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Ind eng-753-ppt

  2. 2. Aagaz’Standing together to make a difference The Aditya Birla Public School, Veraval Bhavya, Kishan, Shifana, Kajal, Naveen Mentor Teacher : Faruk Malada
  3. 3. As a part of Veraval, we were troubled by basic problems of any other town or city.  The girl child is not given much importance by the parents and is deprived of many basic facilities like education, healthy food etc.  The city also suffer with excess use of polythenes which is environmentally hazardous.
  4. 4. Through discussions we came up with several solutions:  Counselling parents about the importance of girl child,  Doing street plays in order to create awareness about the importance of girl child,  Carrying out rally round the city to ignite awareness about the importance of girl child.  With the help of municipality, banning the use of polythenes entirely in the city.  Through street plays, spreading awareness about the harmful effects of polythene.  Making paper bags ourselves and distributing them to some shops to remind the buyers the unwanted domination of polythene bags.
  5. 5. After lot of brainstorming, we got the panacea to all the above mentioned problems. Like of  Carrying out rally round the city to spread awareness about the importance of girl child.  Making paper bags ourselves and distributing them to some adopted shops so that gradually we can restrict the use of polythene in the city.
  6. 6. As we have been participating in it since last year, the entire school has lots of enthusiasm to continue with the programme this year too. On discussion, the students said that they are participating in the programme voluntarily. So we decided to execute our solution plan with the help of all students and that was a big number of 112 willing students.
  7. 7. We celebrated our DESIGN FOR CHANGE week from 15 September’10 to 22 September’10
  8. 8. Its very pleasing to note that the students could ignite the torch of social awareness about the cause of saving the girl child. The people of Veraval voluntarily or involuntarily were forced to witness for the first time such an inspiring rally with more than 100 students cycling down the streets of Veraval shouting the slogan like ‘Beti Bachao and Desh chalao’.
  9. 9. A team of more than 50 students wholeheartedly participated in making paper bags with us. Daily we used to sit for 1 hour and make paper bags with newspaper. We could make more than 4000 paper bags in a single week. Our next step was to distribute these paper bags to the medical stores, so that as a beginning we could restrict the use of polythenes in these stores. Other than this we also had a talk with the chief of medical association of the city “Dr. Chauhan”, and requested him to insist the medical shop keepers not to use polythenes and promote the use of paper bags. We also went to Mr. Modani (member of Rotary Club) and asked him to support us by contacting some NGO’s who can start supplying paper bags in huge amount. This will not only restrict the use of polythenes but will also give employment to poor ladies and would act as a good source of income for them.
  10. 10. Our effort really brought a change and with the support of doctors and medical store keepers the use of polythene bag came down to a negligible amount.
  11. 11. In the circle of give- and- take, there is harmony, profound joy, laughter, unity, eternal bliss and spiritual progress. Meaningful existence lies in the centre of this circle. We at ABPS have always believed in sharing and will continue to do so.
  12. 12. We are heartily thankful to our Principal ‘Ms. Sharmistha Sen’ without whose support this ambitious project would not have been accomplished. We owe a deep sense of gratitude to ‘Mr. Pradnyesh Pitre and Miss. Kratika Rastogi’ who continuously guided and supported us at each step in carrying out the project systematically and smoothly. We are extremely thankful to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Roy’ for their rock-steady support. We are also thankful to our school peon Arjun Bhai and Deepak Bhai for their support at all times. We are also thankful to Dr. Chauhan, Mr. Modani and medical store keepers of Veraval for their whole hearted support in helping us achieve our aim successfully. Last but not the least, we are also thankful to the Principal and the staff members of Pay Centre School No. 2 for allowing and cooperating with us in conducting the project in their school.