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Advertisement agencies

  1. 1. WELCOME
  3. 3. Presented To, Madhu.R Associate Professor MSNIMT Chavara By, Dhanya Ajith S3 MBA MSNIMT Chavara
  4. 4. James Walter Thompson
  5. 5. JWT, the fourth largest marketing communications network in the world, has nearly 10,000 employees in more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, serving over 1,200 clients.
  6. 6. ABOUT JWT……………………..
  7. 7. James Walter Thompson (28 October 1847 – 16 October 1928)
  8. 8. About James WalterThompson • James Walter Thompson was the namesake of the JWT advertising agency and a pioneer of many advertising techniques. • In 1864, William James Carlton started selling advertising space in religious magazines. • The agency was called Carlton and Smith, although almost nothing is known about the Smith partner. • Carlton hired Thompson as a bookkeeper. • Eventually Thompson found that soliciting and sales were much
  9. 9. • Thompson bought the agency for $500 and renamed it J. Walter Thompson Company. • Thompson hired writers and artists to form the first known creative department in an advertising agency. • He is credited as the "father of modern magazine advertising" in the US.
  10. 10. HISTORY
  11. 11. 1864-founded by William James Carlton 1877-Carlton's company was renamed by James Walter Thompson 1987-acquired by WPP Group 2005-agency was "relaunched" by dropping the name J. Walter Thompson in exchange for JWT
  12. 12. JWT claims to be the first to, • build the first full-service advertising agency • create the first international network. Its London office opened in 1899. • pioneer ad careers for women. • create the first-ever testimonial ad (it was for Pond's Cold Cream), in 1925. • invent the grilled cheese sandwich for its client Kraft n 1930. • produce the first-ever TV commercial in 1939. • create the first advertisement in Second Life (Ford Argentina) • be the first agency to create its own television Christmas
  14. 14. In INDIA was established in 1929 in
  15. 15. An Advertisement for the J. Walter Thompson Company from 1903
  16. 16. CLIENTS
  17. 17. “ultimate goal is to embrace the empowered consumer - one who can opt out of commercials, self-publish on the web and download music anytime - and entice him or her to spend time with its clients' brands through big media-neutral marketing ideas”
  18. 18. SERVICES
  19. 19. • Creative • Digital • Global • Interactive • Market research • Total branding solutions across all communication •Marketing •Planning •Research •Specialized Communications •Strategic Communications
  20. 20. Ads By JWT India
  21. 21. • SUN TV-CHUTTI PROMO-The channel promo and character designed by JWT Chennai for Chutti TV, the new kids channel from the SUN TV network.
  22. 22. Ad By JWT Singapore
  23. 23. Ad By JWT Sydney
  24. 24. ACTIVITIES
  26. 26. JWT positions Kotak Securities as undisputable leader in brokerages • Kotak Securities has unveiled its new marketing campaign to reinforce its positioning in the broking space. • The new campaign titled 'Koi debate?' targets investors in the age group of 25- 60 years and attempts at creating the aura of an unchallenged brokerage leader for Kotak Securities. • JWT has rolled out a television
  28. 28. JWT buys 51% stake in Hungama Digital Services • JWT has acquired a 51% stake in Hungama Digital • The new entity called Hungama Digital Services will be a full-service digital agency, specializing in digital marketing and social media solutions.
  29. 29. JWT India Awarded Cannes Grand Prix JWT has been awarded the Grand Prix in the direct category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the most prestigious annual advertising award show. The hallmark award recognizes JWT India for "Lead India," a campaign developed for the Times of India.
  30. 30. JWT Continues to Pioneer With Latest Groundbreaking Achievement • WT Puerto Rico has been awarded the prestigious Grand Prix Lion for Public Relations (Cannes Lions International) • The honor recognizes JWT Puerto Rico for Banco Popular’s “Most Popular Song” campaign and marks the first-ever Grand Prix award for Puerto Rico. (Unemployment is a global crisis)
  31. 31. PUBLIC UTILITY AND SERVICE •JWT Chennai, & Famous House of Animation salute the ancient & fading art, 'Patachitrkatha', from Orissa, India, by adapting it for creating an awareness ad for •, is a search/multi utility portal. It
  32. 32. Print Ads
  33. 33. The longest tennis match ever. / JWT London When John Isner beat Nicolas Mahut 70 – 68 at Wimbledon in 2010, in the longest tennis match ever, JWT saw a tactical opportunity around this historic event that would perfectly suit the Kit-Kat brand, which is all about having a break.
  34. 34. Nestlé - Polo • Polo, the mint with the hole. / JWT Paris • Double-sided press ad with a hole (to escape)!
  35. 35. Johnson & Johnson - Reach • JWT Brazil Instead of use a functional approach, JWT adopted a funny mood to express the Reach dental floss catching kinds of meat that very often get stuck between teeth.
  36. 36. CREATIVE Ads