Designing Information: Making it Immersive


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Everyone has to pass along information. Whether it's in a presentation, conversation or other venue. All of these forms of communication have one thing in common... they could use some design. This talk (that I hopefully will get to present one day) seeks to demonstrate the elements of design and their applicability to forms of communication.

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Designing Information: Making it Immersive

  1. DesigningInformation By Peter “Deuce” Bradshaw
  2. sh aw Brad w c e” eu a w La “D h er dsPet B ra@
  3. Iw ant to begin by sharing my train of thought...
  4. When I s tarted ta grandpa king pho always r tos, my eminded me to...Pay Attention toComposition!
  5. S o I c he c ked out a lesson by Jason Manley of (it was o n sale at the time)
  6. I learn ed thaGreat t pictur es areImme rsive
  7. It’s no t only about the Conte Lego thr iller? How did he join t nt... hem?Wonder Restagi if he’s kni ng of “A How’d h tting merican e get hom for gran Beauty” eless? ny ?Is this V Are troo Did Sol ader ’s c pers in a o get tri ampaig ‘V’ more Flying gger picture? n aerodyn happy a amic? gain?
  8. ...But also th Desig e Repetiti n. Rhythm on Variatio Econom n y Unity Movem ent &Emphas Balance C o n t in u is ity
  9. Wher e is yoeye dr ur awn a why i ndpulled s it there?
  10. Wher e is yo eye dr ur awn a why i nd Repetiti pulled s it Rhythm on there? Variatio Econom n y Unity Movem ent &Emphas Balance C o n t in u is ity
  11. SO..... While sitting thr ough a Trusts & Estates lectur e, I started feeling annoyed.Because I was being hit in the face with information And then an an alogy happened ...
  12. I started th inking of thepresentation of information interms of Design an d Water...
  13. One SSplashing Pressu tream, re on O Eleme ne nt
  14. Multi ple StSpraying Pressu reams , re on Multi ple Eleme nts
  15. ol of Info, Po Pres sureEnough Elem enton Each Immersive
  16. “ Great pictur Imme presen are lik tation e great es. The rsive y’re s becaus e theybeen d ’ve esigne d well .
  17. By us ing Design w e can makepre sentations more Immersive
  18. ashing Spl Spraying Are You H ow ing? . sent elivery Pre out d Think ab ut De sign.Immersin Thi nk abo g
  19. Let’s t alk about Design in more detail... Repetition Economy Variation Balance Continuity Movement Rhythm Unity
  20. Repea t elem to emp ents hasize their i mport ance People search for patterns. Make repetition of importantRepetition points a pattern.
  21. Not th is kind Econo of myEconomy
  22. Remov e unnec essary elemen ts to create empha sis Leaving only the essentials, ensures the audience won’t be overloaded with more thanEconomy they can retain.
  23. Repea elemen ted ts sho have m uld inor variat ion Variation Variation helps create a sense of Movement, evenVariation where there is repetition
  24. Audie Knownce st whafixat onspoi i usnfts t info e e ul to t ha yourre ov a a udienc er empha e. sized Give equal emphasis to points ofBalance equal importance
  25. a ntfo tein hm wle o n w och e ul tKEa sef to uads ence. is le di au ext utrhe n yo Elements lead to each other, rather than creating hard-to- Continuity follow leaps
  26. ful of ind e m ed andB rs peyou gr ess p ro Movement can establish Emphasis & Balance. The more time spentMovement on an element, the more important it appears.
  27. pac ing,Vary ming , and ti nsit ions tra elem entsbet ween Rhythm ensures that your audience isn’t bored. A bored Rhythm Audience can’t be immersed in your information
  28. All the elements working together to make theUnity presentation effective
  29. So those are the elements of D esign... Was that information I mmersive? (I’m going to assume you said “Yes”) Let’s look at what I’ve done...
  30. top ic of the ti ti on orn erRe pe leftc eb ot tomin th
  31. right ottom in th eb topic et iti on tt heR ep ion a bou rm at o finfo
  32. en ts ofe lem n om y slideEco e ach or ds on & w
  33. oft he ar iation tsV lem en be rofen um lid e, ne ac hs es o nd siz me nt ,a pl ace
  34. trong emph asis on Bal ance s weig ht of info once nter image & ottom for st ability the b
  35. Con tinuity sim ilar size, shape an d style of elements on each slide
  36. Movem ent fromto botto center i m-left t mage, itle, to i nfo stick ies
  37. nt he ase do des isb slide m of sli one achR hy th pla ced f in fo un toamo
  38. Unity of all element s AND the elements of Design
  39. But what about verbal or other styles of teaching?
  40. These Design ele ments still apply!! Repetition Economy Variation Balance Continuity Movement Rhythm Unity
  41. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Repeat important points and Balance bring the presentation 360,Continuity back to the beginning whenever possibleMovement Rhythm Unity
  42. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Simplify not only the amount Balance of information you’re telling people, but also the amountContinuity and level of the WORDSMovement you’re using. Rhythm Unity
  43. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Vary not only the tone of your voice but your body language. Balance You don’t have to be aContinuity Muppet, but make big gestures and speak loudlyMovement for major points. Rhythm Unity
  44. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Make sure that you don’t pack in all the information in one Balance place. Think about where yourContinuity major points balance them against minor pointsMovement and discussion. Rhythm Unity
  45. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Points should flow from one speaking point to the next. Balance Jumping quickly from topic toContinuity topic creates a jerky feel that will give listeners whiplash.Movement GOOD TRANSITIONS! Rhythm Unity
  46. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Don’t waste your listeners time. Pack in the information, Balance but use economy, balance andContinuity continuity to keep listeners’ attention andMovement don’t overwhelm them. Rhythm Unity
  47. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Think about a piece of music. Balance It needs to change tempos and rhythms to express moreContinuity emotion. You should do theMovement same while speaking. Rhythm Unity
  48. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Finally, Unity will bring Balance everything together. It’s not just about one point to theContinuity next, but rather about theMovement experience that you’re creating. Rhythm Unity
  49. ...So....
  50. All of this...
  51. These Design elements still apply!!RepetitionEconomyVariation Balance ...and allContinuityMovement of this... Rhythm Unity
  52. ...come s together to...
  53. Make ItImmersive
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