Feeling about the future book


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Feeling about the future book

  1. 1. Hi all,After studying the future book one thing strongly come to my mind,The future book is not complete until I start moving…I have multiple options and opinion for what to do in the future…Many responsibilities and many roles to play…ButNow I have strongly moved with the sharing of the future bookAndI feel that the future of our beautiful planet should be the most essential criterion to decide my futurejob…IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME…I strongly recommend the future book to utilize as the mandatory reference before choosing or planningthe future for all of us…The future book is much more than a book or reference; it is the manuscript which ignites the insight... To be aware To work now for better future To shift the management for higher purposeThe future book gives me the feeling that I AM NOT ALONE, twice. I am not alone on this planet. I as a human being have no right to do whatever I want. I am just one among millions & millions of the all living creations. The healthiness of environment is equally rather more than my own health. And both are highly interrelated.
  2. 2. And second time, When I started feeling that how much I alone can do for this higher holistic purpose? The future book gives me the assurance that I AM NOT ALONE. I have my brethrens all over theworld.I am very very very thankful to the book to CONNECT me with my family, the team of aware and actionbased chapters all over the glob… I AM NOT ALONE…I feel as if Saynee and Saad, Fahd, Dan, Mr. Joel (sorry I could not recollect all the names) all we are intouch since many years.The most powerfully as an Indian I touched with the sharing of Fahd Masood, his pain, his feeling and hisattempt. Fahd & Saad, my brothers, I am with you on this mission to make our both countries happier,healthier and progressive.I am thankful to Audrey Trotereau, (please forgive me I have written the wrong spell) to appreciate andmotivate me, the Gen-Yer.I am very thankful to Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayva to provide me the best guidance to planfuture strategiesVirtual-water-virtual-carbon was entirely new study topic for me to understand. And still I want to learnmore about it…Thanks to Donald J. Johnston for enlighten the mission for stronger, fairer and cleaner world.And thanks to all the contributors, all the members, everyone...Last but not least my hearty thanks to Jatin, to be with me for all the time and adding more and morefuel to this inner fire…I am proud to be a part of the team, which has taken up the opportunity to rebuild the global structurein favor of goodness of humanity…Dr. Dharmesh Bhadja,MD (Organon of medicine and Hom. philosophy), Homoeopath.