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User Experience design portfolio

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  1. 1. Dhananjay NikamUser Experience DesignerPortfolio
  2. 2. This portfolio showcases sample of the projects I’ve undertaken. My passion for design whichextends beyond the UI.Therefore I’ve included few samples of works/projects that I had doneover the past years.I hope this gives you a good introduction to the range of work as a User Experience designer andmy creative thought process.I’ve tried to briefly cover each project, as many of them span more than a month, so if you wouldlike to see more samples, I‘m more than happy to pass them along. 
  3. 3. Portal  for  rehabilitation  of  disabled  Army  soldiersDuration: 2 monthsWith guidance from- YUJDesigns,Pune.Researched on various disability and interviewed disabled soldiers.By understanding and analyzing the psychology and their needs,designed an informative cum interactive portalwhere the target users can communicate across India.Award Winning project @ADI Association ofDesigners of India
  4. 4. Management  Game  I-­‐pad  applicationDuration: 4 monthsManagement games are highly complex. There is too much data and the traditional way of conducting the managementgame is tedious.Thus, enhancing the learning of management concepts by experiential learning is important.Hence on the UX front the aim is to increase the level of engagement and accelerate learning process in the ManagementGame application by enhancing the User Experience
  5. 5. Team  page  design  for  an  e-­‐commerce  websiteDuration: 2 monthsClient project with - YUJDesigns,Pune.Objective was to build a place on Abc.com where fans canEngage socially around common interests and passion.Extend the event experience beyond the event itself.Logo HeaderHeaderLogoLearn more about the teams for which they can buy tickets.Enticing users to make the buying decisions on the spot.
  6. 6. Puneritraveller.com  website  redesignDuration: 2 monthsTo enable them to receive information about the various tourist places in and around PuneTo provide them with all necessary information required to visit/about a place.
  7. 7. Application  for  android  tabletsClient : Primesoft,HyderabadDuration: 2 monthsUser Interface focussed on User Experience for two different types of users that can be used by the mobile application developerto develop the application on various mobile devices and tablets.
  8. 8. Heartbreak  recovery  portalDuration: 1 monthA portal, which will help people not only to recover from relationship heartbreak but also to perceive their lifedifferently and positively.To help them regain their confidence and to make them self-healer.Relationship tipsHome ReconcileHeal yourself Get Inspired Get Experts Advice BlogsGet over heartbreakEmail ID PasswordRegister | Log inOur MissionTo become the most trusted and most helpfuldestination for heartbroken people to express themselves,connect with others in similar situations, and find what theyneed to bounce back to their best selves and move forwardto a happier life.Enjoy these 375 Relationship tips created byBarbara Gibson, our exclusive RelationshipGuru ....You Can Take These 15-Specific Steps To HealYour Broken Heart....Michael has broken the bar by providing asystem that will really help you get your exback ....Get  Over  ItSearch
  9. 9. Desktop  application  for  hospitalsDuration: 1 monthResearch on government hospitals in Pune.Identified problems faced by the users of health care services in the hospital.Proposed an enhanced design for more efficient service delivery.Focused majorly on creating Staff login screen,Bill payment screen and Work to do screen for the staff.
  10. 10. User  study  for  a  web  based  s-­‐commerce  softwareDuration: 1 monthClient project with - YUJDesigns,Pune.Conducted user study where the methodology was to perform usability testing within subjects,to observe each task andto probe whenever required to know the mental model.
  11. 11. E-­‐leaDlet  designClient : Xthrill Adventure Academy,LavasaDuration: 3 DaysDesigned e-leaflet for children’s adventure camps.
  12. 12. dhananjaynikam4734@gmail.comhttp://in.linkedin.com/pub/dhananjay-nikam/2b/85a/694https://www.facebook.com/dhananjay.nikam1?ref=tn_tnmn+91 9049 222 103