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Procedure text

  1. 1. PROCEDURE TEXTDevi Rachmi Susanty031109030
  2. 2. What is procedure text? Procedure text is a text that is explaining about the way how to do, how to get or how to make something. Generic structure of procedure text:  Goal  Material needed  Steps Language feature of procedure text:  Using simple present tense.  Using imperative sentences.  Put …., Crack ….., Open…., etc.  Using connectors to put step in order.  First, next, then, finally, etc.
  3. 3. The examples of procedure text How to Make an Omelet Do you know how to make a Cheese Omelet? Cheese omelet is one kins of foodsthat is easy to make. I will explain to you how to make it.Before you know how to make it, you should prepare ingredients such as one egg, 50grams of cheese, ¼ cup of milk, three tablespoons of cooking oil, a pinch of salt anddon’t forget some pepper. Now, to make a Cheese Omelet, you will need some kitchenutensils like a frying pan, a fork, a whisk, a spatula, a cheese grater, a bowl and a plate.I will tell you the steps how to make it. First, crack an egg into a bowl like this. Then whisk the egg with a fork until it issmooth. After that, add some milk and whisk well. Grate the cheese into the bowl andstir. Next, heat the oil in a frying pan, and pour the mixture into the frying pan.Then, turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns. See, like this. Okay, next cookboth sides. After the omelet is done, place it on a plate, don’t forget to season it withsalt and pepper and you can eat it while warm. It’s easy, isn’t it? Ready to eat!.
  4. 4. How Bread is MadeAlmost everyone eats bread daily, especially for breakfast. Breadmaking is not complicated task. You only needflour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, oil, butter and an oven. (Materials)Choosing good flour is the first step in making bread. There are twokinds of flour, soft and hard. Hard flour, made of winter wheat, is abetter choice for making bread because it produces bread that has abetter texture and taste.Then, lukewarm water, yeast, sugar, and salt are mixed with the flour tomake dough. Yeast is a microscopic organism that is capable ofproducing carbon dioxide. It can make the dough rise or expand. Bothsugar and salt give flavor to the bread so that it tastes nice.They, however, have different effects on yeast. After that, oil (such asolive oil, corn oil, peanut oil) and butter are added because they areessential to make the bread tender. After mixing all the ingredients, thedough is sent to the oven. Then, wait the dough until expands, take itfrom the oven. Finally, ready to serve.( Steps)
  5. 5. Read the jumbled sentences below.Rearrange the sentences in a proper order to compose a TV ownersmanual.1. What if theres no picture or sound on my TV? What should I do?2. Then, check the antena. Perhaps the aerial is not connected to terminal at the back of the TV set.3. Next, turn off the TV, and then turn it on again after a minute.4. But, if there is no problem with antenna, check for broken wires.5. Well, what you can do is a follows :6. Third, check if the power button of the TV is off.7. Second, check if the power wire is plugged into the electricity outlet8. But, if it doesnt work, your last solution is to take the TV to the repairman.9. If the contrast setting in the picture mode might be all the way to the minus side, press the normal button on the remote control to correct.10. First, try a new channel to check for possible station problems.
  6. 6. Make a Procedure Text based onthe topic below! Donuts Scrapbook Let’s Try….
  7. 7. THANK YOU ….. Devi rachmi susanty..