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Windows 8 Development Stack
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Windows 8 Development Stack


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Windows 8 Development Stack Brendon Page
  • 2. Overview• Intro to the World• The Landscape• Two Environments (Demo)• Desktop Apps• Windows 8 (Metro) Apps• WinRT, Win• Windows RT VS Windows 8
  • 3. Intro to the World
  • 4. The Landscape Windows 8 (Metro) Apps Desktop AppsHTML XAML HTML XAML XAML XAML CSS WinForms CSS Java C#/VB/F# C#/VB/F# C# CScript Java C++ C Script C++ SilverlightWinJS .NET CLR .NET CLR CLR Browser WinRT Win32 Windows Kernel
  • 5. Two Environments Demo
  • 6. Desktop Apps• Can’t be deployed or sold though the market place. Only a description and a linked will be available• If it runs in Windows 7 it will run in Windows 8
  • 7. Windows 8 (Metro) Apps• Primarily deployed and sold through the market place• Can be side loaded if signed by certificate which is trusted by the target PC• Sandboxed
  • 8. WinRT Overview Metro HTML XAML XAML CSS C#JavaScript C VB C++ WinJS .NET CLRProjected Projected Projected Windows Runtime Communication Graphics Devices & Data & Media & Printing Application Model Windows Kernel
  • 9. WinRT Break Down• Exposes UI model for new ‘Metro look’• APIs are all designed to be asynchronous• Unmanaged (Implemented at ABI level using COM as a base)• Upgraded COM object model, delegates & events• The API definitions are exposed in ECMA 335 metadata format, the same one .NET uses. (C:windowssystem32winmetadata*.winmd)
  • 10. .NET on WinRT• Reference WinRT as if it was a .NET assembly• Intelligent type mapping, no intermediate COM interop artifacts. This is built into CLR and because of metadata format.• Can only reference WinRT if app targets Windows 8 subset of .NET• Windows 8 .NET subset is similar to the Client Profile but with only core functionality
  • 11. HTML & Javascript on WinRT• WinJS manages references to WinRT• Standard UI controls are provided by WinJS, but you are not restricted to using them
  • 12. C++ on WinRT• C++ language extensions map WinRT to standard C++ patterns such as constructors, class methods … etc and hides COM concepts like reference count.
  • 13. Windows RT VS Windows 8 Windows RT Windows 8• Only bundled with tablets • Bundled with tablets• Runs on ARM architecture • Bundled with PCs• Start menu Metro environment • Available for consumer purchase• Bundled with Office RT • Runs on Intel (x86) architecture • Start menu Metro environment • Desktop environment
  • 14. Summary• Multiple target environments• Multiple OS versions with different capabilities• New low level API with multiple stacks build on top of it