10 Most Viewed Articles from my Sales & Marketing Blog


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As the year is winding down, I wanted to share with you the top 10 articles from my blog. (Based on the readership).

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10 Most Viewed Articles from my Sales & Marketing Blog

  1. 1. 10 Most Viewed Articles from my Sales & Marketing BlogAs the year is winding down, I wanted to share with you the top 10 articles from my blog. Based on the readership thehonors go to:#1 Four Basic Things Every Person in Sales Needs to Do to Be SuccessfulSelling is a very detailed process. There are four basic things that every person in Sales needs to do to besuccessful. These four things are: belief in your products and services, knowing how to prospect/knowing your targetmarket, knowing how to engage prospects and customers with a message that is compelling and the ability to persistin the face of rejection and knowing how to get past objections. ….#2 How to Deal with Difficult CustomersIn sales, we all have to deal with difficult customers. Today, I am going discuss how to deal with difficult customers. Ina previous post, I discussed how to get customers to pay on time. Before I can discuss how to handle difficultcustomers, the situation needs to be put in context. In other words, why were the customers being difficult? Werethey being difficult because you screwed up their order or service call? Are they just miserable people? Does thecustomer constantly cancel their orders? What kind of relationship do you have with this customer? How important isyour customer to your bottom line or monthly quota. …#3 How to Make a Cold CallWhether you are a veteran or if you are new in sales, you will have to make cold calls to build your customer base.Many sales people dread making cold calls.However, if you approach it the right way; cold calling can be a great way to develop your selling skills and forgegreat relationships with your future customers. …#4 The Basic Principles of Marketing have changed or have they?Marketing in the digital age has shifted from content to context. Up until recently, many brands created the contentthat was used to market their products. Consumers were expected to like their products just because they lookedcool or were hip. With the rise of social networking with sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this started to change. …#5 How to Build Your Business & Brand Using Facebook PagesIn my last post, I discussed about how to build your personal brand on Facebook. Today I am going to discuss how tobrand your business using Facebook pages. Remember Facebook is the largest Social networking site which meansthat your customers and prospects are on the site. Your job as a business and a brand is to engage with fans,prospects and customers. The goal is to convert this engagement (marketing) to product sales. Facebook pages area great way to do this. …#6 10 Things a Sales Leader Needs to Do or Have to Be SuccessfulDeciding to go into sales management is a very big step for a sales person. Recently, I received an offer to serve asa sales trainer or de-facto sales manager; based on my time in field sales and my blog.What are a VP of Sales, Sales Director and Sales Manager? …
  2. 2. #7 How to Generate Leads for Your BusinessLead Generation is an essential building block for businesses to find potential buyers who are interested in theirproducts and services. In previous posts, I discussed how to prospect and identify your target market. In this post, Iwill discuss how businesses can find leads and what mediums can be used to obtain leads.Many mediums can be used to obtain leads. These mediums include: Direct mail, Email, Marketing, Surveys,Advertising, Social Media, referrals from current customers, business networking, trade show marketing. …#8 How to Handle the Objection: “call me after the holidays”The holiday season is upon us. Everyone is in holiday shopping mode from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and manyother things. Also, everyone is thinking about going to parties. So the last thing on your customers and prospectsmind is to make a year-end purchase; unless they receive a year-end tax advantage. As a sales rep, you are underpressure to close deals so you can earn that bonus. Unless your customer is in a buying mood, you are going tohear the objection “call me after the holidays”. If you have done business with this customer, you will have an easiertime than if you are making a cold call. …#9 How to Get Customers to Pay On Time While Keeping their BusinessWhen we deal with customers, it is important to get them to pay their invoices in a timely manner. What a timelymanner means is dependent on your company’s payment policy. Are these customers C.O.D or are they net 30, net60, net 90 or longer? This payment structure is based on the length of the sales cycle.What can we do to make sure that customers pay their invoices on time? …#10 How to Overcome Sales Objections & StallsIn sales, everyone has to be able to overcome objections in order to be successful. The best way toovercome objections is to prevent them. This can be done by providing a thorough sales presentation that coversall the information about your products and services. Also it is imperative that you address any questions the prospecthas immediately. However, objections will come up from time to time. Some of these objections are realbuying signals and others are just stalls to put you off. As a Salesperson, you need to be able to tell thedifference. This will come with experience and by reading situational cues in each selling situation. Remember theprospect is buying you. In other words, you are part of the offering. Below, I have put together a comprehensivelist of objections that I encountered and overcame as an outside sales representative in New York City.Handling Objections & Stalls from Prospects…Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate your support. There are more articles to come in the coming weeks. Feelfree to send me your comments, questions and suggestions.Have a great holiday season and a wonderful 2013. I will see you soon!