Linux and windows

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Linux and windows …

Linux and windows
by Engineer : Osama Saad

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  • 1. Linux And WindowsBY : Osama Sa3D
  • 2. What is linux ? And who made it ?• An operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distributions.• Linus torvalds who made Linux
  • 3. 10 RESONS WHY LINUX1st Linux is Open2nd Linux is fully access3rd Linux is "Free"4th Linux is Reliable5th Linux is Backwards-Compatible6th Linux is Network-friendly7th Linux is stable8th Linux is virus free9th Linux really fast10th Linux has awesome graphics
  • 4. Linux Open source Open source is the ability for anyone to view the code necessary to make the program . Linux and most of the program that are available for it ,have their source code under a variety of licenses .
  • 5. Windows Closed source Unfortunately windows Is closed source that you cannot change the code and see it else. windows should telles you .
  • 6. Linux security Linux prevent your computer from virus you may ask yourself how linux do it ?! When virus comes to your computer linux security make it unactive .
  • 7. Windows security Windows do not have the ability to prevent your computer from virus . We can say that windows unsafe operating system because virus penetrates your system .
  • 8. Speed Linux speed is constant (i.e the speed of the first day of setup linux is the same of the last day of linux in your system ) . Linux speed is faster than windows by runing of the time .
  • 9. AccessLinux windows
  • 10. Cost• Linux is an operating system for free .• windows is an costly operating system .
  • 11. Now what is your opinion about linux ?• And now you can choose between Linux and Windows .
  • 12. In My opinion I think Linux because
  • 13. for your attention