CAD Practices On the Cloud


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Although cloud computing is an emerging field of computer science, the idea has been around for a few years. Cloud computing is ideally suited for engineering departments because it provides immediate access to flexible, real-time, high-performance computing resources configured in a way designers, engineers, and analysts need it, when they need it on a pay-as-you-go basis. Thus, cloud computing is an economical way to share data, conduct training sessions, and demonstrate software to prospects.
The leading 3D CAD vendors will discuss how their products facilitate cloud computing. By attending this special, free one-hour webinar, you will gain a better understanding of how cloud computing can help you work more efficiently.

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CAD Practices On the Cloud

  1. 1. Best Practices on the Cloud
  2. 2. Before We Start This webinar will be available afterwards at & email Q&A at the end of the presentation Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
  3. 3. Moderator Presenters Laura Carrabine Andy Reily Design World Dassault Jonathan Archer Shanna Tellerman PTC Autodesk
  4. 4. Best Practices on the Cloud Jonathan Archer December 14, 2011
  5. 5. CAD Data on the Cloud Local File Server Replicated File Server Designer Manager MCAD Designer Manufacturing Engineer Data Metadata Supplier ECAD Designer Challenge – Effectively sharing complex product development data across a distributed team and the supply chain 6
  6. 6. 3 Topics for Today  Working efficiently with CAD data  Collaborating with suppliers  Reviewing and validating designs 7
  7. 7. Working Efficiently with CAD Data  Only the data you need, when you need it – High performance visualization data – On demand access to full CAD data for editing – Quick selection of models of interest Lightweight graphics Mechanical Designer Worker Decrease complexity/ size Design in Context NATIVE CAD DATA Data 8
  8. 8. Collaborating with Suppliers  Streamlined, secure access to product data – Integrate suppliers securely – Support concurrent engineering – Streamline multi-CAD design Supplier Mechanical Designer Mechanical Designer Assemble in Creo Worker Packages Projects Supplier Supplier checks in Designs from one CAD environment 9
  9. 9. Reviewing and Validating Designs  Mobile and automated – Review design without CAD application – Delivered on the go to your mobile device – Automated interference checking Mechanical Design Manufacturing Designer Manager Engineer Design Manager Lightweight graphics Worker Data 10
  10. 10. Summary  Working efficiently with CAD data  Collaborating with suppliers  Reviewing and validating designs 11
  11. 11. Autodesk Cloud A Foundation for the Future Shanna Tellerman Product Line Manager, Autodesk Cloud
  12. 12. Cloud Computing Changing the face of computing Creating value and flexibility for individuals and businesses Extending the desktop with Autodesk Cloud o Viewing & Sharing o Visualization o Simulation & Optimization
  13. 13. The Cloud: Moving to the Center The cloud has moved to the center of the computing experience.
  14. 14. The Cloud: The Individual is at the Center
  15. 15. The Cloud: Creating Value for Individuals and Businesses
  16. 16. The Cloud: Natural Extension of Your Current Tools
  17. 17. The Cloud: Key Functions • • • • Secure Storage, Community & Sharing Mobile Access Dynamic Content & Apps Analysis & Simulation
  18. 18. The Cloud: Autodesk Today •Autodesk Cloud rendering •Inventor optimization •Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis •Green Building Studio •Moldflow WS •Seek for content •Exchange Apps •Autodesk Cloud documents •Buzzsaw •AutoCAD WS •ACAD WS on Devices •Design Review mobile •Buzzsaw Mobile
  19. 19. Dassault Systemes V6 Online Andy Reilly
  20. 20. Why V6 Online is based on a collaborative platform not a PDM platform Observations from the SMB Market: • 80% of the SMB companies have no PDM/PLM product • Customers will avoid implementation of a PDM tool until they absolutely have to invest. Why is that? But !
  21. 21. Scenario to show collaborative value 8 Companies, 6 countries, 4 languages and no physical meetings
  22. 22. Types of customer scenarios for V6 Online Without overhead of PDM server etc Focus on specialised applications Focus on V6 authoring Central company pays for others to access Low cost collaboration network Similar to file based customers Network of authors, collaborators and contributors Using Voice of customer from Social networks V6 Online Temporary group of companies Network of small sites or temporary locations Connecting different company locations Need to start with minimum investment Small company with limited resources Traveling users Trial project of V6 technology
  23. 23. The widest scope of authoring and collaborative applications
  24. 24. V6 Online and Social Innovation with 3D SwYm Product support 3D SwYm Project team community Applications launch
  25. 25. V6 Online for product innovation Role-based security model to allow for product creators, reviewers and project management. IP security in place to allow private work and team sharing. Innovation is encouraged via the informal use of the V6 collaboration tools as well. Product lifecycle, revision, review and deletion rules in place to guard IP and ensure concurrent working.
  26. 26. V6 Online architecture Internet http 1 prerequisite: A broadband or Wi-Fi internet connection
  27. 27. V6 Online rich authoring
  28. 28. Thank you very much Any further questions please contact me or go to
  29. 29. Questions? Design World Laura Carrabine Email: Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @wtwh_laurac Dassault Andy Reilly Email: Autodesk Shanna Tellerman Email: Phone: 415.547.2247 Twitter: @shannawp PTC Jonathan Archer Email: Phone: 781.370.5796 Twitter: @PTC_Windchill
  30. 30. Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with  Twitter: @DesignWorld  Facebook:  LinkedIn: Design World Group  YouTube:  Discuss this on
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