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This is my carreers exploration

This is my carreers exploration

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  • 1. PublishingBY: Devonte Mote
  • 2. Table of Contents The Meaning of Publishing ….. Page 3 The Salary of a Publisher ….. Page 4
  • 3. The Meaning of Publishing Publications can be a job or an activity that issues books, journals, magazines, etc. Most things or material that go on for sale can be considered as published.
  • 4. $$The Salary of a Publisher$$ The Salary of a publisher depends on how good they are and how much experience they have on it. Another thing is what type of publisher they are and how much experience they have on it.
  • 5. The Positions ofgrowth would start The Startingyou off as an Positions of aassistant, to a Publisherdeliverer, and thenthe rest. Some of the starting positions of a publisher would be an assistant, printing department, and logistic personnel others.
  • 6. Requirements for Publishing One of the main requirements for publishing is having a college degree in journalism, English, communications, or technical writing field. Also a strong track record should be required for a publisher role.
  • 7. The Benefits of a Publisher People help create, personalize, and share your work with others. You can communicate with people about your projects saving time and money.
  • 8. Publishing Thosewere many things about becoming a Publisher, hopefully it inspired you into becoming a publisher…. Have a great life.