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How to Go Above and Beyond Customer Service, Superhero Style


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In today's day and age of immediate solutions and mobile services, customer expectations of a company's support are higher than ever. In order for your business to thrive in this social world, you …

In today's day and age of immediate solutions and mobile services, customer expectations of a company's support are higher than ever. In order for your business to thrive in this social world, you can't just have normal customer service need to have Agent Superheroes.

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  • 1. How to go above and beyond customer service, superhero style
  • 2. And that’s not including likes, pins and yelp reviews.
  • 3. Today’s environment, with its ever-present social media and mobile devices
  • 4. Has given rise to a new breed of cusomers with a new set of expectations.
  • 5. Any business that’s trying to keep their head above water, is going to need super help, and fast.
  • 6. It’s time to unleash your business’s secret power…
  • 7. Agent Superheroes!
  • 8. A support agent is a company’s customer service representative that handles all customer interactions.
  • 9. But an agent superhero is more than that…
  • 10. An Agent Superhero chooses to go beyond what is usual, regular or customary
  • 11. They take on the toughest assignments no one else wants
  • 12. And they are relentless about customer support
  • 13. If your business wants to thrive, you need to add some….
  • 14. Kickass to your customer support
  • 15. Here are 5 ways your agents can go above and beyond and become agent superheroes
  • 16. 1. Build a consistent support experience
  • 17. Today, customers are using multiple channels to reach out for help
  • 18. And they expect a consistent experience no matter what channel they use
  • 19. 9 out of 10 customers expect to receive a unified, consistent experience over multiple support channels - synthetix
  • 20. 65% of customers receive inconsistent information when contacting companies via multiple channels - PWC
  • 21. To achieve agent superhero status…
  • 22. 1. Combine all of your support channels into one unified inbox
  • 23. 2. View and respond to all customer interactions from the same location
  • 24. You can manage your customer interactions the hard way…
  • 25. Or you can manage your customer interactions the easy way with one, universal inbox.
  • 26. This way every customer case never goes unnoticed and every customer has a positive, consistent experience
  • 27. Click here to learn more
  • 28. 2. See All, Know All About Your Customers
  • 29. Superheroes have the unique ability to know everything about each and every person.
  • 30. Unfortunately, support agents don’t have the same luxury without the right tools.
  • 31. 40% of customers expect agents to know about their previous attempts to resolve an issue when switching to another support channel - Nice Systems
  • 32. Become a see-all-know-all agent superhero by…
  • 33. 1. Having a customer profile available with each interaction
  • 34. 2. Categorize your cases and add custom information
  • 35. That gives you all the necessary information to address the customer with a fast and personalized experience.
  • 36. Click here to learn more
  • 37. 3. Help Customers Help Themselves
  • 38. Believe it or not, most customers want to solve their own problem.
  • 39. 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve their support issues over picking up the phone or sending an email - Forrester
  • 40. Save the day by creating an accessible, powerful online support center.
  • 41. If you want to go above and beyond the heroic standard…
  • 42. 1. Keep the search bar front and center so content is easy to find
  • 43. 2. Constantly update your Knowledge Base content so that it’s always fresh and relevant to the customer
  • 44. 4. Double up: Be Fast and Accurate
  • 45. The key to great customer service is the speed and quality of the response.
  • 46. If not managed properly, your team’s poor response times could be your company’s kryptonite.
  • 47. 55% of customers said a company’s failure to resolve their problem in a timely manner drove them away – RightNow Technologies
  • 48. 71% of customers said valuing their time was the greatest indicator of a positive customer experience - Forrester
  • 49. In order for your agent superheroes to provide a fast, personalized experience, they must…
  • 50. 1. Create a process to automatically route your customer requests
  • 51. 2. Organize your cases by creating work queues for different teams
  • 52. So agents can move at the speed of now and conquer customer service requests at ease.
  • 53. Click here to learn more
  • 54. 5. Gain Perspective
  • 55. The best in-class superheroes understand that continual improvement in necessary, regardless of their success.
  • 56. They must innovate by tracking customer support performance to constantly be improving.
  • 57. To amp up your customer service performance…
  • 58. 1. Track the volume of your customer interaction channels
  • 59. 2. Track agent performance to understand areas where you can improve
  • 60. By constantly monitoring your agents’ performance, you can keep customer satisfaction up.
  • 61. Click here to learn more
  • 62. 6. Activate Whole Company Support
  • 63. A true superhero can achieve just about anything…
  • 64. …but they know the power that an entire team can provide.
  • 65. In a company focused on providing amazing customer service, it should be everyone’s job to support the customer.
  • 66. This way, everyone is invested and the customer gets the support they need from the person who can help them the best.
  • 67. Everyday customers count on you to solve their problems, and be there in times of trouble, need or just because.
  • 68. You may not be a speeding bullet
  • 69. Or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • 70. But when you go above and beyond the call of customer service to support the customer…
  • 71. You can be someone’s superhero, too.
  • 72. “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” Batman
  • 73. “We’ve all been where you are. Someone helped us when we needed it. Now it’s time to pay it forward.” - Rogue
  • 74. “I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble” Spiderman
  • 75. It also doesn’t hurt to have the right tools to provide amazing customer service.
  • 76. Click here to watch leading is the a demo customer service application built to make you an agent superhero. Click here to watch a demo.