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Slides from webinar Coded Steps in Test Studio

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Test studiowebinaraugcodedstep

  1. 1. facebook.com/telerik @telerik Integrating coded steps in functional tests of Telerik Test Studio
  2. 2. Agenda  Getting started with Test Automation  Record and Execute a Test  Why we need Coded Step  Demo on Coded Step  Demo on MS Test , Data Base operations , File System Access, Tables
  3. 3. Give Away Two of you will get Telerik Ninja T-shirt
  4. 4.  Dhananjay Kumar – Customer Advocate, Telerik – Microsoft MVP – C-SharpCorner MVP – @debug_mode – http://debugmode.net – http://telerikhelper.net – Dhananjay.kumar@telerik.com Presenter
  5. 5. Test Studio Test Studio Desktop Visual Studio Plugin
  6. 6. Demo
  7. 7. Why Coded Steps ?
  8. 8. Why Coded Steps ? Automating a complex verification which cannot be constructed by tool. Writing Clean-up Steps. For example you may want to clean or delete all the temporary test files before or after executing test. It may be chances that tool might not able automate clean-up task. In this case you may have to write coded step for clean-up task.
  9. 9. Why Coded Steps ? Setting up Test Environment. You may need to set up test environment before executing test. Setting up environment may contain loading external test data, connecting to a dedicated server, loading user profile etc. It may be chances that tool might not able to set up environment for various testing scenario. In this case you may have to write coded step to set up test environment. There may be complex test scenario like verifying that whether a particular file got downloaded successfully on file system or not. These types of tests are very tough to be automated by a particular tool. In this case you may have to write coded step to verify file size on file system.
  10. 10. Why Coded Steps ? There may be test scenario in which you need to create test data from multiple data sources. It may be chances that tool might not able to gather or mash up data from various data source. In this case you may have to write coded step to create test data. And many more …………
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Pricing • Functional Web and Desktop Testing • Web Performance Testing • Load Testing • Manual Testing • Visual Studio plug-in • Perpetual License • Subscribe to updates $2,499/ node
  13. 13. Resources http://www.telerik.com http://www.telerik.com/testing http://tv.telerik.com http://telerikhelper.net @Telerik @teleriktesting
  14. 14. Questions? Dhananjay.kumar@telerik.com @debug_mode
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