Intel AppUp Webinar Italiano General Information


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General Information about the Intel AppUp developer program shown in out Italian Webinar

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Intel AppUp Webinar Italiano General Information

  1. 1. Copyright 2011 all rights reserved 2
  2. 2. • Intel in Software• What is AppUp?• Intel AppUp developer Program• Tools & Validation Copyright 2011 all rights reserved 9/15/2011 3
  3. 3. SSG Global Presence Israel / Europe Koln, Germany Munich, Germany Ulm, Germany Haifa, Israel Russia Milano, Italy Moscow China Stockholm, Sweden Nizhniy Novgorod Beijing London, UK Novosibirsk Hong Kong Swindon, UK Sarov Nanjing Winnersh, UK St. Petersburg Shanghai Eastern / MidwesternWestern Bucharest, Romania Shenzhen United StatesUnited States IllinoisArizona MassachusettsFolsom, CA New JerseySanta Clara, CA New Hampshire North Carolina AsiaSouthern, CAColorado Texas Sydney, AustraliaNew Mexico Virginia Bangalore, IndiaOregon Mumbai, IndiaUtah Tokyo, Japan South America Seoul, KoreaWashington Argentina Taiwan Global Innovation – Global Impact
  4. 4. Enabling new opportunities in software and services on Intel platforms Int el AppUpSM 9/15/2011 5
  5. 5. Copyright 2011 all rights reserved 9/15/2011 6
  6. 6. App economy 2014 2011 2010 Source: Gartner Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue Forecast
  7. 7. Content discovery still a challenge ~120 Multiple >800,000 App Stores Devices Apps
  8. 8. Intel AppUpSM Intel AppUpSM Consumers developer program center Int el AppUpSM Partner StoresDeveloper engagement Store infrastructure Consumer marketing, app & app validation & partner engagement sales, and support 9/15/2011 9
  9. 9. AppUp vision Intel AppUp Intel Intel Intel Intel AppUp AppUp AppUp AppUp developer curation center and services affiliate program framework storesNEW
  10. 10. Intel AppUp program 70,000 AppUp 27,000 Active Developers Developers 202 Countries 5,000 Apps 22 Affiliate Stores 350,000 Customers Registered 2,000,000 AppUp 810,000 App Downloads Downloads
  11. 11. More consumers to AppUp Improve user 10 experience M 8 Drive AppUp center pre- 6X 6M Million IN 1 6 installs s YEAR 4 Increase distributions through 2 marketing and retail partners 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 Consumers Worldwide
  12. 12. Intel AppUpSM consumer features • 24h Try before you buy • Download free apps from • Secure, consumer-friendly, anywhere in the world and virus-tested marketplace • Download paid apps from 61 • Run the app on up to 5 different countries devices Copyright 2011 all rights reserved 9/15/2011 13
  13. 13. Development Support Deployment Support • Multiple OSes and runtimes • Fast, transparent validation • Multiple revenue models: Up to 70% revenue Geographic Support • Developer-to-developer component • Multiple languages (plug-in) licensing • English, French, German, Spanish • Accelerate time-to-market and • Italian and Simplified Chinese coming soon gain exposure with in-app ads • Localized developer support and trainings* Except for US embargoed countries • Community Engagements 9/15/2011 14
  14. 14. Ultrabooks transforming the PC• Billions of PCs today• Ultrabook market to represent 40% of future PC market Application developers hold the power to build great experiences on PCs and
  15. 15. Welcome Telmap into the Intel familyLocation-based servicesspecializing in navigation, searchand contentLocation API that worksseamlessly across differentmobile OSs, differentgeographies, and cross-operatorServices and APIs coming toIntel AppUp program developers
  16. 16. The AppUp developer journey Cross Easy App platform development; Streamlined discoverabilityopportunities, simple to use validation & & large TAM tools deployment
  17. 17. Tools and Validation
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