DTMF (Mobile) Based Automation


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DTMF (Mobile) Based Automation

  1. 1. 1 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  2. 2.  How to design a electronic system ?  Block diagrams  Electronic circuit  HACS  Mobile remote control  DTMF & Cell phone  Mobile network  Signal Decoding  MCU  Interfacing MCU & 220VAC Mains supply  Conclusion2 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  3. 3.  Pick a problem from daily life.  Check what you have & what you want ?  Design flow of process.  Draw block diagrams.  Explore each process as you can.  Now its time to design electronic circuit. Choose electronic components as per requirement.  Assemble & connect complete system circuit.  Test it , Now your system is ready to work.3 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  4. 4. Block diagrams INPUT PROCESS PROCESS SYSTEM FUNCTION You Have OUTPUT You Want4 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  5. 5. Electronic circuit Clock Generator Decade Counter5 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  6. 6. HACS [Home Automation Control System] Home Appliance Control System accessed by a remote device such as mobile phone or a palm-top(PC) to allow a home owner to control, monitor and coordinate home appliances. The following picture gives an overview of how the system is works. HACS is a system which provides various services to remotely operate on home appliances. The HACS system receives commands from remote devices that are manipulated by user.6 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  7. 7. Need of Automation 1. Saves time When: you are in a traffic jam 2. Save money (Long run) on the highway 3. Self Maintenance What: You set microwave oven in a slow cooking mode 4. Security 5. Makes life easy Oven7 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  8. 8. Mobile Network & Remote Control SMS Based DTMF- DTMF Based High Compatibility with all cell MS GSM Data logging phone models Very cheap ,Easy to implement BTS GSM / CDMA NETWORK BTS8 MS Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  9. 9. DTMF Signals  DTMF is a signalling system for identifying the keys or better say the number dialled on a pushbutton or DTMF keypad.  DTMF is a multi frequency tone dialling system used by the push button keypads in telephone and mobile sets to convey the number or key dialled by the caller.  DTMF has enabled the long distance signalling of dialled numbers in voice frequency range over telephone lines.  DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency) as the name suggests uses a combination of two sine wave tones to represent a key. These tones are called row and column frequencies as they correspond to the layout of a telephone keypad.9 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  10. 10. DTMF signaling application  DTMF tones are thus mainly used at the telephone switching centres for detection of dialled/called number.  IVR systems , Call centers ,Security systems.  DTMF tones were also used by terrestrial stations for turning on and shutting off remote transmitters.10 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  11. 11. DTMF to BCD decoding 3.5 mm Jack 3.5 mm audio connector11 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  12. 12. 220VAC Mains Interfacing12 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  13. 13. Mobile Remote Control System DTMF Decoder chip To/from Phone Jack (Output/Input) Data Access Arrangement Chip Voice Chip Microcontroller Outputs SS Relay SS Relay SS Relay Device No. 1 Device No. 2 Device No. 313 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  14. 14. MCU Electronic Circuit14 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  15. 15. Project at a glance15 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  16. 16. Want to ask ??? Any doubts or queries……16 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar
  17. 17. 17 Designed by-Yogesh Kumar