Noah and the great flood


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Noah and the great flood

  1. 1. Bible for Children presents NOAH AND THE GREAT FLOOD
  2. 2. Noah was a man whoworshiped God. Everyoneelse hated and disobeyedGod. One day, God saidsomething shocking. "I will destroy this wicked world," God told Noah. "Only your family will be saved."
  3. 3. God said Noah that a great flood wouldcome and cover the earth. "Build awooden ark, a boat big enough for your family and many animals." God gave Noah exact instructions. Noah got busy!
  4. 4. People mockedwhen Noah explainedwhy he was making an ark. Noah continued to build. He also continued to tell people about God. Nobody listened.
  5. 5. Noah had great faith.He believed God eventhough rain had neverfallen before. Soonthe ark was ready tobe loaded with supplies.
  6. 6. God brought many species, of animals:two of each. All of them made theirway to the ark.
  7. 7. People shouted insultsat Noah when he loaded theanimals. They did not stopsinning against God. Theydid not ask to enterthe ark.
  8. 8. Then the rain came. A great downpour soaked the earthfor forty days and nights.
  9. 9. Waters flooded towns and villages. When therain stopped, even the mountainswere under water. Everythingthat breathed air died
  10. 10. As the waters rose, the arkfloated on top. The arksheltered Noah fromthe flood.
  11. 11. After five months of flooding, Godsent a drying wind. Slowly, the arklanded high in the mountains. Noah stayed inside another forty days as the water lowered.
  12. 12. Noah sent a raven and a dove out of the arks openwindow. the dove returned to Noah because it didnot find a dry, clean place to rest.
  13. 13. A week later, Noahtried again. Thedove came back witha new olive leaf in itsbeak. The next weekNoah knew the earthwas dry because thedove did not return.
  14. 14. God told Noah it was time to leave theark. Together, Noah and his familyunloaded the animals.
  15. 15. To thank God,Noah builtan altar andworshiped GodWho savedhim and hisfamily fromthe awful flood.
  16. 16. God gave Noaha wonderfulpromise. Neveragain to senda flood to judgehuman sin. God gave a great reminder of His promise. The rainbow is the sign of Gods promise.
  17. 17. Noah and his family found newbeginnings after the flood.In time, his descendants re-populated the whole earth. Allthe nations of the world camefrom Noah and his children.
  18. 18. The End
  19. 19. Written by: E. Duncan HughesIllustrated by: Byron Unger and Lazarus Adapted by: M. Maillot and Tammy S. Produced by: Bible for Children ®2007 Bible for Children, Inc. License: You have the right to copy or print this story, as long as you do not sell it.
  20. 20. Noah and the Great Flood A story from Gods Word, the Bible, is found in Genesis 6 to 10"The entrance of Your Word gives light." Psalm 119:130