Olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing

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Olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing



Olloclip has created the ultimate 3-in-one lens system for your iPhone using innovative 3D printing that fits in your pocket and takes your picture taking ability to the next level. Product design in ...

Olloclip has created the ultimate 3-in-one lens system for your iPhone using innovative 3D printing that fits in your pocket and takes your picture taking ability to the next level. Product design in the most recent years has been impacted tremendously by 3D printing and Olloclip’s camera lenses are no different. Whether it’s wide angle, fish eye or a macro picture view, this development in camera phone technology has been made possible by Objet 3D Printing. Please join Chong Pak of Olloclip and Objet Geometries as they discuss product design within the iPhone era and how 3D printing can help engineers design, create and ultimately bring products to life faster.
Watch this webinar to learn about:
-Olloclip and their fast hitting iPhone accessory
-3D printing and the design process
-Objet’s multi-platform capabilities



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Olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing
  • 2. Sponsored By:
  • 3. Before We Start  This webinar will be available afterwards at & email  Q&A at the end of the presentation  Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
  • 4. Moderator Leslie Langnau Design World Presenter s Chong Pak olloclip Susan York Objet
  • 5. Product development through the use of 3D printing
  • 6. Introduction: Chong Pak – Director of Design •Graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA •In the past have worked with clients including Steelcase, HON, Whirlpool, and Johnson Controls designing products as a consultant. •Currently leading a small group of designers and engineers to bring to fruition new products and ideas that our team or CEO has.
  • 7. olloclip, what is it? (shameless plug): •3-in-One lens system for the iPhone 5/4S/4 •Lenses include: Fisheye, WideAngle, and Macro. •Switching between lenses involve simply flipping the olloclip to the other side. •Voted best photo lens accessory by Wired magazine.
  • 8. olloclip History: •CEO/Inventor: Patrick O’Neill •The product was in development over a year before we launched on •Utilized 3D printing during that development time as well •Successfully funded well above our goal, and at the time we were one of the more successful projects to be featured. •Proved to be a great way of marketing and getting exposure all over the world.
  • 9. olloclip History: •For many months we were a very small team consisting of Patrick and I along with his family and friends assembling and fulfilling orders. •We’ve grown enough to have moved twice to consecutively larger offices in less than 2 years. •Small, agile team of designers and engineers. •Rapid prototyping was extensively used to validate concepts and changes in design. •We were outsourcing printing with a service bureau. Over time it lead us to want to have a printer in-house for additional time savings and IP protection.
  • 10. olloclip Process: 1. Brainstorming, concept generation. 2. Sketching of ideas. 3. Modeling chosen concepts in the computer. 4. Printing the concepts on the Objet printer. 5. Evaluate the prototype for functionality, proportions, aesthetics. 6. Make changes if needed and reprint. 7. Re-evaluate. 8. If concept is approved and everything looks good, move forward to mass production. Idea sketching Computer modeling Prototype
  • 11. olloclip Development Process: Prototype Production version Prototype with lens Final product
  • 12. olloclip and Objet: Why Objet? After many months of research, sample parts from various manufacturers we ended up on the Objet as our printer of choice. The reasons consisted of: • • • • Resolution of printed parts. Robustness of parts to function as we needed them to. Ability to print multiple materials. Material handling and disposal.
  • 13. Future of 3D printing with olloclip: Reconstruction scene from the motion picture, “The Fifth Element” – Columbia Pictures / Sony Entertainment olloclip will continue to utilize 3D printing to aid in developing our products and validating design. As the sophistication of the printers become better, we can’t imagine why we wouldn’t make it even more integral into our process. We’re always looking at what opportunities and advantages are to be had when incorporating these technologies, more so in this highly competitive market that we’re in. We’re confident that 3D printing will allow us to continue to shrink the gap between development and production.
  • 14. Objet. From Design to Reality. Susan York National Field Manager - Consumables
  • 15. So Who is Objet? A leading provider of 3D printing solutions for rapid prototyping
  • 16. Some Quick Facts • Thousands of customers worldwide • Large share of the relevant Fortune 500 • Offices in the US, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and India • Global network of distribution partners • Award-winning technology (12 awards in 5 years) North America • Over 110 patents and patent pending inventions • Industry’s biggest per capita R&D • Over 400 employees Germany Israel India China Hong Kong Japan ~100 Distributors Worldwide
  • 17. What Makes Us Stand Apart? • There are many RP technologies out there… • Objet uses inkjet-based 3D printing technology – Prints liquid polymer and the print table moves down in the Z direction – Most scalable technology in the additive manufacturing arena
  • 18. Plastics: Cost - Performance Pyramid 3000C 1500C 1000C 0 0C Chemical and Flame Resistance Toughness Moisture Resistance Thermal Resistance
  • 19. Rapid Prototyping • Rapid Prototyping is all about successful simulation of the final product – Form – Fit – The 3rd F: Function • Material Properties
  • 20. Objet in 2010: Standard Plastics Simulation
  • 21. Objet Technology Printing Head Support Material Model Material Instant UV Curing
  • 22. Objet Materials in 2010 – 13 Modeling Materials Rigid Rigid Flexible Flexible Medical Medical Transparent Rigid Durus PP Like Vero (Opaque) Rigid Tango Rubber like Medical Hearing Aids General Purpose FullCure720 DurusWhite FullCure430 VeroWhite FullCure830 TangoPlus FullCure930 Clear FullCure630 VeroBlue FullCure840 TangoGray FullCure950 RoseClear FullCure655 VeroGray FullCure850 TangoBlack FullCure970 SkinTone FullCure680 VeroBlack FullCure870 TangoBlackPlus FullCure980 FullCure705 Support FullCure705 Support
  • 23. Objet Multi Material Technology Print Heads UV Light DM_9885 Shore85VeroWhitePlus Material A DM_8520 Material B Build Tray
  • 24. Digital Materials in 2010 (48)
  • 25. Objet in 2011: Approaching Engineering Plastics
  • 26. Fit and Form • 52%* of additive manufacturing processes today are of Fit and Form • Fit and Form applications require – Dimensional Stability – Visualization *Wholers report 2012
  • 27. Objet VeroClear, Clear Material • True transparency with great dimensional stability • Visual simulation of PMMA
  • 28. From Design to Reality…. Objet parts are used for lighting assessment With Objet: “Objet’s new clear transparent material has arrived just in time for the automotive lighting revolution, enabling us to simulate PlexiGlass final parts, including light guides, lamps, display panels and more.” Maximilian Loezel, Managing Director, Schroeter, (Service Bureau), Germany
  • 29. From Fit and Form to Function • 38%* of additive manufacturing processes today are Functional and RM • Functional processes require – High Temperature – High Toughness (resistance to breakage)
  • 30. Objet RGD525, High Temp • Simulating thermal performance of engineering plastics • Temperature resistance of 149°F out of the printer, 176°F after thermal post treatment • Thermal testing of static parts • Simulating high temperature over-molded parts - Connex • Great Surface Smoothness
  • 31. Objet High Temp: From Design to Reality
  • 32. Approaching Engineering Plastics | Temperature
  • 33. Objet ABS - like Material • First-generation Objet ABS-like Material simulates engineering plastics, combining high part quality with true functional testing • Thermal resistance of 149°F out of the printer, 194°F after thermal post treatment in an oven • High impact resistance of 65-75J/m
  • 34. Objet ABS-like in Practice in Several Industries
  • 35. Approaching Engineering Plastics
  • 36. Paradigm Shift with Connex Objet ABS-like material is a Digital Material: RGD5160-DM High Temperature Objet RGD535 High Toughness Objet RGD515 Objet ABS-like RGD5160-DM
  • 37. Objet Medical Family • The Medical family includes: • Hearing aids • Dental solutions • New Biocompatible material
  • 38. Objet MED610, Biocompatible • A rigid, transparent clear, bio-compatible material • Simulating PMMA, great dimensional stability • Suitable for applications requiring prolonged skin contact of over 30 days and short term mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours. • The material has five medical approvals according to the harmonized standard ISO 10993-1: Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, Delayed Type Hypersensitivity, Irritation and USP Plastic Class VI.*
  • 39. Objet Material Trajectory Launching ABS-like, High Temp, MED610, VeroWhitePlus and VeroClear, 17 base materials and 51 Digital Materials (DMs) 39 New DMs made of VeroClear and High Temp with rubber like materials VeroGray, TangoBlackPlus and 48 Digital Materials (DMs) TangoPlus and DurusWhite 21 Digital Materials (DMs) FullCure720 Support Heading Aid VeroWhite Materials VeroBlue TangoBlack TangoGray VeroBlack 2012 - 107 Materials!!
  • 40. Objet. From Design to Reality. Thank you
  • 41. Questions? Objet Design World Leslie Langnau Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @DW_RapidMFG Susan York olloclip Chong Pak
  • 42. Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with  Discuss this on