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Interested in becoming a guest contributor for the blog? With more than 30,000 page views per month, the blog is a great platform for engaging conversation around the future of customer service and business trends for fast-growing companies. Check out our program overview and start sending your blog ideas over today!

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  1. 1. Blog Guest Author Program Hana Mandapat Senior Marketing Manager,
  2. 2. Contents 1. Program Overview • Program Description • Program Participant Criteria • Benefits of Participation • Submission Process 2. How to Get Started • Blog Guidelines • SEO Tips • FY15 Topic Suggestions
  3. 3. Program Overview
  4. 4. • With 30K page views/month, the blog is a platform for engaging dialogue around the future of customer service and business trends for fast-growing companies • Top thought leaders are invited to contribute to the blog to spark social conversations and share their vision of how small and mid-sized businesses can drive successful customer service teams Thought Leadership Platform for Customer Service and SMB Success
  5. 5. Guest Author Criteria We’re looking for contributors with an eye towards the future and who can drive an impactful discussion around the future of customer service and helping fast-growing companies succeed. We recommend participants blog at least monthly to develop a following. Regular Media Contributors Entrepreneurs Customer Service Experts C-Level Executives Small Business Authorities
  6. 6. What’s In It For You? • Humanize your brand through thought leadership positions with a personal touch • Link backs to your website, blog or content • Entry point to new marketing opportunities with (i.e. PR, webinars, newsletter, events) • Social promotion by the Desk and/or Salesforce channels • Blogging can lead to more search results and higher search rankings By the Numbers:  Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors  B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads
  7. 7. Tips for Writing Engaging, Actionable Blog Posts Who is your target audience? Customer? Prospect? C-Level exec? Before putting pen to paper, ask yourself these questions Why is this topic important and why should readers care? What actionable tips will you offer? What is the call to action? How do you draw on your experience to form a unique perspective?
  8. 8. Ready to Start Blogging? Email with blog topic suggestions Topic suggestions should be no more than 100 words Include proposed author and 2-3 sentence bio If applicable, include samples of the author’s previous published writing If your post is chosen the blog team will work directly with you on feedback and iterations before publishing to the blog; All blog posts are chosen at the discretion of the blog editor
  9. 9. Blog Guidelines
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’t of Guest Blogging • Be honest and transparent All blog posts must be factually accurate and all stats/numbers should be cited and supported by 3rd party sources • Include a catchy title – make sure it’s clear and enticing enough to click on • Tie your content into key trends and topics to make it relevant and timely • Conclude the post with a call to action • Be afraid to show your personality! Use first person when writing or draw examples from personal stories • Pitch yourself, a product, anything! The blog is all about thought leadership • Lift content from another article or post – stay original • Forget to spell check before submitting DO DON’T
  11. 11. General Guidelines • Keep your post between 300-600 words • We ask that all content submitted is original and not syndicated in multiple article directories as this is against Google Webmaster Guidelines • Title should be 10-12 words and every word should be capitalized • Keep your paragraphs to 4-5 sentences • The more your break out your content into paragraphs or bullets, the easier it is to read • Always include a picture with your post that will capture the audiences attention – logos and screenshots don’t count! • All images should be 300x200 pixels and 3rd party images should be credited in the caption
  12. 12. SEO and Linking Guidelines • Keyword selection: Align your blog content with 1-2 keywords and sprinkle these keywords into your blog post, making sure they appear in the first 3 sentences of your 1st paragraph. Keep the ‘keyword density’ (percentage of total word count) to 5-8% • Keywords in titles: Think of what readers might enter into a search engine to find your content and include those keyword in the title of your blog post • Link love: Consider linking to outside resources that are helpful to your and not just a promotional tool for your brand. Promote the post on your social channels using your keywords
  13. 13. Key Topics and Themes for FY15 Customer service and helping SMBs succeed will always be our main theme for the blog, but tying your posts to the below topics will help keep content fresh and relevant with the latest trends. MOBILE WEARABLES