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ShopBites is a smartphone app designed to drive customers back in to Australian stores. We're speaking to Retail and Brand partners now - call us to be part of this exciting development in Australian retail.

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  • Let’s talk about shopbites
  • Let’s talk about shopbites
  • Let’s talk about shopbites
  • ShopBites Australia - Geolocation Retail App

    1. 1. Driving foot traffic back into Australian retail stores
    2. 2. What’s the problem? Online sales are Retailers are cannibalising looking fortraditional bricks & ways to get mortar sales shoppers back into stores
    3. 3. Geo-location technologyWith geolocation technology and the power of smartphones, Location Based Services (LBS)now make it possible to encourage customersinto your stores and engage directly with them
    4. 4. USA Case study:Shopkick: smartphone app using geolocation technology • 5 million users • 20 million verified store walk-ins, 33 million in-store product scans • Top 4 shopping app (after eBay, Amazon & Groupon) • Partners include: Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Simon Malls, Mobil, Visa • 7,000+ stores in US
    5. 5. What is ShopBites?Smartphone app using geo-location technology to drive foot traffic into Australian stores Users compelled to visit stores, earn points (‘bites’) and redeem for rewards iOS & Android
    6. 6. How it works Visit partner Search and scan Claim rewardsstores to earn products to earn with earned bites bites ... more ... (gift cards, iTunes cards etc)
    7. 7. Benefits for the RetailerIncreased foot traffic Low CAC Targeted Product engagement Increased salescommunications Data capture
    8. 8. Benefits for the Customer Earn rewards … One app for multipleredeem for prizes stores Fun & novel Social
    9. 9. Being part of ShopBites order bites allocate bites to actionsUse Management console to … track activity load marketing campaigns
    10. 10. ShopBites in action
    11. 11. Initial Step:Find Stores Nearby - Map view -
    12. 12. Find Stores Nearby– Augmented Reality view –
    13. 13. Find Stores Nearby - List view -
    14. 14. Summary of ‘bites’available at a store
    15. 15. Look inside …‘bites’ distributedthroughout store departments
    16. 16. Generous Product Detail
    17. 17. Scan to earn bites
    18. 18. Offers & Coupons with iOS Passbook functionality
    19. 19. EmbeddedSharing of Offers and Deals
    20. 20. Rewards
    21. 21. We’re signing Partners now!ShopBites is signing Brand and Retail Partnersnow, prior to launch in mid 2013. To be part of thisexciting development in Australian retail, pleaseget in touch to arrange a meeting.Melanie Hardie, Marketing Mgr Richard Johnson, CEO m: +61 422 441 973 m: +61 403 826 501e: e: We look forward to hearing from you. ShopBites Pty Limited, ACN 162 057 114