Case study no 2


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Case study no 2

  1. 1. Case Study No. 2 People use computers in a variety of fields, including education, finance,government, health care, science, publishing, travel, and manufacturing. Although theway people use computers varies, each use of a computer involves computer hardware,computer software, and normally some type of communications capability overnetworks, such as the Internet. Form a five member team and choose a field in whichyou are all interested. Using the Web, and/or print media, assign two members of your team toinvestigate hardware used in the field, another member to investigate software used inthe field, and the rest to investigate communication capabilities used in the field. Afteryour investigation characterize a hypothetical business or organization in the field.Based on your investigation prepare a report that recommends specific hardware,software, and networking capabilities that would be best for the business ororganization; explain your recommendations in the report.The Field we chose is the Government. First of all what is hardware based on my research Hardware is a general termfor equipment that can be touched/held by hand suchas keys, locks, hinges, latches, handles, wire, chains,plumbing supplies, Electrical Supplies, tools, utensils, cutlery and machine parts. InGovernment one of the most used hardware is the computer .Computers are used inData processing for efficient and effective delivery of services, Power shifts betweenbranches of government (executive , legislative , and judicial) and federal versus statejurisdictions, Usage in crime prevention: NCIC, Computerized defense systems: smartweapons and depersonalized armies and many more. Next is the software. Software is a computer instructions or data. Anything thatcan be stored electronically is software. The storage devices and display devicesare hardware. The distinction between software and hardware is sometimes confusingbecause they are so integrally linked. Clearly, when you purchase a program, you arebuying software. But to buy the software, you need to buy the disk(hardware) on whichthe software is recorded. One of the most used software in a government is theinformation storage and retrieval system or also known as ISRS. An information storageand retrieval system (ISRS) is a network with a built-in user interface that facilitates thecreation, searching, and modification of stored data. An ISRS is typically a peer-to-peernetwork operated and maintained by private individuals or independent organizations,but accessible to the general public. Some, but not all, ISRSs can be accessed from theInternet. (The largest ISRS in the world is the Internet itself.)
  2. 2. Characteristics of an ISRS include lack of centralization, graceful degradation inthe event of hardware failure, and the ability to rapidly adapt to changing demands andresources. The lack of centralization helps to ensure that catastrophic data loss doesnot occur because of hardware or program failure, or because of the activities ofmalicious hackers. Graceful degradation is provided by redundancy of data andprogramming among multiple computers. The physical and electronic diversity of anISRS, along with the existence of multiple operating platforms, enhances robustness,flexibility, and adaptability. (These characteristics can also result in a certain amount ofchaos.) In addition to these features, some ISRSs offer anonymity, at least in theory, tocontributors and users of the information. A significant difference between an ISRS and a database management system isthe fact that an ISRS is intended for general public use, while a database managementsystem is likely to be proprietary, with access privileges restricted to authorized entities.In addition, an ISRS, having no centralized management, is less well-organized than adatabase management system. Lastly, communication capabilities used in the government field. One of the mostused communication capabilities used in the government is using the internet.The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use thestandard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. So usinginternet you can use it as a way to communicate to others or to communicate globally ina easy way simply just by using the internet. And if you used it effectively it will result toimpressive and effective communication skill, which can make you happy, well known,victorious, loving and content. Communication increases many aspects of life.Communication is a part and parcel of our everyday life. There are many benefits ofgood communication skills. And if there will be a good communication there will bepeace.
  3. 3. In this illustration we see the Alternating periods of economic growth andcontraction. One of the most basic analysis frameworks you can use to solve a businessproblem is the “cost-benefit analysis”. This method is fairly self-explanatory. It involvesweighing up the total expected costs and benefits of one course of action againstanother. Having done this, you will be able to formulate a more well-thought-out solutionto the business problem. So in this problem I recommend the use of Computers,Information Storage and the Internet it makes the analization easy and you can use it asa medium to make the work easier.