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  • What do we already know?Good magazine articlesOur experience in the classroomNewsOnline Research
  • How are they doing? What are they doing? Eyes on the back of their heads
  • Education

    1. 1. Education Team
    2. 2. Why Education? “I believe that every child is capable of learning.And I want to improve their opportunities to do so.” “I wanted to use my 3 years of experience in education to be a part of a creative solution in a much more open-ended environment than I had been in before.”
    3. 3. Square 1
    4. 4. Massive ListHow can we improve the students desk? How can we rethink (improve ) how we use the time in school? English as a Second Language (ESL)? Youngkids?How do we measure things other than grades? How can we tie rewards to school/teacher/student performance? How can we improve diversity inschools?How can we increase creativity and innovation in schools?Experiential learning?*How can we get students to teach themselves?How can weincorporate imaginative play into education?How can we tie grades to readiness for the next level?*How can we improve literacy?*How can we improveabsentee rates?*How can we improve graduation rates?*How can we change the "nerdy" image?How can we encourage teachers to innovate and try newideas? *How can we increase respect for teachers?*How can we get kids to have positive attitudes about math?*How can we get education start-ups tosucceed?*STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)How can we fill knowledge gaps?How can we help kids not fall behind?*How can we reduce thedisparity between boys and girls in school when it comes to performance?How can we get classmates to pull each other up?How can we improvegroup/team environments?How can we improve the objects teachers use?How can we improve access to books, supplies, funding?How can we encourageblending of school topics?How can we integrate peer mentoring into schools?How can we get school grads to help the current students?How can wereplace textbooks?How can we get teachers to use new technology and products?How can we prepare students for jobs in technologies that dont existtoday?How can we increase availability of affordable learning tools and services for underprivileged students?How can we use mobile technology ineducation?How can we get schools access to new technology in classrooms?How can we improve access to resources early?How can we improve access toresources before public schools?How can we make resources available outside of school?How do we use mobile phone in the classroom?How can we makelearning more hands-on?How can we change the culture of schools to be fun?Teacher training?Parent version of books?Teaching strategies?How can weencourage collaboration among teachers?How can we attract great talent to the teaching profession?How can we incentivize teachers performance day-to-day?How can we help educate adults?How can we get teachers to focus on the right things?How can we educate students outside of schools?How can weuse video games to engage students?How can we keep up the kindergarten spirit throughout school?How can we make kids excited about school?How canwe create a culture of collaboration among teachers and students?How can we get students to learn to love reading?How can we encourage participationin class, extracurricular, etc.How can we improve hand sanitation in schools?How can we get students to get involved in extra curricular activities?How canwe get high-achieving kids to not be bored?How can we get students motivated?How can we get students to see the value in homework?How can weengage and inspire students to pursue STEM?How can we be more effective after or preschool activities?How can we make teachers more effective withtheir current student / teacher ratios?How can we help teachers get the resources they need?How can we improve infrastructure in schools?How can weimprove overcrowding in schools?How can we improve parental involvement in education?How can we make high student-teacher ratios moreworkable?How can we get kids to want to got to school when they are being bullied?How can we improve the classroom layouts and interiors to facilitatelearning?How can we improve the experience going to/coming home from schools?How can we turn bullies into allies?How can we help new kids fit intoschool?How can we make schools look exciting?Classroom setupHow can we reduce distractions in school? How can we reduce student teacher ratios inschool?How can we make teachers more interesting (personality)?How can we make every teacher the one to remember?How can we use technology tohelp reduce bullies or help victims?*How can we reduce bullying in schools?*How can we connect what happens in school at home?How can we improvethe 50% drop out rate?
    5. 5. DFA FilterDARING  FEASIBLE  APPLICABLE• How can we improve classroom layouts and interiors to facilitate learning?• How can we improve the experience of going to / coming home from school?• How can we improve parental involvements in education?• How can we make high teacher-student ratios more effective?• How can we reduce bullying in schools?
    6. 6. Research• People we talked to – Teachers – Students – Administrators – Websites – Videos – Blogs
    7. 7. Insights When do teachers eat• Teachers can’t turn their backs on their class or pee?• Teachers can’t leave their students alone• Teachers don’t want their kids in the care of others because they may come back with different attitudes or behaviorsHow can we give teachers some personal time while at work?
    8. 8. Summary of Reframed Challenges1. How can we improve (physical) transitions in classrooms?2. How can we give teachers some personal time while in school?3. How can we improve the experience for 1st year teachers?4. How can we get and give real-time feedback to students?5. How do we increase personalized learning in the classroom?6. How can we get students to stay engaged during class?
    9. 9. Feedback• Teachers vs. Students• High School vs. Grade School• Getting into classrooms