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An in-depth look into the world of interiors by Ron Dayan; interior design director for the Beverly Hills-based firm.

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Piccadilly Designs Digest

  2. 2. PICCADILLY DESIGNS DIGEST Contact Information for Piccadilly Designs: 8929 Wilshire Blvd. #308 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA Tel. (310)-289-7826 Fax (310) 289-7825 Website: www.piccadillydesigns.com Toll-Free in the USA & Canada (888) 897-9095 Email: rondayan@piccadillydesigns.com Ron Dayan, Member British Institute Interior Designed with Print2PDF. To remove this line, buy a license at: http://www.software602.com/ Cr
  3. 3. “Interior designer given carte blanche to decorate four marina penthouses. Ron Dayan of Piccadilly Designs in Los Angeles has essentially been given control carte blanche over the expense account to furnish the 14,000 square feet living space- with heavy emphasis on entertainment needs”- The Argonault, Marina del Rey, October 1985 “A landmark home is undergoing restoration this month. Ron Dayan is restoring the home built in 1902 by John C. Austin, who also designed the Griffith Observatory and the Shrine auditorium”- Larchmont Chronicle, March 1987 “Ron came up with solutions that we would not have thought of- point out the client. We interviewed several local designers but they did not have the European design background that Ron did.’ The clients were so pleased with the results; they honored Mr. Dayan at a reception, a formal event that took place in their newly decorated home- The Ranch, June 1988 (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) “Dayan believes that suggestive lighting is an integral part of contemporary design. He enjoys working with deja-vu settings: ‘Whether it be an exotic Chinese bedroom, or memorabilia of Art Deco, it’s important to establish a link with the past’ he says”- The Hollywood Reporter, April, 1989 “Smokey Robinson is living in a bachelor condo in LA while workmen finish renovating his new $1 Million estate in Encino, CA- People Magazine, April, 1989 “…Clients also began to call Dayan “The Sherlock Holmes of Interior Design,” a description which surprised and amused him, and which he was pleased to adopt. ‘It’s true that I use logical deduction when determining what will be right for the client’ he says. A consummate professional, Dayan also places great importance on the human element in his relationship with clients. ‘You have to know your craft but after that, the most important skill is in the art of listening’ he emphasizes. - Orange County Magazine, January 1990 “Extraordinary is the word for interior designer Ron Dayan of Piccadilly Designs who has handled some monumental projects, sometimes under unusual circumstances. ‘I am not here to impose my preferences upon the client. People walk into a home that I designed and say to the owner that this is you. I consider that my success- and my signature’ he says” – Orange County Magazine, January 1991 “Dayan combined 2 bedrooms and a sitting area into a master suite with a unit in the bath that simulates sun and rain…. An underwater camera shows on monitors what fell into the pool”- Los Angeles Times, October 1991 “Dayan said that his success as interior designer for celebrities and ordinary folks is not because he insists on lording over everyone, but because he listens to his clients and what they want”- Rancho Santa Fe Review, January 1994 “Re/Max Palos Verdes Realty has employed the unique talents of Ron Dayan to design and decorate their new offices at the Peninsula Center. The owner’s suite is fit for a formal mansion with its elegant fabrics inset amidst exquisite wall panels, featuring French Empire furnishings, placed upon Aubusson carpet. A cozy white marble fireplace completes the dramatic scene”- Peninsula News, May 1994reated with Print2PDF. To remove this line, buy a license at: http://www.software602.com/
  4. 4. “Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Smokey Robinson lives in a home that is as smooth and comforting as his renowned voice. Built in 1893 and transported to its present location in 1912, the mansion underwent a 3-year labor of love transformation. In addition to the home, Dayan redesigned the grounds as well. Including was ‘Smokey’s Park’ a 70 foot by 40’ oval shape garden was infested with rats before Dayan transformed it into a formal garden, featuring boxwood hedges, gravel walkways, and a fountain designed by Dayan and made in Florence Italy. A lighting system bathes the entire property and its huge oak trees in simulated moonlight”- IS Interiors & Sources, January/February 1997 “Hollywood glamour is invading McLean as interior designer Ron Dayan weaves his spell on the home of a young Virginia family. ’It will be a blend of classical European designed tone- down for the couple’s lifestyle. So it will be formal, but not serious’ Dayan explains” Luxury Homes Published in Virginia, Washington, and Maryland. November/December 1998 “Ron Dayan wins the kind of commissions most interior designers would die for. No bijou apartments or poky flats for him! In the All-American grand style, decorating a 40,000 square feet mansion, fitting out a large private jet plane or furnishing a yacht is all in a Dayan’s day’s work”- Absolute Marbella Magazine, Published in Costa del Sol, Spain. May 1999 “I treat the space as a plastic surgeon, and then change roles to a make-up artist” said Dayan when interviewed. “I saw Ron’s portfolio, and he had done work that I thought was appropriate for this home” said Mrs. Burchfield, owner of French Regency estate Dayan designed in McLean, VA. Dayan, inspired by the style of the home, succeeded in maintaining its style due to his belief that “One must always be respectful to the architecture” – Home & Design Magazine Published in Virginia, Washington, and Maryland. January, 2000 Dayan, hailed “The designer to the stars” was asked: “How do you stay on schedule and on budget?” he replied: ’Early planning and follow-up are the key. I keep frequent, but not pestering contact with the client’…and when queried about runaway budgets, Dayan said: ’when a designer is 5% above the assigned budget, it’s regarded as being on budget. From an interview with Washington Life, Published in Washington DC. April, 2000 “Interiors do not just happen, as designing is like composing music- the architecture, furnishings, art and lighting are the ingredients to create a feast for the eyes’- Dayan explains. Visiting the project during key installations also minimizes costly mistakes, as well as provides assurance, much needed by the homeowners. And the interior designer does not even have to move in with the client’ Dayan joked in an interview with Opulence Magazine- The Very Best the World Has To Offer, Spring, 2000 “Before (Smokey) Robinson purchased the estate, the property was un-occupied for nearly 4 years. Dayan adapted many European designs to a more modern living with the clever application of lacquered and metallic finishes. And with a four-hole putting green on the property, golfing is never far from the back door.” European Homes & Gardens, Aug.’03 “A Marina del Rey condo reinvented with all the 1930s glamour of a luxury ocean liner stateroom. Dayan created a boat shape for the ceiling of the living room from flex-moulding and lit it to mimic the blue tones of the sky just after sunset…The day the owner moved into his condominium, he was approached by a real estate agent offering slightly more than twice the price he paid!” –California Home & Design magazine, April, 2004 “The homeowners and their two children have been living in their completed home less than one year. Many families living in Laguna Niguel treasure their upscale community, but none more than the couple who live in a Mediterranean palazzo…that almost became a Middle Eastern mansion. Casa & Estilo, April, 2004 Crd with Print2PDF. To remove this line, buy a license at: http://www.software602.com/
  5. 5. Also Appearing in Global Media in 2007-2008  March-April issue of Luxury magazine in the Republic of Kazakhstan  May-June- Luxury magazine in the Republic of Kazakhstan  Arabian Homes” from M anama, Bahrain (Persian Gulf)  “Business Today”, M ombai, India. The top business publication  Tinsel Town’s decadence “The Beverly Hills Report”  “Aquatoria of Luxury Life” from M oscowreated with Print2PDF. To remove this line, buy a license at: http://www.software602.com/
  6. 6. The 7 Elements of Piccadilly Designs * Unique Background: Education in England, France, Firenze Italy, enhanced by living in 8 countries on 4 continents, extensive global travels, designing estate homes as large as 4,000 square meters for major Hollywood celebrities in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Malibu and across USA, distinguishes Piccadilly Designs’ background from many of our fellow designers. * Unique Experience and Management Skills: High-profile clients not only present artistic challenges, but accounting and general management. Searching for faults, the celebrities’ lawyers, managers, and accountants highly scrutinize every aspect of the projects. Achieving success and with much praise, is most gratifying and rewarding. * Television & Movie Set Design Experience: Rich experience in Art Direction & Set Design for TV and motion pictures both in London and Hollywood enables Piccadilly Designs to create dramatic interiors that only appear expensive, and we can do it almost instantly! * High Efficiency: Local contractors handle our overseas projects with the same efficiency that equals to our local projects. Both Phases of project in McLean, VA were completed in 3-1/2 weeks; from ordering-to- installation, with 2,650 miles separating the factories from the job site! * Great Savings: While our fellow decorators shop in fancy design centers, we buy Factory-Direct, thus saving our clients about 25% while enjoying an attentive service. And as a Non-European firm, we do not anticipate charging our European clients Sales Tax (VAT) resulting in savings of many thousands of Euros! * Extraordinary resourcing: Global suppliers supply us building materials and exquisite finishes at a small fraction of the local wholesale prices. And we have an import company that saves us on cost of shipping. * Ron Dayan’s Reputation = Proven marketing advantage for real estate developers, builders and owners of prime properties when guests are drawn to interiors crafted by Piccadilly Designs: “The Designers to the Rich & Famous” The result: Properties Command even Higher Rates. While the properties we design greatly increase in value. ****** For More Information Call USA (310) 289-7826 Fax (310) 289-8925 Website: www.piccadillydesigns.com Email: rondayan@piccadillydesigns.comCreated with Print2PDF. To remove this line, buy a license at: http://www.software602.com/
  7. 7. Piccadilly Designs works with any space...as long as it has people inside...When Ron Dayan is asked if he only designsresidential or commercial spaces, he repliessmiling, “I design any space, with or without walls,as long as it has people inside; and some of myinteriors even fly and float.”