Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Co-Founded by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, Partners with the American Heart Association and Creates KKR Wellness Works
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Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Co-Founded by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, Partners with the American Heart Association and Creates KKR Wellness Works

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KKR (co-founded by Henry Kravis and George Roberts) started "KKR Wellness Works" in 2011, and partnered with the American Heart Association in 2012. They are committed to creating wellness,......

KKR (co-founded by Henry Kravis and George Roberts) started "KKR Wellness Works" in 2011, and partnered with the American Heart Association in 2012. They are committed to creating wellness, knowledge, and support in the workplace. 2 employees are profiled (Tom Uger and Henry Kravis), and an overview of the program is laid out.

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  • 1. KKR Wellness Works Program
  • 2. About KKR Wellness Works KKR Wellness Works was launched in 2011. Launched in 2011, KKR Wellness Works is an innovative program designed to help companies collaborate and improve their employees health and wellness. According to the website, “It is centered on the concept that individuals who know and understand their key health indicators can better manage their health and improve their overall wellness.” In September 2012, KKR and the American Heart Association announced that they were working together on research that is focused on proactive wellness. This program is currently studying the effectiveness of workplace wellness initiatives through research. Four of KKR’s private equity portfolio companies are participating in the program.
  • 3. The Five-Part Program ModelPicture Source
  • 4. Commitment to WellnessPicture Source
  • 5. Commitment to Wellness KKR has stated that they believe providing employees with health information and resources will help create a positive change in people. This will happen by making them healthier, more informed, and engaged. This will result in lower health costs, less absents from work, improve productivity of employees, and create better companies and communities. They believe that not only will this benefit people and companies, but it will also help people to consume fewer healthcare resources in general. KKR stated that they, “believe that the design of health care plans, wellness programs and additional tools provided to employees can effectively promote healthier life choices, thereby reducing chronic disease risk factors and uncovering underlying health risks.”
  • 6. Tom Uger – Commitment to Wellness Tom Uger joined KKR in 1998 and is the co-head of KKR’s Media and Communications. Tom is not only committed to health wellness, he is involved in improving his community through conservation. He has helped to protect over 135 acres in Standford. Tom is also an advocate for the arts, sitting on the Board of Directors of the Katharsis Theater Company. Katharsis creates classic plays that are dynamic and surprise the audiences. Picture Source
  • 7. Henry Kravis - Commitment to Wellness Henry Kravis is the co-founder of KKR with his cousin, George Roberts. He is currently Co- Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer. Henry is involved in wellness in all areas of life. He and his wife started the Marie-Josee and Henry R Kravis Foundation, which mainly gives money to different programs that support health, education, international affairs, science, technology and religion. Henry Kravis also started the Kravis Prize in Leadership, which identifies extraordinary leaders in the nonprofit sector, celebrates their accomplishments, and shares their best practices with others. Picture Source
  • 8. Working Together: KKR and the American Heart Association Picture Source
  • 9. Working Together: KKR and the American Heart Association “We believe this collaboration is unique for a variety of reasons. As a private equity firm, KKR has a portfolio of companies with diverse populations and geographies. KKR’s portfolio companies collectively employ nearly 400,000 employees in the United States, with approximately 140,000 employees currently enrolled in the KKR Wellness Works Program. The four participating companies deploy different health management programs, healthcare plans, and wellness tools to employees.” Picture Source
  • 10. Research Collaboration KKR and the American Heart Association are hoping to, “determine the specific wellness interventions that demonstrate improvements in employees’ health indicators, based on those interventions being implemented by KRR, assess the effectiveness of different tools, including the American Heart Association’s My Life Check, on overall wellness levels and to add to the existing body of workplace wellness knowledge, which will help employers make informed decisions about building better workplace wellness programs.” Both of these companies working together will create a powerful relationship. The research that is being done has the potential to inform the way employer driven healthcare works in our country. KKR is also working with AHA to help them achieve their goal of a 2o percent improvement in cardiovascular health and wellness for Americans in 2020.
  • 11. Results Since KKR Wellness started in 2011, four portfolio companies have been involved in studies for the program. Below are the results that reflect the 2011 program data. Findings from the research collaboration with the American Heart Association will be available on their website once it is publicly available. *In 2010, First Data only offered screenings to employees in 5 pilot site locations with no incentive offered. In 2011, screenings were not offered. In 2012, adoptingpractices from Wellness Works, First Data impelemented a $200 screening incentive. With the incentive, the company achieved a 53% participation rate. Screenings will be completed again in 2013. DISCLAIMER: The above listed portfolio companies are all KKR’s portfolio companies participating in the Workplace Wellness Program as of September 1, 2012.The specific portfolio companies identified are not representative of all of the portfolio companies purchased, sold or recommended for KKR Funds, and it should not be assumed that the investment in the portfolio companies identified was or will be profitable. Picture Source
  • 12. Resources KKR Wellness Works American Heart Association Henry Kravis Tom Uger