Windows 8 Development Stack


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Windows 8 Development Stack

  1. 1. Windows 8 Development Stack Brendon Page
  2. 2. Overview• Intro to the World• The Landscape• Two Environments (Demo)• Desktop Apps• Windows 8 (Metro) Apps• WinRT, Win• Windows RT VS Windows 8
  3. 3. Intro to the World
  4. 4. The Landscape Windows 8 (Metro) Apps Desktop AppsHTML XAML HTML XAML XAML XAML CSS WinForms CSS Java C#/VB/F# C#/VB/F# C# CScript Java C++ C Script C++ SilverlightWinJS .NET CLR .NET CLR CLR Browser WinRT Win32 Windows Kernel
  5. 5. Two Environments Demo
  6. 6. Desktop Apps• Can’t be deployed or sold though the market place. Only a description and a linked will be available• If it runs in Windows 7 it will run in Windows 8
  7. 7. Windows 8 (Metro) Apps• Primarily deployed and sold through the market place• Can be side loaded if signed by certificate which is trusted by the target PC• Sandboxed
  8. 8. WinRT Overview Metro HTML XAML XAML CSS C#JavaScript C VB C++ WinJS .NET CLRProjected Projected Projected Windows Runtime Communication Graphics Devices & Data & Media & Printing Application Model Windows Kernel
  9. 9. WinRT Break Down• Exposes UI model for new ‘Metro look’• APIs are all designed to be asynchronous• Unmanaged (Implemented at ABI level using COM as a base)• Upgraded COM object model, delegates & events• The API definitions are exposed in ECMA 335 metadata format, the same one .NET uses. (C:windowssystem32winmetadata*.winmd)
  10. 10. .NET on WinRT• Reference WinRT as if it was a .NET assembly• Intelligent type mapping, no intermediate COM interop artifacts. This is built into CLR and because of metadata format.• Can only reference WinRT if app targets Windows 8 subset of .NET• Windows 8 .NET subset is similar to the Client Profile but with only core functionality
  11. 11. HTML & Javascript on WinRT• WinJS manages references to WinRT• Standard UI controls are provided by WinJS, but you are not restricted to using them
  12. 12. C++ on WinRT• C++ language extensions map WinRT to standard C++ patterns such as constructors, class methods … etc and hides COM concepts like reference count.
  13. 13. Windows RT VS Windows 8 Windows RT Windows 8• Only bundled with tablets • Bundled with tablets• Runs on ARM architecture • Bundled with PCs• Start menu Metro environment • Available for consumer purchase• Bundled with Office RT • Runs on Intel (x86) architecture • Start menu Metro environment • Desktop environment
  14. 14. Summary• Multiple target environments• Multiple OS versions with different capabilities• New low level API with multiple stacks build on top of it