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Presentation Boards of the South Devon Link Road / Kingskerswell Bypass

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Exhibition boards 2

  1. 1. What is being proposed?The plans are to create a 5km, created by widening the existingtwo lane dual carriageway road until Aller. The road thenbetween Penn Inn and the Torbay swings west before proceedingRing Road at Kerswell Gardens. in a southerly direction to bypass Kingskerswell, joining theStarting just before the Penn Inn Torbay Ring Road west ofroundabout, a flyover would take Kerswell Gardens.traffic onto a dual carriageway,
  2. 2. The Government’schallenge to reduce costsThe scheme was forecast to cost over a longer period. This will not£121m, but as the Government change or lessen the benefits ofspending review took effect last the scheme – there will still beyear, all transport schemes under gains from the very start, but it willconsideration were asked to look mean that not all the work will befor savings. done at the same time.Engineers at Devon County Council As a result, the immediate costand Torbay Council reviewed the of the scheme has been reducedproposals and concluded that to £110m, although Devon andthe scheme could be rolled out in Torbay will have to contributestages, to reduce the immediate more through a variety of fundingcost and spread the spending packages.
  3. 3. So what has changed?At Penn Inn, the new bridge over At Edginswell Junction, the duallingthe roundabout would be narrower. that was planned for the road atLosing this extra width will save this point would also be built ata significant sum, but it will not a later date, also reducing thematerially change the way the immediate cost of the scheme.road operates. Finally, omitting the metre wideThe Aller Junction is being hard strips has reduced the widthreconfigured to reduce its immediate of the road construction. Thiscost. As there are alternative ways to change also means that the 50mphaccess the new road, two new slip speed limit will be extended fromroads and the Aller Link Road would Aller through to Edginswell.be built at a later date.
  4. 4. New jobs, new localopportunities134,000 people live in Torbay, but effect across the tourism and retailthese numbers swell dramatically sectors. As a result, the new roadduring the tourist seasons, making could create an additional 7,960the roads even more crowded. jobs across Devon and Torbay.Tourism is a key part of Torbay’s Around 3,500 of these jobs wouldeconomy, with nearly 17% of all be in Torbay, with around 750 beingjobs in the tourist industry, so a in the tourist sector.good transport network is vital. With the increase in employment,The scheme will create the right this will bring another £125m perenvironment for local businesses to year into Torbay’s economy, whichthrive, which will have a knock on will transform the area.
  5. 5. Land ManagementWith such a large scale project, Careful use has been made ofit has also been important to the contours of the land, creatingensure that the visual impact artificial cuttings where necessaryof the road is minimised as far to screen the new route fromas possible. houses and viewpoints.
  6. 6. Costs2010 Cost of scheme £121m Department for Transport contribution £108m2011 Cost of current scheme £110m Department for Transport contribution £76m Devon County Council contribution £17m Torbay Council contribution £17m
  7. 7. What happens next?The scheme is in a development the Secretary of State, constructionpool competing against 45 other could start in 2012 and the roadschemes for a share of £630m. could be in operation byThe total value of all the schemes is December 2015.around £900m so it’s clear that notall of them will be successful. However, we have lots to do in the meantime. We have reducedA new final business case is our costs significantly withoutbeing produced at the moment, compromising the effectivenesswhich will be submitted by 9 of the scheme. There are clearSeptember 2011. A decision on the economic, social and environmentalsuccessful schemes is expected benefits. So now the road needsby Christmas. If the scheme was your support!granted permission to proceed by
  8. 8. How to helpWe need to show the Ministers the road by writing to the Ministermaking the decision that this is responsible for making the decisionthe best option. The case has to and to our MPs. Their details are ondemonstrate that this is best for the newsletter – ask staff for a copy.the area, that it has the backing of The more detail you can givethe community and so the money about the difference a new roadshould be spent here, on this road. will make, the more effective theThere will be some that disagree, letter will be. MPs and Ministers getand the same process applies. thousands of letters each day, soWriting to the Minister and MPs will it’s important to make it stand outbe very important in either case. and make it personal.You can help make the case for Thank you very much for your help.
  9. 9. More informationFor more information please visit our website:www.southdevonlinkroad.co.ukor email: sdlr@coastmarcoms.co.ukor contact:Paul Ewings atMatford OfficesDevon County CouncilCounty HallTopsham RoadExeterEX2 4QW