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  • 1. D EXON S OFTWARE Your best partner in IT managementDexon Software1 Q 2011
  • 2. _ 1 Q 2011Dexon Software is a software development company, established in the state ofDelaware in the United States since July 2002, focused on research and developmentof technological tools aimed at integration, process management and control of the ITarea, with over 17 years experience in the technology sector. Now, Dexon Software isa global company that specializes in the development of competitive products andconsistent with the highest standards of quality of new trends in IT management andits relationship to business processes.Dexon Software has presence in 5 countries in Latin America© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 1
  • 3. _ 1 Q 2011At present new challenges for managers who represent the globalization of markets,top business competitiveness and increasing demand for improved service andsupport, have made Dexon Software evolves and fits in perfectly with these newbusiness conditions now making our solutions portfolio is the only market that cannatively integrated with each other, to build a single solution designed to fit the needsof each company, with products that have been tested in the laboratories of VeriTest ,reached the platform certifications for Microsoft operating systems, databases, SQLServer 2000, 2005 and 2008 and for the entire platform of Microsoft operatingsystems to Windows Vista, and Linux, and Macintosh.Our products are designed to help simplify the management of their IT department,increase productivity and improve communications during the process of managing ITservices offered by your company, offering solutions that optimize the use oftechnological resources. Fully modular and scalable, focused on supporting themanagement of all processes that support the IT area.At this moment Dexon Software has 17 product certifications, the most important are:© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 2
  • 4. _ 1 Q 2011PRODUCTS DEXON SOFTWAREDexon Software offers a complete portfolio of solutions designed to support bestpractices in the provision and management of the processes associated with thedelivery of IT services, which can be used on any company regardless of size orservices rendered, becoming the most comprehensive solution on the market. Ourportfolio natively integrated solutions that allow activities such as: • Full management of IT infrastructure. (Remote IT Asset Manager) • Service Request Management in ITIL best practices internal and external end users. (Service Desk Director) • Monitoring of networks, servers and processes (Network Monitor) • Call Management under VoIP. (VoIP Connector) • Backing up and restoring files. (Content Guardian) • Design and distribution of physical spaces. (Room Maker) • Automation of workflows that support business processes (Workflow Manager) • Virtual communication and real-time support for external users (Virtual Contact Assistant) • Business Activity Monitoring (Dexon Business Management)Natively integrates the different modules of the solutions, which are completelymodular and scalable according to particular needs. Generate separate functions, butalso integrated to specialize each task of the system but at the same time maintainingthe relationship that exists between all modules. This design achieves a variety ofconfigurations and utilities that are tailored to the needs of each company,administrator or user. Having an entire infrastructure management, reliabletechnology, it is vital to ensure the reliability of its technology services aligned withthe vision of your business. The solutions developed by Dexon Software Inc. have beenrecognized by major companies like Pink Elephant and Microsoft, who have given usthe level of PinkVerify Service Support and Gold Certified Partner respectively. Ourproducts have been tested with VeriTest labs, achieved certification as a platform forMicrosoft operating systems, databases, SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Additionally weare one of the first companies worldwide certified to be 100% compatible withWindows Vista platform© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 3
  • 5. _ 1 Q 2011LIST OF PRODUCTS AND MAIN FUNCTIONS DEXON IT ASSET REMOTE MANAGERIs a product designed for administration, audit and monitoring of all the IT platform ofany organization, using processes and practices based on ITIL. Provides a centralizedIT management environment focused on the alignment with business goals and costsreduction.This product helps IT administrators to present real opportunities for support andreduction of costs and risks to business objectives. Delivery 6 administrative modulesthat contain the functionality necessary to control the delivery of an efficient,centralized platform. • Inventory Manager, • Assets management, • E Sam • Remote Administration, • Remote Control, • Software Delivery DEXON CONTENT GUARDIANDexon Content Guardian is a product that allows you to backup (Backup´s) files andmakes disk images on the machines of users in your company or stations at workwhen you need it or as a company security policy process. Dexon Content Guardian isthe product Backup allows you to makes you need recovery files about the themachines in your company or stations work as required. This form allows you toautomatic control and manages files important to ensure normal operation oftechnological activities, acting as insurance against any unexpected accidents, misuseor fraud technology.© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 4
  • 6. _ 1 Q 2011 • Dexon BackUp Management • Dexon Image Disk DEXON ROOM MAKERDexon Room Maker is a product that lets you set rules and organization-based on thebest forms of adjustment and accommodation-user groups in the infrastructure ofjobs or workstations available from a company. Also lets you set rules and the bestways to adapt and accommodate groups of users of the infrastructure of jobs orworkstations available. Working under an automatic control and intelligent whichallows distribution positions, plan the growth of business locations, monitor thephysical adaptation to the growth of your company and link assets and integratedwith help desk. • Floor Plan Designer • Campaing Manager • Automatic Allocator Expert DEXON SERVIVE DESK DIRECTORDexon Service Desk Director is responsible for the administration of the care andsupport services to end users who may be external customers or internal users of anyorganization. Dexon Software supplied with this product the most robust, integratedand delivering the highest aggregate market value by incorporating all managementpractices and support a single view of information management without the need toinclude data from external tools and enabling IT to unify the entire process in a singleintuitive management console, friendly and merge with all best practices ITIL.© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 5
  • 7. _ 1 Q 2011This product then allows the development of projects under the ITIL process. • Incident Management • Configuration Management • Change Management • Problem Management • Release management • Capacity Management • Availability Management DEXON VOIP CONECTORVoIP Dexon Connector allows care and provision of centralized services throughtelephone calls. Through the use of Voice over IP (Voice over IP, VoIP) voiceconversations are transmitted in a data network using IP (Internet Protocol). DexonVoIP Connector offers the functionality you need to meet their business needs andsupport you need. Use your PC and network connection to make and receive callsthrough IP telephony. This product expands the possibilities of communication withtheir customers to integrate voice over IP protocol with different tools that enablerecording actions and monitoring the traditional telephone system cannot offer. • Call Management • Smart Caller ID • Call Monitoring© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 6
  • 8. _ 1 Q 2011 DEXON WORKFLOW MANAGERDexon Workflow Manager enables the automation of tasks and activities related tocertain process in an automatic and intelligent workflow. Workflow ranks a process indifferent tasks and makes it possible to follow the establishment of stages andmethodologies. Dexon Workflow Manager improves response time and reduces costsby providing a platform to automate, improve and manage complex businessprocesses. Applications can be easily updated to reflect changes and provide greaterefficiency to the process. • Workflows designer • Workflow orchestrator DEXON VIRTUAL CONTACT ASSISTANTDexon Virtual Contact Assistant eases the management of customers allowing theirapplications are processed in real time by the technical problem solvers or otheradministrative bodies of any organization. Dexon Contact Virtual Assistant, works asan additional component for the management of clients where their requests for careare treated in real time by technical solutions or other administrative bodies of anyorganization. Point consists of a direct encounter between her clients with the peopleresponsible for troubleshooting, user support, etc. With this tool you will be 100%available to your customers when they need it. • Contact Center • Web chat • Help in line© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 7
  • 9. _ 1 Q 2011 DEXON NETWORK MONITORDexon Network Monitor is a product which administers and manages the monitoringnetworks of servers and administration of active devices or services in order toperform the detection and monitoring of network problems. Dexon Network Monitoris a comprehensive solution for monitoring and device management servers orservices in order to perform detection and monitoring of network problems.Incorporates a solution for mapping, monitoring, notification and reporting ofnetwork performance, ease of use, which helps network administrators to detect andresolve network problems quickly. • Monitoreo TCP • SNMP • Event Monitoring DEXON IT BAMDexon IT BAM brings visibility on business processes allowing measuring itsperformance in relation to historical, objective results in business or marketconditions. This control provides the management of performance and service levels,increases responsiveness to problems or opportunities and improves operations.Dexon IT BAM offers a corporate control mechanism in order to provide facilities inthe measurement of goals, targets, initiatives or internal processes from a singlemanagement interface. This functionality allows the display sheet on businessprocesses that allow you to define and measure the goals that reflect the strategicobjectives of any business. Thus Dexon Business Management provides controlfacilities such BSC (Balanced Scorecard)© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 8
  • 10. _ 1 Q 2011 TOOLS INTEGRATORSLDAP SYNCHRONIZERDexon LDAP Synchronizer is a component that was created to gain access to adirectory service ordered and distributed to find different information in a networkenvironment. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allows you to constantlyupdate all the information that has been collected through the protocol by the boardof your company, you can perform user authentication for users not to create modulesand use the credentials user network.REPORTS DESIGNERDexon Reports Designer constitutes a vital support tool for understanding what isreally happening with your technology infrastructure. This component allows you tobuild fully customizable reports with timely and specific needs of each organization.Allows scan and display Web based reports and makes them available to analysts,executives, managers, customers or suppliers.PROFILE ADMINISTRATORThe user profile management and is one of the main security mechanisms used by ITmanagers to ensure the correct use of the solutions and information security. DexonProfile Administrator is a component of our portfolio management that lets you assignprofiles and users with different settings for each one of them, make security policiesand restricted options to users or user groups.ALARMS AND NOTIFICATIONSConfigurable alarms sent to the computers and users who require information aboutchanges or events in the process of infrastructure management. Allows you to:Alarm email: An e-mail notification to one or a group of users about changes or events,new procedures, security policies etc..Alarm display: real time notification and sent directly to a computer in Pop-Upwindow© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 9
  • 11. _ 1 Q 2011WARRANTY AND QUALITYDexon Software offers its customers and partners a unique guarantee of efficiency inthe operation, implementation and outcome of our product portfolio, being the onlyone in Latin America to achieve the record of more than 115,000 thousand licensessold, which positions us as leaders in cutting edge in the implementation and deliveryof software solutions throughout the region. This position is supported by achievingcustomer satisfaction senior, reflected in continuing operations, implementation ofService Management processes 61% of our customers and Assets Management 100%This distinguishing feature provides a unique strength reliability is accompanied byeffective support processes that provide customers a wide range of mechanisms thatwill address all your questions and help you solve any problem to restore the full andoptimal operation Dexon any product. Thus, the online support, onsite support orremote databases and updates of knowledge constitute the main tools for reliablepresence that provide our customers.ALLIANCESStrategic alliances Dexon Software are an ideal mechanism to learn and implementbusiness opportunities that encourage growth and satisfy all the needs of ourcustomers. These alliances will help your organization to increase the level ofsatisfaction in the IT area. And allow us to offer more comprehensive solutions andachieve a competitive advantage in technology, marketing and sales and service.Among the most important alinzas cuientan those obtained with HP Software and HPDeveloper and Solution Partner Program (DSPP), IBM software that can run oursolutions to manage and control IT platform on Linux machines running on serversIBM Systems. Intel and Intel Software Partner or Microsoft Certified Partner andMicrosoft goal© 2009 Dexon S.A. Todos los derechos reservados 10