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3D Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow

3D Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow



Using Objet’s rapid prototype technology, ISO 9001:2008 company Griswold Controls has developed techniques with 3D printing and rapid prototyping that minimize the time and costs to develop new ...

Using Objet’s rapid prototype technology, ISO 9001:2008 company Griswold Controls has developed techniques with 3D printing and rapid prototyping that minimize the time and costs to develop new products.
This webinar covers the major areas of impact potential for your customers, suppliers, manufacturing team and what every stakeholder desires; a healthy bottom line to strengthen the business.
Additionally, Objet talks about how its technology redefines the engineer’s toolset. With new tools and new techniques, you can approach design goals from a completely new perspective. Objet shares how Griswold Controls uses Objet’s products to transform the design process and save money.
In this webinar you will learn:
– How Objet 3D Printing has redefined the Engineer’s toolset by providing a new perspective
– How to cut cost with a quicker and more effective design process
– About Prototype Parts made for testing and functionality
– How 3D Printing provides a communication tool that benefits all departments



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    3D Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow 3D Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow Presentation Transcript

    • 3D Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow
    • Before We Start  This webinar will be available afterwards at designworldonline.com & email  Q&A at the end of the presentation  Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
    • Moderator Presenters Leslie Langnau Dave Keiser Bruce Bradshaw Design World Griswold Controls Objet
    • “Printing Solutions that Make the Design Process Flow” Dave Keiser Director of Engineering Control for a green environment™
    • Who are we? oISO-9001 manufacturer of Hydronic Control Valves oOver 50 years of experience oInnovator of engineered valve products What business are we in? oHVAC industry (heating & cooling of buildings) oSpecializing in products that enable buildings to operate efficiently oProviding flow control solutions
    • What drives our innovation? oThe desire to improve building comfort and operational efficiency oIntellectual property that grows and secures our business oLeveraging our competitive edge in the market oReducing costs to improve profitability
    • Key milestones in the technology evolution (3D Printing) Rapid Prototypes FEA/CFD Stress and Flow analysis CAD/CAE (3D) CAD (2D) Pencil Drafting
    • Product Development Process INPUT: Customers, Sales, & Marketing Objet RELEASE: Marketing & Sales Launch PRODUCTION MODELS: Mfg. Training, Test Market Release CONCEPT MODELS: Preliminary design PROTOTYPES: Testing & Cost Evaluation
    • Concept Models: oCollaborate with your internal team oShare the design with your customers oHelp your vendors understand your design intent oEquip your sales team to generate market interest and new customers
    • Fluid Dynamics: oStudy the flow characteristics through valves oDetermine the valve capacity coefficient (Cv) oEstablish locations of maximum and minimum velocity and pressure oReduce costs to improve profitability
    • Testing: oValidate the design functionality before ever building a production part oValidate the valve capacity coefficient (Cv) oFast track your intellectual property process
    • Concept-To-Part:
    • Objet Technologies: oEffectively communicate design concepts oWork out the manufacturing side of your designs oEfficiently validate design performance oEquip your sales force with powerful selling tools
    • Thank You
    • What makes Objet Different? • Printing versatility to help match the end product o 17 base materials, 90 Digital Materials, 107 Total Materials • Smooth Surfaces & Fine Details o Prints extremely fine layers (16 microns) o Thin walls, down to 0.6mm/0.02in o High accuracy 0.1mm/0.004in • Office environment friendly
    • A Few of the Companies that Leverage Objet Technology Our customers are everyone that design products using 3D Software
    • Objet Dual Material Technology Print Heads Objet Dual Material Technology works by jetting two materials simultaneously UV Light Material B Material A Build Tray
    • Some Other Unique Applications  Over-molding  Soft Touch Handling  Labeling & Text  Living Hinges  Dynamic Friction Coefficient  Gaskets Plugs & Seals  Shock Absorption  Impact Resistance
    • Objet Families of High Definition 3D Printing Systems Desktop Family Affordable Desktop 3D Printing System (Starting at $19,900) Eden Family Professional line of 3D Printing Systems Connex Family Worlds Only Multi-material 3D Printing Systems
    • Objet New Material - Clear Transparency & Engineering Plastics Simulation Objet VeroClear - Offers true transparency with great dimensional stability • Ideal for: automotive, cosmetics, consumer goods, consumer electronics, toys, medical devices & dental Objet ABS - Like Brings 3D models closer than ever to engineering plastics, allowing functional testing of a wide range of product designs. • Tough material, with high impact resistance of Ideal for: industrial, automotive, toys, consumer goods, service bureaus
    • Questions? Objet Design World Leslie Langnau llangnau@wtwhmedia.com Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @DW_RapidMfg Bruce Bradshaw Bruce.Bradshaw@objet.com Phone: 978-495-5527 Blog: blog.objet.com Griswold Controls Dave Keiser davek@griswoldcontrols.com Phone: 949-559-6000 Website: www.griswoldcontrols.com
    • Thank You  This webinar will be available at designworldonline.com & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with  Twitter: @DesignWorld  Facebook: facebook.com/engineeringexchange  LinkedIn: Design World Group  YouTube: youtube.com/designworldvideo  Discuss this on EngineeringExchange.com