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Getting Your Windows and MeeGo Apps into AppUp
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Getting Your Windows and MeeGo Apps into AppUp


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How to get your Windows SW into Intel AppUp and how to port your existing Windows App to MeeGo

How to get your Windows SW into Intel AppUp and how to port your existing Windows App to MeeGo

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Intel AppUp SMGetting Your Windows and MeeGo Apps Into AppUp Andreas Breitschopp Slide 1 of 24
  • 2. Andreas Breitschopp Software Consulting and Development End User Products Based on .NET Targeting the Online and Retail Market Slide 2 of 24
  • 3. Overview• Windows Apps – Example Project – Preparations – Add AppUp SDK Code – Build an Installer – Digitally Sign the Installer – Published After Validation• MeeGo Apps• Conclusion Slide 3 of 24
  • 4. Example Project• “Energy Costs Calculator”: Free power and water consumption calculator• Development environment: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (C#) Slide 4 of 24
  • 5. Example Project Slide 5 of 24
  • 6. Preparations • Download the AppUp SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework • Add a reference to the “AdpLibrary.dll” assembly in your project Slide 6 of 24
  • 7. Add AppUp SDK CodeInsert only few lines of code: Slide 7 of 24
  • 8. Build an Installer• For Windows products: only MSIs are accepted as product installers• The installer has to be absolute silent• It has to perform a clean(!) uninstall• We use the integrated setup system of the Microsoft Visual Studio to build the MSI• It is extendible with “Custom Actions” if necessary Slide 8 of 24
  • 9. Build an Installer Slide 9 of 24
  • 10. Digitally Sign the Installer• Get “signtool.exe” with the Windows SDK• Create a small Batch file like this:• Just drag & drop your MSI on this Batch file Slide 10 of 24
  • 11. Published After Validation Slide 11 of 24
  • 12. Overview• Windows Apps• MeeGo Apps – Porting to MeeGo – Preparations on Developer Machine – Preparations on MeeGo Device – Preparations in Qt Creator for Debugging – Design User Interface – Porting Code – Build an Installer – Published After Validation• Conclusion Slide 12 of 24
  • 13. Porting to MeeGo• Porting the “Energy Costs Calculator” to Slide 13 of 24
  • 14. Preparations on Developer Machine • Download MeeGo SDK from MeeGo webpage • Download AppUp SDK for MeeGo • Install AppUp center for testing Slide 14 of 24
  • 15. Preparations on MeeGo Device• Install mad-developer component: zypper install mad-developer• Install AppUp SDK Debugger: rpm –i appup-sdk-debugger-1.1.0-36.i386.rpm• Start AppUp SDK Debugger: /opt/ debugger/bin/iadp_atds Slide 15 of 24
  • 16. Preparationsin Qt Creator for Debugging Slide 16 of 24
  • 17. Design User Interface Slide 17 of 24
  • 18. Porting CodePort your application code: Slide 18 of 24
  • 19. Add AppUp SDK CodeAgain only few lines of code are needed: Slide 19 of 24
  • 20. Build an Installer• Creating a desktop entry file• Adding dependencies to project file: – desktop entry file – icons files – AppUp libraries• Build RPM installer Slide 20 of 24
  • 21. Published After Validation Slide 21 of 24
  • 22. Overview• Windows Apps• MeeGo Apps• Conclusion Slide 22 of 24
  • 23. Conclusion If you already have Windows apps ready it is very easy to get them into AppUp.Depending on the complexity of your apps and their programming language you can easily port them to MeeGo. Slide 23 of 24
  • 24. Thank You for Your Attention! Software Consulting and Development Andreas Breitschopp +49 89 38898588 Slide 24 of 24