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La presentazione completa di links esposta alla Salumeria della Musica il 30 Novembre 2011 durante il primo evento tutto italiano dedicato agli sviluppatori Intel AppUp.

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  • MercatiEmergentiEuropa - Mercati in CrisiPossibilita’ di vendita in 5 lingue – con espansionenel 2012
  • huge opportunity around appsGartner forecasts $15 Billion in 2011 both from end users buying applications and applications themselves generating advertising revenue for their developersRevenue between 2010 and 2014 is forecast to grow 1,000 percent to reach $58 billion. Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue Forecast will Surpass $15 Billion in 2011 both from end users buying applications and applications themselves generating advertising revenue for their developers, revenue between 2010 and 2014 is Forecast to Grow 1,000 Percent to Reach $58 Billion. Worldwide mobile application store downloads are forecast to reach 17.7 billion downloads in 2011, By the end of 2014, Gartner forecast over 185 billion applications will have been downloaded from mobile app stores, since the launch of the first one in July 2008.
  • Over the last year we have seen our developer involvement more than doubleour apps in store doubleour store partners expandFor a young program, not too bad
  • Your apps need to be found and purchasedParticipate in an app store that your app is noticedTo help with discoverability, many are turning to recommendation engines. These systems basically say to a consumer, “We think you will like this app”. While these can be helpful, we believe the best recommenders are people you trust. Word of mouth continues to be a dominant way that people discover new apps.
  • The AppUp vision is expanding to include two critically important and unique parts: SERVICES and CURATION frameworkCuration: 'The activity of managing the use of data from its point of creation to ensure it is available for discovery and re-use in the future.' Data curation can also include managing vast data sets for daily use
  • AppUp services = capabilities you can add to your appsAPIs for in-app-ads and will be adding location services soonThe whole idea is to bring you advanced capabilities with few lines of code
  • More relevant, quality content (apps) to consumersMore relevant content that is easy to findDeveloper: solve challenges of discoverability/ visibilityhelps developers take their apps to the right target audience via a trusted source
  • Curation will enable users with domain-specific expertise to create their own curated storefronts. Not just passive curated stores waiting for visitors... Enabling curators to push out their recommendations to their blogs and their social networks in real time.We are excited to build on the store partner model we’ve established with major partners to include everyone. As you may know we have store distribution partnerships with great companies including Best Buy, Dixon’s Retail, and Asus. And we want to expand so that anyone can open an app store. We think anyone on the planet should be able to recommend & sell apps to the people that follow them. You may have a fishing blog, and on your site you want to offer just 2-3 apps that relate to fishing. Another person may have a site around exercise, and want to offer just apps that relate to exercise. This essentially turns the app store model on it’s head. Along with bringing consumers to the store, we want to bring the store to consumers.
  • I just spoke about one pillar of the AppUp economy: curationMy favor part of AppUp is the CREATORsYou guys … you create what is in AppUpDevelopers are like musiciansDevelopers and musicians like to connect and CREATE
  • The vision for AppUp for some time has been 1 store that reaches a large number of partner stores and a large number of form factors across “the compute continuum”….Write an app once and distribute it thru multi stores fronts seamlessly is a benefit only AppUp can provideWrite your app once and have it available on devices across the spectrumOnly with AppUp and the AppUp developer program you can provide your apps to consumers for multiple devices thru multiple stores
  • When you app is approved for sale, it will automatically show up in numerous stores, world-wide.
  • Alcunedelleproposizionipiuinteressanti del programmaAppUp per gliutilizzatori
  • Tizen builds upon MeeGo and LiMo to deliver a complete cross device open source software platform Broader, stronger ecosystem support We will help you to transition from MeeGo to TizenIntel AppUp developer program will provide tools, resources and community support for NRCTIZEN combines the best of MeeGo and LiMoNRC is a the way to true cross platform apps using HTML5. There is a huge audience consumers looking for web apps. And, Intel has offerings for developers at all ends of the developer spectrum.
  • Now about the other big opportunity we are pushing forward with AppUp: PCs, including Ultrabooks…Largest device TAM - the ultrabook category will be 40% of PC TAMUltrabooks - best of a PC and tablet put together for one deviceAppUp developer program will be supporting the submittal and validation of large file size apps for PC / Ultrabooks by end of year
  • Focus on a few key Ultrabook features here: Touch, for example…don’t need to talk about all of these, some of which apply less to app developersThe ultrabook is the next step in PC innovativeIt is your turn as a developer .. You have a great opportunity to create app that provide great experiences for consumersApp development is hard … takes time and money but Intel is here to help
  • I’m sure you’ll agree that both the Tizena and the PC/Ultrabook opportunities are great. But how can you easily develop for both at the same time, and even more platforms? By using HTML5! HTML5 lets you:Create apps optimized for broad range of devices, across multiple OS’s Bring rich native-like functionality• Improved multimedia support• Pure & hybrid apps provide developer flexibilityIntel has been supporting HTML5 and providing tools for HTML5And even wrote AppUp center on HTML5Software industry is behind HTML5 Seeing one of the biggest shifts in software development trendsHTML5 will help a lot. There is a lot of hype right now about HTML5, and I want to be clear I think in some ways HTML5 is over hyped. It’s not a panacea. But it does offer exciting new capabilities for web apps that bring native-like experiences. By writing to standard HTML5, with minor modifications your app should work in a variety of stores, and on a variety of platforms. Because HTML5 is an open standard, it largely works the same across a variety of operating systems. So you can largely write once, and run everywhere. Of course we all know that customization for screen size, input methods, etc. makes an app better for a particular platform. And we all know that the HTML5 standard is still in development. So I don’t want to overstate this. But writing your app in HTML5 and Javascript means the effort to get your app working well on various platforms is much easier than if you are writing native code.HypeOpen Standard – minor mods, works sameWrite once run everywhereStandard Still in developmentEffort easier than native code
  • Chrome 354Speaker note:We have already been supporting HTML5 and web apps for months with AppUp Encapsulator.  Encapsulator isn’t fancy, isn’t slick but it takes your web app and packages it up for AppUp on both Windows and MeeGo.  Because the HTML5 standard is still in development, and Encapsulator is at Beta, so like any other web browser or runtime, obviously not every single HTML5 feature is fully supported today. Many of you have already used Encapsulator and consumers are enjoying the great apps you have submitted to Intel AppUp center. This is a great opportunity for you to take your app and deliver it to millions on PC users through AppUp.For the mid level developer, Encapsulator for web app creation for HTMLEncapsulator takes your web app and packages it up for AppUp on both Windows, MeeGo and eventually Tizen.  Many of you have already used Encapsulator and consumers are enjoying the great apps you have submitted to Intel AppUp center.  AppUp has been supporting web apps including HTML5 apps for a while. Our AppUp Encapsulator takes your web app code and automatically wraps it with code to support AppUp, producing an installer for multiple operating systems. Of course the HTML5 standard is still a work in progress, and Encapsulator is at Beta, so like any other web browser or runtime, obviously not every single HTML5 feature is fully supported today. That said we have received great response on Encapsulator and seen some great apps get into AppUp via Encapsulator. We are ready for your HTML5 apps today!This is a great opportunity for you to take your app and deliver it to millions on PC users through AppUp.
  • We believe we help you in these ways. We are here today in part to hear how else we can help you. Please let us know.Intel AppUp developer program is here to help you through your journey and try to remove as many barriers as possibleTools, validation, app distribution
  • What is a webapp?An application built using web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSSRuns in a browser or browser engineApplication that can be severed over internet etc
  • Converts Web apps into valid AppUp appsNeed GUIDNeed to Sign AppNo SDKNo SDK FeaturesCannot use In-App UpgradeSupported Web Languages: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Adobe Flash, If runs in web browser it can be an appDoesn’t include Flash InstallerAdd warning Flash warning
  • Support for C++, .NET, Java, AIR
  • Authorizationverificacheildispositivo end-user siaautorizzato ad eseguirel’applicazioneVerificachel’applicazionesiaautorizzata ad utilizzareilcomponenteInstrumentationregistra le statistichesull’utilizzodell’applicazione e le inseriscesullatua developer’s dashboard1Crash Reportingriportatuttii crash dell’applicazionetentadicollezzionaretuttiidatirigurdanti I crash (come stack dichiamata)riporta statistiche e dati riguardanti i crash sulla propria developer’s dashboardIn-App UpgradeDevelopment Toolsvarie utilities per agevolare i test, il packaging e l'invio dell'applicazionePIRACY
  • Microsoft tools needs to be installed for this to work
  • MercatiEmergentiEuropa - Mercati in CrisiPossibilita’ di vendita in 5 lingue – con espansionenel 2012
  • MercatiEmergentiEuropa - Mercati in CrisiPossibilita’ di vendita in 5 lingue – con espansionenel 2012
  • Intel AppUp Application Lab 30 nov2011 Milan

    1. 1. Milano, 30 Novembre 2011
    2. 2. Agenda18.00 - Kick-off – L. Pessina18.10 - Panoramica del Programm Intel AppUp℠ - S. Englet18.40 - Piattaforme di sviluppo Intel AppUpSM - V.Kostarev / F. Baldassarri20.00 - Case Study – A. Breitschopp20:30 - Cena a buffet e Networking22:00 - Concerto di Silvia Fuse & The Power
    3. 3. Intel AppUp program SMWelcome to the 1st MilanAppLabStefan Englet, Intel GmbH
    4. 4. We can dobetter than this!
    5. 5. App economy 2014 2011 2010 Source: Gartner Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue
    6. 6. Intel AppUp program 70,000 26,500 AppUp Developers Active Developers 202 4,500 Countries Apps 22 350,000 Affiliate Stores Customers Registered 2,000,000 810,000 AppUp Downloads App
    7. 7. Content discovery still a challenge ~120 Multiple >800,000 App Stores Devices
    8. 8. AppUp vision Intel AppUp Intel AppUp Intel AppUp Intel AppUp Intel AppUp center and developer curation services affiliate program framework
    9. 9. Intel AppUp services Intel AppUp Brokerage Service In App Purch. Push/Sync Location Curation Settings Security Identity Billing Ads …
    10. 10. Intel AppUp curation framework Intel AppUp Enabling the long tail of commerce Intel’s AppUp by helping users connect with experts Store Miguel’s Music CONTEN Miguel’s Music Theory Store T Theory Blog READERS BUYERS Alice’s Automotive CONTEN Alice’s Facebook App Store T Page FANS BUYERS CONTEN Peter’s Peter’s Twitter T FOLLOWERS Photography App Feed BUYERS
    11. 11. End to end model Intel AppUpSM Intel Consumers developer AppUpSM program center Intel AppUp Partner Stores SM Developer engagement Store infrastructure Consumer marketing, app & app validation & partner engagement sales, and
    12. 12. Many partners and form factors, 1 app catalogPowered by AppUp And more, with more coming! Desktops Laptops Netbooks Personal Devices Smartphones Set Top Boxes
    13. 13. Global reach amplified by local partnerships Consumers buy apps in over 45 countries 20 Partners worldwide; 22 Live stores Free Apps Can Be Downloaded From Anywhere in the
    14. 14. Intel AppUpSM consumer features • 24h Try before you buy • Download free apps from anywhere in the • Secure, consumer-friendly, world and virus-tested marketplace • Download paid apps from 61 countries • Run the app on up to 5 different devices
    15. 15. Intel AppUp developer Development Support Deployment Support – Multiple OSes and runtimes – Fast, transparent validation – Multiple revenue models: Up to 70% revenue Geographic Support – Developer-to-developer component – Multiple languages - (plug-in) licensing English, French, German, Spanish, Italian – Accelerate time-to-market and gain exposure – Localized developer support and trainings with in-app ads – Community Engagements
    16. 16. More consumers to AppUp 10M 8 6X 6M IN 1 Millions 6 YEAR 4 2 0 2010 2011 2012 Consumers
    17. 17. Ultrabooks transforming the PC• Billions of PCs today• Ultrabook market to represent 40% of future PC market Application developers hold the power to build great experiences on PCs and
    18. 18. Ultrabook features fuel app differentiation Always On / Fast Flash Touch UI Context Aware World-class Sensor Based Always Standby Sensors Battery Life Sync & Media Connected Sharing Turbo Thunderbolt Near Field Security Mobile Gaming Security for Communication and Video Online Gaming Conferencing and Media
    19. 19. HTML5 lets you develop for multiple platforms Recent Headlines 2.1 BILLIO N 109 MILLIO N Microsoft Jumps On HTML5 Bandwagon Global total of mobile devices with HTML5 browsers Installed Base Mobile Devices with HTML5 Browsers World Market, Forecast, By Device: 2011 to 2016 ABI Research
    20. 20. Intel Encapsulator supports HTML5 apps today Intel AppUp Encapsulator AppUp Debug Web code AppUp Store support Loader SDK... Auth. Webkit Your web code Multiple Your install HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web API calls, web code embeddable code
    21. 21. The AppUp developer journey Cross platform Easy Streamlined App opportunities, lar development; validation & discoverability & ge TAM (total simple to use tools deployment monetization available market)
    22. 22. Developer Opportunities Promote your app with the Intel AppUp identifier Meet the new generation of developer superstars Worldwide challenge to generate Web apps for the Intel AppUpSM center. Apply for funding to speedEarn recognition time to market Participate and learn and rewards at developer events Learn more at 25
    23. 23. Web AppsChallenge Join the program. The first 200 web One winner for Submit your app. applications each category entered that pass will be selected All winners Enter /select a category: validation by to win a grand announced: Best Web Application for Education January prize of February Best Web Application for Play 30, 2012, will an UltraBook™ 22, 2012 Best Web Application for Productivity Best Web Application for Travel each (valued at up to Most Creative Web Application win $250 USD $1,500 USD) Learn more at 26
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Sessione TecnicaHTML5* e Intel AppUpTM encapsulator Vladimir Kostarev - #AppUp
    26. 26. Cos’è una Web Application?Un’applicazione scritta con tecnologie Web come• HTML5*• JavaScript• CSSUn’applicazione scritta per essere eseguita in un browser come• Google* Chrome• Firefox*• Safari*• IE*Un’applicazione scritta per essere eseguita in un browser engine come• WebKit 29
    27. 27. Intel AppUp TM encapsulator
    28. 28. Intel AppUp TM encapsulator ArchitectureOverview Intel AppUpTM encapsulator AppUp Debug Web AppUp Center support code SDK... Auth. Loader QT Webkit* Your web code Your Windows*web code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web API calls, embeddable code Installer (msi)
    29. 29. Accesso ad Intel AppUpSM encapsulator • Upload zip file con i necessari index.html e icon file. • Inserire i parametri richiesti • Crea il MSI • Inserire GUID richiesto • SIGN MSI (necessario) • SDK non necessaria
    30. 30. Creazione del File Binario • Intel AppUpSM Encapsulator creerà un singolo file binario • Con estensione MSI • Infine sarà necessario caricare il file binario nell’apposita sezione
    31. 31. Come creare una Web Application• HTML5* – Hyper text markup language• 5th revision di HTML• Languaggio per la creazione di Rich User Interface• Markup semplice interpretato dal Browser stesso 34
    32. 32. Come creare una Web Application • JavaScript • Dona intelligenza alle web app • Basato sullo standard ECMAScript language • Frameworks multipli disponibili: Jquery, Dojo, Yahoo YUI, Prototype 35
    33. 33. Come creare una Web Application• CSS – Cascading Style Sheets• Aggiorna il look del markup (HTML)• Usato per descrivere layout, color, font del MarkUp 36
    34. 34. Demo di una semplice Web Application 37
    35. 35. HTML5*: Local Storage • Local storage Key Value pairs • localStorage[“key”] = value; • Alert(localStorage[“key”]); • Pieno supporto Database lato Client • openDatabase • executeSql 38
    36. 36. Demo di Local Storage 39
    37. 37. HTML5*: Canvas • Canvas element • Drawable region • fillStyle • fillRect 40
    38. 38. Demo di una semplice Paint App 41
    39. 39. Sessione TecnicaIntel AppUp TMSoftware Development Kit eSDK Plug-In Francesco Baldassarri - #AppUp
    40. 40. Ma anche App native… • Se non hai una Web App puoi usare la SDK per Windows* • Integrazione SDK facile e semplice • Step by Step Wizards • Package Builder Automatizzato • Beta Test 43
    41. 41. Download Intel AppUpTM SDKPlug-In • Se non hai una Web App puoi usare la SDK per Windows* • Integrazione SDK facile e semplice • Step by Step Wizards • Package Builder Automatizzato • Beta Test
    42. 42. Tecnologie Supportate• Java – Eclipse• Air – Flex Builder• .NET e C/C++ – Visual Studio 2010 e 2008
    43. 43. Servizi della SDK• Authorization – dispositivo autorizzato ad eseguire l’applicazione? – l’app autorizzata ad utilizzare il componente?• Instrumentation – invio statistiche sulla developer’s dashboard1• Crash Reporting – tutti i crash dell’applicazione – collezziona i dati rigurdanti i crash – statistiche e dati sui crash mostrati sulla developer’s dashboard• In-App Upgrade• Development Tools – utilities per agevolare i test, il packaging e linvio dellapplicazione
    44. 44. Come inviare l’Applicazione • Lo strumento di gestione delle proprie applicazioni si strova in “My Dashboard” • Gestione ricavi, messaggi, compo nenti, app view status, etc • Ogni account può al massimo avere 500 applicazioni • Start App Submission
    45. 45. Intel AppUp TM SDK Plug-inintegrata in Visual Studio* • Accesso facile alla “My Dashboard” • Start/Stop Debugger • Accesso allo IADP Developer Form • Documentazione SDK • Package Utility
    46. 46. Tools Menu in IDE 49
    47. 47. Aggiunta di Codici diAutorizzazione e GUID 50
    48. 48. DEMO della SDK per .NET
    49. 49. .NET SDK Plug-in PackageCreator • Procedimento Easy step by step • Riduce gli errori • “Point and Click” • Non disegnato se si necessita di eseguire azioni personalizzate • Perfetto per le installazioni semplici
    50. 50. App Signing• Migliora la qualità complessiva dellIntel AppUpSM Center, conferisce garanzia di qualità alle apps• Applicazioni migliori significa migliore esperienza duso• Evita virus o software dannoso nello store.• Per questo si necessita di “firmare” le apps e tenerla aggiornata• Certificati: Chosen Security, Verisign, Globalsign, Thawte, Trust Center, Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority and Comodo• Certificate Tutorial: i-get-code-signing-certificate-certifying-authority• Processo Manuale:••• App Signing Tool: signing-tool-download 53
    51. 51. App Signing Utility
    52. 52. Beta, Beta, Beta• Testare l’app come un utente finale reale• E necessario iscriversi Intel AppUp SM Center (identità diversa da quella dellIADP)• Fino a 50 beta testers permessi per app• Non è necessario acquistare l’app come beta tester• In modalità beta testing tutte le applicazioni possono essere inviate• Velocizzazione significativo metodo di convalida• Si consiglia sempre di eseguire i test su macchina "pulita" 55
    53. 53. Tips and Tricks
    54. 54. Comuni insidie nella presentazionedi un’App• Risoluzione dello schermo (1024x600px)• Errori visualizzazione UI• Lapplicazione si esegue lentamente• Pubblicizzione di metodi alternativi per lacquisto• Intel advertising• L’applicazione si può lanciare dal desktop• Le applicazioni non sono a 32 bit o 64 bit 57
    55. 55. Fallimento della validazione • Notifiche via e-mail e maggiori dettagli sul sito IADP • Indicazioni esatte sul fallimento della validazione step by step • Test Results • Tipicamente il rigetto si ha nella convalida del binario 58
    56. 56. Call To Action• Aprofittare della più grande gamma di dispositivi (PCs, UltrabookTM devices, etc…)• Creare nuove applicazioni, fare esperienza “cross-device” e “cross-platform”• Comincia subito ad apprendere HTML5* 1. ENTRA a far parde dell’Intel AppUpSM Developer Program 2. SCARICA SDKs 3. ACCELERA lo sviluppo della tua App con il supporto del programma e della community 4. INVIA la tua apps per venderla globalmente attraverso l’ Intel AppUpSM Center e gli store affiliati
    57. 57. Domande? Vladimir Kostarev Francesco @francesco_1985
    58. 58. Case Study – Cintura
    59. 59. Intel AppUp SM Black Belt and theAccelerator Program Andreas Breitschopp Slide 62 of 13
    60. 60. Andreas Breitschopp Software Consulting and Development End User Products Based on .NET Targeting the Online and Retail Market Slide 63 of 13
    61. 61. Slide 64 of 13
    62. 62. Overview• Reputation System – Green, Brown and Red Belt – Black Belt• Accelerator Program• Conclusion Slide 65 of 13
    63. 63. Green, Brown and Red Belt• You get points for: – app submission – forum activity• Green, Brown and Red Belts are awarded automatically based on points received• As Brown and Red Belt you get a book of your choice for free Slide 66 of 13
    64. 64. Black Belt• Not awarded automatically• Intel panel nominates Black Belts• Honor for very active developers and/or community members• As Black Belt you get a – high-end laptop and an – invitation to IDF in San Francisco Slide 67 of 13
    65. 65. Black Belt Slide 68 of 13
    66. 66. Overview• Reputation System – Green, Brown and Red Belt – Black Belt• Accelerator Program• Conclusion Slide 69 of 13
    67. 67. Accelerator Program• Developer funding for interesting projects• Submit your project idea• Intel panel selects projects for the developer funding• Funding between $5,000 and $25,000 Slide 70 of 13
    68. 68. Accelerator ProgramMockups of my cross device vocabulary trainer that got developer funding. Slide 71 of 13
    69. 69. Overview• Reputation System – Green, Brown and Red Belt – Black Belt• Accelerator Program• Conclusion Slide 72 of 13
    70. 70. ConclusionTake the chance to become a Black Belt – it’s really worth working on that!If you have an interesting idea of a project: apply for developer funding. Slide 73 of 13
    71. 71. Thank You for Your Attention!Questions? Software Consulting and Development Andreas Breitschopp +49 89 38898588 Blog: Slide 74 of 13
    72. 72. One more thing….
    73. 73.
    74. 74.