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Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange - Fact Sheet
Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange - Fact Sheet
Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange - Fact Sheet
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Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange - Fact Sheet


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange The world’s first vendor-neutral marketplace for IaaS resources The debate over the benefits of cloud technology has been settled. With consistent savings of 70 per cent over self-managed infrastructure, the cloud already plays a significant role in corporate IT, one which will grow in importance over time. Recognising the increased industry investment in cloud technology, Deutsche Börse will use its market expertise to reduce cloud adoption hurdles. With a proven track record of building efficient markets, Deutsche Börse has made a strategic decision to move into commoditising cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and is developing the world’s premier vendor-neutral marketplace for IaaS resources. Founded in May 2013, Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG will establish a secure, transparent and liquid spot market for IaaS resources. The exchange is planned to go live in early 2014. Addressing current cloud market hurdles When purchasing IaaS resources, buyers seek to avoid solutions that limit their flexibility, make automation more difficult or which are highly com- plex due to a lack of transparency. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange addresses market inefficiency, as both buyers and sellers can benefit from the stra- tegic and infrastructural advantages it conveys. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange at a glance: Allows multiple IaaS providers to offer resources to consumers in one place Allows buyers to select from a wide range of sellers Provides product consistency throughout the marketplace Provides standardised contracts for all market participants Acts as an independent market operator Provides neutral governance Defines a simple and broad product portfolio for buyers to choose from Timeline Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG
  • 2. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG 2 Using Zimory’s neutral cloud technology for settlement Zimory’s IaaS management software will be used for the settlement process of Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange. The Zimory technol- ogy features open APIs, scalability, multi- tenancy and a decoupled architecture. As a neutral software, it enables cloud consumers and cloud providers to buy, sell and manage capacities quickly and easily, without being locked into the technology or offering of any cloud provider or cloud management stack. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG benefits both buyers and sellers Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will offer standard- ised products, allowing an accredited seller to con- tract with any registered buyer in a unified market and legal framework. Interoperability between mul- tiple cloud providers will be enabled through stan- dardised interfaces and a thin cloud management layer designed by the innovative cloud software provider Zimory. This will allow buyers and sellers to easily connect to the cloud marketplace. Benefits for buyers include: Cloud resources from different sellers can be purchased directly through online trading. The ability to compare prices through structured order books with filter functions show pricing from all vendors. Vendor-neutral access through standard contract definitions and processes Elimination of vendor lock-in, since only one integration is needed to access different providers “One Cloud” concept allows services and work- loads to be easily migrated between different providers. Reduced expenses through the ability to resell spare capacity on the exchange. User groups can create virtual machines using resources pre- viously bought on the Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange billing for all exchange participants. Benefits for sellers include: Access to a huge sales channel, as product offering is exposed to all exchange participants The ability to convert existing IT assets into profit centres Automated resource availability and pricing through a central interface Access to a platform where seller profiles, unique selling propositions and services can be described Trading interfaces enable automated capacity management and pricing. Standardised interfaces will allow the realisation of market roles such as Cloud Broker. Reduced administration – customer billing is managed and processed by the exchange. All standards for the tradable IaaS resources are defined and controlled by the neutral exchange, making it easier for buyers to compare offerings and for sellers to structure and operate their infrastructure. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will eliminate vendor lock-in and allow any buyer to contract with any seller, providing on-demand access to open-end or fixed-term IaaS resources. The standardised, global set-up will ensure a defined quality of service through universal admission criteria for all market participants. Legal certainty is provided with stan- dardised service level agreements (SLAs) that are monitored and enforced by Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange to assure a fair and manipulation-free trading, pricing and billing. Shifting CapEx to OpEx, decreasing time-to-market The ability to easily scale IT infrastructure up and down will reduce the problem of underprovisioning along with the associated hardware and personnel costs. Additionally, buyers will be able to shift CapEx to OpEx and benefit from greatly decreased time-to-market.
  • 3. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG 3 Product types and market surveillance The initial set of products available on Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will be characterised as follows: 1. Asset classes: Storage and compute 2. Product parameters: Contract duration (open-end or fixed-term), location and platform allow users to choose the data centre location (governing region) and platform where their data will be stored and processed. 3. Admission and market surveillance: Prior to being admitted to Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange, each participant is required to under- go the Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange admis- sion process and must agree to accept and follow specific rules and standards. Availability monitoring and benchmarking will ensure prod- uct quality among all registered IaaS providers. Greatly decreased time-to-market Over the counter In addition to the standardised product offering, market participants will be able to negotiate specific requirements bilaterally „over the counter“ (OTC). OTC trading enables the buying and selling of cus- tomised contracts. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will provide the trading platform, process the billing/ payments and prepare the contractual framework. Conclusion The value of cloud computing has been long estab- lished, but long-term, time-consuming, bilateral con- tracts and a lack of transparency have limited its potential. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange addresses both the needs of cloud providers and cloud con- sumers by defining standardised IaaS products and making them available on a vendor-neutral trading platform. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will not only address the risks associated with extended, bilateral con- tracts but also drastically reduce time-to-market. It allows businesses to act in a demand-driven manner and secure prices for future demand. The exchange will drive the adoption of cloud ser- vices and remove barriers such as vendor lock-in and lack of interoperability. It will enable IT resour- ces to be traded like other commodities, such as energy and gold, within minutes. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will provide an efficient and global marketplace with equal treatment of buyers and sellers, guaranteeing legal certainty and a standard quality of service through universal admission criteria for all market participants. Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG Mergenthalerallee 55 65760 Eschborn Sebastian Zilch Head of Business Development