Kevin Leversee on Big Data and You at Campus DevCon at DLSU


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  • Singularity:
    Because technology uses the technology invented to reach the next step, we get smarter exponentially, that means we have 100 years of evolution in only 25 years. Then the next 100 years of evolution will be in 14 or so years, then 7 years then 3 and a half. At this rate of exponential growth mathematically this translates into 20,000years of technology evolution in the 100 years that comprise the 21st century. No Kidding.
    At this rate of technology evolution we have to dream bigger, and invent what will be, not what is.
  • Nature is wastefull Nature is wastefull.
    Evolution is random
    Birth is Painful
    In a world of chaos, only randomness wins.
    a single dandelion may produce 2,000 seeds per year, indiscriminately firing them off into the sky at the slightest breeze, without any care for where the seeds are heading and whether they'll get an hospitable reception when they touch down.
  • Globe and Red Cross use Big Data tools and is a very social business / org
  • Two local companies that are using big data tools and smart biz
  • Big Data Like evolution keeps branching out finding new paths and areas
  • Visualising patterns= vizter in 2002 and 2003 UC berkely by Jeffrey Heer
  • Brute Force Computing Versus Patterns data is big business
  • Patterns the email gnome project
  • do not send email on tuesday
  • siri gets smarter faster, uses the cloud, saves what it learns into the cloud.
    Siri co-founder Norman Winarsky
  • Sources
  • Kevin Leversee on Big Data and You at Campus DevCon at DLSU

    1. 1. Content on the Internet DOUBLES every 48 hours. Even Small business has access to massive data. Making sense of this and applying it to your business is critical to your success. Every company is now a Social Business company. #BigData And @You. By: Kevin Leversee @kevinleversee
    2. 2. We will have 100years of technology evolution by 2025. Kevin Leversee
    3. 3. Every Business is now a Social Business Kevin Leversee
    4. 4. It isn’t Social Media It is…Social Business Big Data evens the playing field for even small companies
    5. 5. BIG DATA = Big Opportunity! Social Business is BIG BUSINESS 6
    6. 6. How Big is the Data Cloud? The Content On the Web DOUBLES Every 48 Hours
    7. 7. How Big is the Data? The Content On the Web DOUBLES Every 48 Hours
    8. 8. How Big is the Data Cloud? The Content On the Web DOUBLES Every 48 Hours
    9. 9. Patterns Have Meaning MailCHIMP Email Gnome Project Analyzing 600,000 email Lists 40 Million Emails Daily For Patterns
    10. 10. Results? Do Not Send Email On Tuesday!
    11. 11. Big Data Patterns Getting Smarter And… Getting Smarter Faster
    12. 12. Sources • • • and : Human Computer Interaction (Visualization) • • • • • • • • •,2817,2397142,00.asp :Ninjaboard Siri to control everything • • • • • • • • •