as background then white triangles
  • This optical illusion offers us a good way-in to understanding polarity. In the picture the black pole is dependent on the white pole and vice versa. Take one of the poles away andthe whole image disappears in both its aspects.Here, once again, the black takes
  • Some examples of poles, Dark _ light High _ low I _ not-I Health _ illness
  • The more we attemptunilaterally to nourish the one pole, the more the opposite pole grows in secret behind the scenes.Medicine itself is a good example of this :
  • In itself the thought is theoretically a simple one, but it comes up against a deep-rooted resistance within people, if only because turning one‟s way of
  • The very polarity of our consciousness means that we are not aware of our own wholeness, but onlyever identify ourselves with one particular aspect of our nature. This aspect we call ‟I‟
  • Humanity‟s path is the pathtowards greater awareness. Everything that we do notwish or approve or recognizein our own shadow – for thisis the sum of everything we do not want. Not-seeing is rapidly expanded to include
  • Just as we can see only a small part of our ownphysical body by looking at ourselves, and need a reflection in a mirror tosee the many aspects that are otherwise invisible to us. So in this way we are partially blind to our own psyche, and capable of
  • Recognition, in short,depends on polarity.
  • The shadow is the sum of what we are most deeply convinced must be expunged from the world if ever the latter is to become good and whole. The shadow makes us ill- unwell- because it is
  • It is the shadow that makes us ill - but the encounter with shadow that makes us well!This is the key to understanding illness and healing. Every symptom is an aspect of the shadow that has precipitated itself into physicality. It is in the symptom that what we are
  • It is in the symptom that we live out what we are refusing to live out on the consciousness-level.
  • With this newunderstanding, now ask to yourself:“why I am suffering from this or that symptom?”
  • Not to struggleNot to fightNot to dislike the symptoms, These are actually the true guide to get the greater
  • Illness makes us honest! Honesty towardsourselves is one of the toughestchallenges that we
  • The symptom is the physical, bodily expression of whatever is lacking in our consciousness.The symptom makes us honest by making
  • And honesty has its own beauty, something of whichcan be seen in those who are ill.
  • So … give time to yourself..!! AndTry to apply this And Re-think about
  • For full reference… “HEALING POWER OF ILLNESS” ByThorwald Dethlefesen Rudiger Dahlke {M.D.}
  • Thank you