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How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune


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This webinar from Capvidia will show you how to use CompareWorks to diagnose the geometry you import into SolidWorks and show where there are differences and/or give you the assurance it is correct. …

This webinar from Capvidia will show you how to use CompareWorks to diagnose the geometry you import into SolidWorks and show where there are differences and/or give you the assurance it is correct. With CompareWorks, you can establish a documented, traceable procedure in your company workflow. If you work with imported geometry and data integrity is a must, you should attend this webinar.
View this webinar to learn:
• How hidden SolidWorks import errors can corrupt your work in ways you may not discover until it’s too late.
• How to kill hidden SolidWorks import errors, before they kill your project schedule.
• How to avoid expensive mistakes due to incorrect imported geometry.
• Why SolidWorks users need to validate imported data.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune
  • 2. Before We Start This webinar will be available afterwards at & via email Q&A at the end of the presentation Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
  • 3. “How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune” PRESENTER Lyle Fischer Technical Marketing Director Capvidia MODERATOR Evan Yares Senior Editor Design World CompareWorks
  • 4. Company: • • • • • Founded in 1994 Development of engineering software applications CAD data translation and CFD services 60+ programmers & engineers (20% PhD) SolidWorks Gold Partner since 1995 Applications Areas: • • • • 3D CAD data translation, 3D CAD validation, 3D CAD quality assessment CFD simulations Capvidia Worldwide
  • 5. Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors? CAD Data Translation If you enter the following quote from William Shakespeare into a popular online translation tool: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Translation Korean translation Translated back to English, we get the following translation: "It can hold our destiny in the stars, but it does not own."
  • 6. SolidWorks Import Errors Differences between SolidWorks and other CAD systems: • Formats • Kernels • Model tolerance • Geometry and Topology 13 surfaces 226 surfaces 226 surfaces ? 226 surfaces
  • 7. Model Tolerance Known issues: Different tolerance for MBD solid definition System CAD CATIA V4 CATIA V5 I-DEAS UGS NX SolidWorks Parasolid ACIS Tolerance [mm] 0.1 – 0.02 0.001 0.01 0.0254 0.0254 0.0254 0.001 CATIA - Solid Geometry inconsistencies: • Overlaps • Gaps • Deformations SolidWorks - Geometry deformation
  • 8. Kernels Differences Known issues: UGS NX, ACIS, SolidWorks, Parasolid CATIA, Pro/E Shared Entities Shared Entities Non-manifold Geometry inconsistencies: • Touching surfaces Manifold
  • 9. Kernels Differences Known issues: Closed surfaces. Export from SolidWorks to CATIA CATIA UGS NX, ACIS, SolidWorks, Parasolid I-DEAS SolidWorks CATIA V5 SolidWorks CATIA
  • 10. Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Model deformations • • • • • • Visible Non visible Surface Fragmentations Surface Curvature Loss Surface Tangency Loss (G1/G2) Entity Definition Change Model Changes are impossible to trace within SolidWorks External audit is required
  • 11. CompareWorks Demo – Native ProE
  • 12. How These Errors Can Cost You Money ?
  • 13. Boeing Supplier Boeing Commercial Boeing Defense
  • 14. Practical problem SolidCAM Imported Geometry Surface Roughness Finished Part Rejected by Boeing Original geometry after SW Import is unnoticeably changed, resulting in huge cusps on the finishing surface
  • 15. Practical problem Validation fails due to surface fragmentation It is the same surface where CNC had a problem
  • 16. Cause of the problem Surface de-fragmentation in data translation 13 surfaces 226 surfaces Neutral (IGES, STEP) Authority Model SolidWorks
  • 17. Influence on the surface roughness Tool path direction Tool path direction changed Surface explosion No surface explosion < Ra Smooth Ra Raw
  • 18. Model Alteration by SolidWorks • • • 13 surfaces Import diagnostics (healing) Feature recognition (rebuilding model) Manual Re-Mastering (new design) 226 surfaces
  • 19. Model Alteration after Import SolidWorks Import Diagnosis Tool • Attempt to Heal All…. After Before Are you aware that this happened? The change is not visible and you are not informed
  • 20. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition SolidWorks Imported part – BREP solid
  • 21. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition Is it still the same as the original model?
  • 22. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition CompareWorks has detected a change by FeatureWorks
  • 23. How does CompareWorks work? Is the Original Model the same after import to SolidWorks? ? Original Authority Model is the point of reference • Volume? • Surface Area? • Center of Mass? • Geometry? • Topology? • Attributes?
  • 24. CompareWorks Process Workflow Parasolid Kernel CompareWorks External Audit API SolidWorks Import Authority Model Capvidia Kernel Authority/Reference Model Report
  • 25. CompareWorks Demo - IGES
  • 26. CompareWorks Report • • • • Documented and Traceable Process Compliance with Quality Standards – ISO 9000 Boeing D6-51991 Fully Integrated with SolidWorks
  • 27. CompareWorks Implementation based on Boeing D6-51991 recommendation D6-51991 Validation criteria CAD translation CompareWorks
  • 28. Who should use it? CompareWorks: • Compares and validates CAD models against user defined criteria • Identifies and manages CAD model shape changes Typical application areas: • Digital process certification of 3D CAD data (e.g. Boeing D6-51991) • Detection of CAD model changes (data translation, re-mastering, etc) • Tracking undocumented changes in design revisions • Detection of changes in CAD assembly structure Benefits: • • • • • Brings prediction into processes based on the reuse of 3D CAD data Complies with standards - Boeing D6-51991, DOD MIL 31000, ISO Documents and validates processes involving 3D CAD data Easy to implement and use Easy to integrate with existing company procedures
  • 29. CompareWorks Advantages Validation of Data Migration to SolidWorks • CATIA • CREO-Pro/E, • Autodesk, • Siemens NX, … Compare SolidWorks V1 (Parasolid Kernel) to SolidWorks V6 (CATIA Kernel) Eliminate manufacturing errors using SolidWorks • • • • Comply with standards and quality assurance Documented and traceable workflows DOD – Provide documented proof for government Aerospace - Boeing D6-51991, Northrop Grumman, Vought Ensure Confidence using SolidWorks to import CAD models • • • Digital proof that SolidWorks import of data is correct Avoid costly mistakes in manufacturing Detect problems early in the design phase
  • 30. Conclusion There will be always a differences between CAD systems... but once you know how to find them you will be safe
  • 31. CompareWorks Free Trial Offer Download CompareWorks from our website for a free time limited trial version
  • 32. Questions Design World Evan Yares Twitter: @EvanYares Capvidia Lyle Fischer Phone: 507.794.5447
  • 33. How we handle different native CAD Data? PRO/E KERNEL Entity List Capvidia Capvidia Kernel Kernel Entity List CATIA V5 KERNEL Entity List PARASOLID • • • Based on Capvidia’s Geometry Kernel: Design to capture data from all CAD systems Able to Maintain Original Entity Definition for each Kernel
  • 34. ASCO - Independent Third Party Verification • Known errors are introduced in the CAD model • Original CAD-model and model with errors are compared • All the introduced errors should be detected by CompareVidia 0.0002 [mm] Introduced Errors: Diameter: + 0.0002mm - 0.0002mm + 0.001mm - 0.001mm + 0.01mm + 0.1mm Plane: - 0.0003mm + 0.001mm - 0.1mm Radius: + 0.01mm Surface: - 0.001mm + 0.01mm + 0.1mm Parallel planes: 0.001mm 0.01mm Hole position changed: + 0.0002mm + 0.001mm + 0.01mm Angled plane: + 0.1mm Hole removed Hole added
  • 35. Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with  Discuss this on